The High Point Furniture Market

(Century Furniture, Lisa Mende Blog)

I wasn't able to go to High Point Furniture Market, but through blogs and Pinterest I was able to see some of the highlights from the show.
Some of the bloggers that went to High Point are...  Velvet and Linen, Lisa Mende, Nest by Tamara,  and  Quintessence Blog. 
These are some of the highlights from the web...

Brook from Velvet and Linen took this photo of this great ottoman by Pearson Furniture. 
It looks like this shape is very strong for next year. 


A feel of the orient was present, these jars from Pearson.


Ottoman by Pearson. 
 Find out more on Nest by Tamara Blog


Notice this color.....Your going to see more of it!  

 Check out Velvet and Linen. 

Brook shows her favorite images from Hickory Furniture. Today's post she is showing Bobo Intriguing Objects.

Pearson Furniture, Nest by Tamara Blog

 Lemon Sorbet, a grayed yellow 2013 color of the year. 

Just received a new book from Kravet with some amazing fabrics with this color.

Love these ottomans and table, hum, gray is still being shown!
 Pearson furniture- on Nest by Tamara.


Blue is still big!

  Beacon Hill has created a new partnership with Sachin and Babi Ahkiwalia, founders of Ankasa Iconic to bring their exquisite vision to Beacon Hill.

 Its a beautiful line of fabric.


I'm happy to see this style of chair at High Point, love it!

A little secret....Sit in this style of chair before buying as a dinning room chair. 
 If the slates are flat it can be comfortable.

 I wanted to buy some for my dinning room table and didn't because the slates in the back were round and not real comfy..


Van Thiel pottery, image found on Quintessence Blog

Blue pottery is still the thing....Tina over at The Enchanted Home carries these beauties on her on-line store.  

Beacon Hill Fabric, the Ankasa collection.


 Velvet and Linen, Pearson Furniture


Pantone color Monaco Blue is also a hot color for 2013. 
 Chest from Bungalow 5.

C.R. Lane, Image Apartment therapy

 They say that emerald green is the new black. What do you think? 

Lisa Mende  is one of nine who was chosen to be on a panel at the market to choose the next trends.
 Check out her blog and see what the panelist favorite  picks are for the up and coming year.
 Brook from Velvet and Linen has fabulous taste and has some great things to show you from the market.
 Quintessence Blog and Nest By Tamara Blog both have some fab things to show you. 
 Thanks for sharing girls!



  1. Great summary! Loved all the pictures. No emerald green for me, please. I'll stick with black.

  2. I am all over all of this. So much inspiration and potential projects ;)

  3. A great round up! I am crazy about those Hickory Chair shelves.

  4. Thank You So Much Julie for the shout out! Please come over and get entered for my fab 5 day giveaway! It's going to be huge! The grand prize(to be announced on Monday) is one that every person interested in Interior Design will want! http://lisamendedesign.blogspot.com

  5. Wow, thanks for sharing! Wish I could have gone. Next one.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Thank you for including my images!
    High Point was so inspiring this season.
    I'll have to check out the rest of the posts that you recommend.
    Happy Weekend!


  7. Thanks for sharing these great pictures. I love the Monaco Blue chest.

  8. I wished I went :( Love Brooke's feature on Pearson. Their faux shagreen pieces are divine. Hopping over to check out Lisa's picks. Thanks for the very helpful tip on the faux bamboo chairs....never knew that.

  9. Love that bright cobalt blue chest and the emerald green is another favorite color of mine. I mix , blue,black and green and white together so I love them all,

  10. Can't wait to check out these new blogs!!! I love the cobalt blue for the home! Love the emerald green for my wardrobe! My house has been filled with nothing but shades of this green for the past few years! Maybe it's finally coming back in style! I was just about to change it! LOL! Sure do need to hire a really in the know designer to steer me in the right direction! Thanks for this wonderful posts and wonderful insights!

  11. Thanks for sharing with us! I love all of the highlights... especially the Beacon Hill fabric!

  12. Hi and thanks for the shout out!! Of course my favorite picture was the blue and white porcelian:) Love it all, seems High Point was much more transitional from all the highlights I have seen, so many bright vivid colors and patterns...always fun to see whats new and exciting in the furniture world. Planning to attend in the spring...cannot wait!

  13. There are so many things to love! The coral shelves in the first image, the emerald chest of drawers, the ottomans, the fabrics, etc! Thanks for compiling this post for us!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  14. Love seeing what others loved. It was a wonderful market...so fun seeing all of the beautiful furniture and accessories!!

  15. drooling over it all!

    Everyone welcome to enter: ~Plush Velvet Pumpkins Giveaway ~ it’s perfect for this time of year!

  16. that first photo is an eye grabber!

  17. I've never been, and it is most definitely on my list of things I should make time for someday. It looks amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Thanks for gathering all these highlights from market....wouldn't it be fun to go? Should we plan for next year?
    I'm not sure about emerald being the new black...I always love me some black!

  19. Wow lots of goodies and colors! Green campaign chest, blue and white pottery, the orange Pearson ottoman! Love it all!

  20. Would have loved to attend High Point this year...not in the cards. Don't think I've fallen off the planet. I've been in Cabo, Mexico with my husband for 10 days. Wasn't good timing with our business, but the trip was planned and we had a great time...I did a draft of a post for you one day on the beach...Let me know any particulars and I can try to get tit to you next week. XO, Mona

  21. oh wow, lots of goodies there! Love that ottoman, and the high gloss Monaco Blue dresser is to die for.

    Sammy ~ Renew Redo

  22. Isn't the internet amazing? We can feel like we've seen the show from the comfort of our own family room! Thanks. I liked your tour the best.

  23. I wanted to go SO badly but with the shelter I just couldn't swing it.....:(
    Thanks for the great pictures!

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  26. Love the emerald green, one of my fav colors.

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