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When I first started blogging a little over a year ago, I started following the blog, Providence LTD Interiors. 

Their were many times as a new blogger that I didn't know what I was doing.   
When I needed advise, I would email Mona, the author of Providence LTD Interiors and she would graciously write back to me to help out.
 Mona has been blogging for over 3 years.
 I have watched her and her sister's business grow from a small space in an antique store to having several spaces within one store, a blog,  an on-line store and a thriving design business..


I asked Mona if she could share with you some tips on what has helped her business grow.



How did it all happen?...
We're not sure we know…we've tried a lot of different things…some have worked…others have not…but if you are a new designer or just a new design blogger…we'll share a few tips that have worked for us…

First…blogging has been very  instrumental to our growth…
Our following didn't happen overnight. 
 For a long time it seemed that we were talking to ourselves.  
In fact we sometimes feel that way even now. 
 We don't get a huge amount of comments…but we have a steady growing following. 
 If you’re a blogger and you don't get comments…Keep blogging…and keep commenting on other blogs…
You will eventually get comments and start to pick up a following.  But remember this… the success of your business has no correlation to the number of comments that you receive. 
 Don't get us wrong…
WE LOVE COMMENTS…WE WILL REPEAT…WE LOVE COMMENTS, but we have launched a successful online design business, a growing online store and a growing local design and Retail business that has been directly affected by our blog.
 Not one of the online clients or local clients that contacted us as a result of our blog have EVER left a comment. 
 Not one of them…they have emailed or contacted us directly. 
 Bloggers feel comfortable commenting…design enthusiasts and potential customers or clients often do not. 


Second, we think that Facebook is equally as important as blogging.
 It has been particularly good for our Retail sales… we have sold everything from antique doors to mirrors to iron gates on Facebook. 
 It's a new day. 
 We are constantly amazed at what people will buy sight unseen. 
 Since we have a keen eye and are picky, picky, picky ourselves we are able to sell with confidence to these folks. 
 Another thing that we love about Facebook is it doesn't take as much time…
 Just a quick comment and a good image…And the feedback is instant.
  If you like comments…try Facebook.


Third…We're addicted to Pinterest…but it has been really good for our business too…
First, we are constantly saving the best of the best for our own inspiration files…
It's inspiration …
Seldom does a project even resemble the initial inspiration…

You can pin your own work for the world to see…
It's just a really good venue to portray who you are and what you like…
your sense of style… through the images that you pin…
We have over 7000 followers on Pinterest and it's the  single biggest driver to our blog.

Fourth…We don't tweet…do you?

Our friends don't tweet and we don't think our demographic tweets, so why bother.  

Please let us know if we are missing out!



Fifth…Doing what others do if it's not really you…will never work.  
Plain and simple…
Forget the trends…you can blog about them, but don't try to imitate them.
 It just won't work!  

Sixth…Keep trying new things…
Sister cringes when I come to her and say"I've got a new idea"…
Some work, some don't…but you don't know until you try.  

But we can't stress enough…try to make it your idea…not just what you see everyone else doing. 

 But it has to have a little tweak and a new twist…


And last but not least…have FUN!   

This is a passionate business. 

 You will never succeed if you do not love what you do. 

I can't thank Mona and her sister enough for being apart of this post. 

The best thing about blogging is all the friends you meet along the way.
 To visit their blog go here

 Another one of our blogging buddies Carla, at Carla Aston Designed also did a post on Providence LTD here.

 So many bloggers, designers have freely shared information and ideas with us.

 So many incredibly talented people along the way that we consider our friends. 

 Thanks to all of you!



  1. Wow Julie and Danni-I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for this post. I have either experienced or simply ruminated on every single point mentioned. I'm a less-than-a-year-old blogger and learning everyday. I had no idea Facebook was that big an influence, that buyers/clients weren't the folks that leave comments (it makes sense!), and I've only just begun posting my work on Pinterest. I'm on my way to check out the Sisters and Carla's blog. THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL THIS INFO!

  2. Julie and Danni..thank you so much for your friendship and asking us to share with your audience today...you have a wonderful blog and constantly search for relevant material that sparks conversation...just one of the many reasons I like to visit. Keep up the great work, and best of luck in all that you do.

  3. We offer the latest home styles with shabby chic, French and English country furniture and bedroom design ideas with special ranges of limed oak and antiqued painted items to enhance the ambience of your home.

  4. I think these ladies are as fantastically elegant as their interiors - which I love. Thanks for the interview - very informative - and the great photos. I am dying to visit the shop now.
    All best,

  5. What beautiful sisters who have such beautiful style. I love every single picture shown.

  6. I follow their blog and on facebook. Such beautiful style they have.

  7. I was thrilled when I stumbled upon Providence LTD Interiors. I've featured them in my blog as well. They are the nicest people and always generous with their reply if you ask them anything. Their Sunday supper feature often gives me the best recipes for delicious, simple meals.

  8. This is such a great, informative post. I really enjoyed and learned from it. Their interiors are beautiful!


  9. What a wonderful post with such good advice from sweet Mona. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Love the last image, two gorgeous sisters!!

  10. great post and wonderful designers!


  11. Great post. I think everything she says about social media is dead on! Pinterest has driven many people my way and now FB is. I always feel dumb when I tweet something so I don't often do it and I have zero evidence that it has helped me. Blogging is so much fun, who cares if you are "talking to yourself" someone will hear eventually.

  12. I wish I was there third sister! LOL! they have been a huge inspiration and a huge source of encouragement to me! as you have! Thank you for doing this post! I love it and I love that I now know more about them! On top of Carla's blog! What a great resource for all of us to use within the blogging community! They are right on target with blogging, Facebook, etc… So glad to see this post!

  13. Truly a good post! Also, beautiful images. Thanks!

  14. What a wonderful post, how kind of them to share their advice. I'm one of their 7,000 Pinterest followers, but if you can believe it I never realized they had a blog. Headed over...thank you J & D ~ have a wonderful weekend!

  15. lovely interview julie and danni. i adore these girls!

  16. THANK YOU for introducing me to your blog and to the "girls" too. A designing friend sent me your blog for me to read. LOVE the interview and I am also addicted to Pinterest and find it a great avenue in design with blogging. I appreciate the advice on the commentary too - commenting here!

  17. What a fantastic article packed with great advice from two women that I admire and trust with their great advice! Thanks for sharing all of this!

  18. I love/enjoy all that your blog and other bloggers do everyday. I do feel guilty for not responding to people's hard work but always know this faithful reader is always appreciating your talent and thank you!!! I don't tweet but have an account and just a handful do I follow! By the way the vanity with the large beautiful mirror is breath taking.

  19. Great post!!!These two are definitely the dynamic duo!!!

  20. I adore their blog and their work! I so enjoyed this post. Thank you to Mona for sharing her hints. Sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself as well!

  21. What a wonderful post, Julie! Thanks for the mention. Mona has such a great advice and input. I loved that she wrote that clients and customers do not comment, but bloggers do. It's so true, isn't it? It doesn't mean they don't read though! And reading bloggers comments helps the blog and the business.

    Great post!

  22. I love following Mona's posts. Especially when they take us antiques shopping. All great advice!! I'm not on Facebook, and now feel like I need to join.
    PS - Love Mona's Pinterest boards, too.

  23. Love those girls!!! So talented and nice.....great post!

  24. Can't wait to check out their blog! Love the pictures here!!1

  25. Mona was one of my very first blog friends and she is always so kind and gracious. She and Talena have the most exquisite taste - all the work that they do is just gorgeous - I wish I could afford to fly them over to South Africa to work their magic on my home! x Sharon

  26. I LOVE these two gorgeous ladies. They are a class act with superb taste. I think they gave some wonderful advice that will be helpful to all. They do a great job with their FB fan page. I suppose I'm not utilizing Twitter that well either. I kinda just don't "get it." xoxo

  27. These two are amazing! Great post

  28. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.. I enjoy their blog mainly because I feel it represents their
    personalities well.. Their style, love for what they do, and each other really comes through.
    They are very talented designers and I always enjoy their posts as well as yours !


  29. Most definitely one of my favorite blogs, and a must read. Their attention to detail is amazing and what an eye for design....loved this interview and all of their ideas!!

  30. Great, informative post. I'm off to check out their blog now. They seem to have a lot of business savvy, something I'm afraid I lack.

    Pop on over and enter my Novica giveaway if you get a chance!


  31. I have long thought Mona is one of the most talented people out there. I loved this post!

  32. Just found your blog and so glad I did! I've been blogging for a little over a year now and it seems like there is still so much to learn. This post is just what I needed!

    Must check out their blog!


  33. Great information and interview. I really enjoy their blog and they are adorable!

  34. Wow! Fantastic ideas! Well said! What an astonishing guide you are!

  35. what a wonderful work, mona and her sister is really great.thanks for share this

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