Eloquence Inc....

  Eloquence just received a new vintage container....full of gorgeous pieces.

They have old weathered sets of shutters and doors
to add character and texture to interiors....

Originally from gorgeous villas in the Mediterranean, these shutters
are layered in distressed shades of soft creams, beige and greens....

They have lots of gorgeous new seating
along with armoires, vanities, and petite side tables.

The light green shades of blue gray patina on this chest is so pretty....I would take this in a heart beat!

Wouldn't these be beautiful in someones home....OK...maybe mine! 

Their vintage pieces are one of a kind.. 

After seeing their new items.... I'm tempted to paint a buffet table in my living room in a light patina blue.....

To see their web-site go here..... 

have a great weekend, Julie


  1. Eloquence is one of my favorites. I'm on the look-out for an armoire. Maybe I'll find one in their new shipment. Thanks for the heads-up! Enjoy your weekend.


  2. Nice! I'd love those French doors for the pantry closet I'm planning in my new kitchen.

  3. i'm in love. the shutters. the patina. oh my.


  4. I would be broke if I live in L.A.
    Totally gorgeous, Julie.
    I loved dreaming and being inspired.
    Happy Weekend!!

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  6. Julie, I am so with you on the green chest, it caught my eye immediately and the window paned doors, Love those too. fun resource, thanks for the intro!!
    Happy Weekend,

  7. Wow in love with every single piece! Amazingly beautiful.....enjoy your weekend!

  8. Those doors and shutters are gorgeous! Happy weekend!

  9. gorgeous, everything!
    i am off to memphis to take an amy howard painting workshop, am saving that buffet image with the green and gray.....have to have it.
    thanks for the inspiration julie!

  10. I'll have one of each...I love Eloquence. They have just fabulous things. We need some of those shutters...we have sold every pair that we bought in the Spring. We have some exciting news coming up, that I can't share yet, but would love a truck load of these shutters and doors. Hope you are having a great Summer. XO, Mona

  11. Love the shutters and doors. Thanks for sharing this source!

  12. Those doors are amazing, that gray settee is breathtaking...so much loveliness here!

  13. I pinned the nail head chair great photo!

  14. I love it all! Wow! I'm obsessed with the shutters ...

  15. I have got to check out their latest...I am so swamped right now I don't know which way to turn!!


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