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We thought since Valentines Day is around the corner we would show you some beautiful red interiors. Red can be emotionally intense and it can be exciting. It can also make you hungry! Designer Adam Hunter has added enough red to make this breakfast nook interesting and adorable, but calm enough to be able to live with it.  He used 7 different fabrics in this little nook.  We love the color of red in small doses.
Designed by Adam Hunter

(Adam Hunter)
Not everyone can live with the color red. Because it is one intense color, it can make your heart beat faster. Julie put up a wallpaper in her kitchen with a lot of bright red in it. She took it down within six months. Even though she loves red she has learned what shade of red works and how much of it she can live with..

Designer Miles Reed created so much interest with different patterns and grounded it by adding black.
Did you know that bees can not see the color red? Red flowers are pollinated by birds, bats and butterflies, rather than bees. We thought we would just throw that info  in!

Here, the red pops off the black walls and white curtains.
Designer Katie Leede and photographer Lisa Romerein

Red represents beauty in many parts of the world. 
House and Home defined blog
Designer Carol Beck

Ruthie Chapman Summers successfully paints the walls red to create a beautiful room. Do you notice it is a small room. The black helps balance the strength of the red.

Red roses say I love you
 Happy Valentines Day!   

Thanks for stopping by, Julie and Danni


  1. Thank you, Julie and Danni, for including me in your post today! I must confess it put a spring in my step to have my image among the others! You know how to make a girl's day. :) Thanks, again.

  2. These are beautiful. Wonderful red inspiration!

  3. Red is one of my favorite colors, and no matter how much I try to venture out, I go straight to red.
    These rooms are gorgeous!
    Happy Thursday.

  4. Oh, you girls know how I love red..... and I really adore that Ruthie Sommers room!

  5. Even though I'm not a fan of red, these rooms are simply beautiful! They definitely set the mood for Valentine's day!
    ~ Wendi ~

  6. While red dominates in the images you've posted, what strikes me is the balance/tension point the designers achieved with the introduction of other colors patterns and texture to enhance and support the various tones, tints and hues of red they chose.



  7. I love red and had even painted our sitting room red but the red had to go after I gained five pounds and realized it was probably the wall color. So now use touches of red like Miles Reed did above and so far so good.

    I’m not a big fan of red roses and since orange is my favorite color my husband special orders orange every year. Ya gotta love a guy who goes through that much trouble!


  8. Be still my heart, red is my favorite color. I LOVE red. Wonderful post!!!

  9. Though I have never been drawn to red interiors, I must say this post makes an awfully compelling argument for them, I do love touches of red, especially a burnt red. Beautiful post!

  10. I am not a red girl in a large way, an accent or two perhaps. As Tina said though, these are awfully pretty!

  11. I tend to favour neutral interiors, but if I am going to add a touch of colour, red is usually my choice. I think, being a Francophile, the red stripe so often found on French linen is my inspiration. Lovely Valentine inspired post. x Sharon

  12. Except for a dining room I had years ago with the walls painted Regimental Red by Pratt & Lambert...a rich red with a blue undertone...I only like to do red in small doses and funny I don't like to use it in my Christmas decor. Red can be very powerful and each of us just has to determine how much or how little of it keeps us happy. That said I have always loved red transfer ware dishes and have been working on assembling a a mix and match collection of it for several years. A great time to have us consider Red...thanks for the post and Happy Valentine's Day!

  13. I DO love pops of red. Happy Valentines Day...this is getting me in the mood.

  14. Oh I just love the examples you've shown, red done right!! Lovely post, I'm dying over the chippendale chairs in the first image.

    Nancy xo

  15. Just completed a guest room in red and cream, and its so beautiful. Its actually my official favorite room of the house now.

  16. Red touches are very charming dahhling...cute photos.

  17. I really loved the kitchen table and Chinoiserie chairs. I pinned that for a client that is trying to decide on black table with red chairs, I think this is good example of how it can work successfully, xo Kathysue

  18. I love the red lacquer in the last picture. Thx for stopping by RHS! Have a great weekend.

  19. Red is so pretty...I often wonder why I don't use it more. A perfect post leading up to Valentine's day.

  20. I enjoy red in small doses and currently have my teeny mudroom in red hoping it would motivate and energise everyone to keep it tidy and organized. I do like the dining room with the dark walls and upholstered red chairs - very interesting..the great lighting helps set the mood, too.

  21. While I have no red in my house...I used to...and I am loving it in that image with the dark walls.......


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