Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor spaces can be an extension from the inside, especially in Southern California. 
We tend to use our outside rooms all year long for entertaining.

 (Image, Better homes and Gardens)

We have never thought of using pink decor on the patio, but it is quite beautiful. 

(Image found on our Pinterest page.)

Doesn't this feel like lemonade and cucumber sandwiches? 
For dessert we would serve cupcakes. 
So charming. 
 ( Image, Better Homes and Garden)

A soft pretty area to read a book or even take a nap.
(Image, Better Homes and Garden)


Love succulents in pots.
( Image, Better Homes and Garden)

This is Bunny Williams beautiful backyard. 

A great place to have munchies and be able to soak in the rays.
 Image found on Inspired Design blog. 

 Debbie's blog always has beautiful images on it.

Do you have the perfect outdoor room where you love to entertain guests?
 We have already had several parties in our backyard from wedding showers to a graduation party. 
also have a baby shower in August. 
As much as we love entertaining, we would love to find a simple, easy way, where you wouldn't get so tired.
 If anyone has some ideas on this, clue us in!

( Image found on Roses and Rust blog) 

Thanks for stopping by, Julie and Danni


  1. Wonderful patios. Bunny's yard is gorgeous. I enjoy seeing your blog. xo Jenny

  2. Oh, that pool!! I don't want my own... had one at the old house... way too much upkeep. So with that said, I am in dire need of some R&R at a fancy resort poolside! xo

  3. Everyone of these is fabulous. I wouldn't have thought of using pink either, but that pink and yellow porch is adoarable. If I could choose on and make it my own it would be Bunny Williams'.

  4. You chose the most gorgeous rooms. I especially love the BHG neutral room.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Tuesday.

  5. My favorite pick is Bunny Williams porch but then again she doesn't get to use it all year long. You've made some wonderful choices here. Sorry but I have no idea how to entertain without getting tired so I could use some tips too.


  6. You all are so lucky to enjoy your outdoor rooms year round! Our season is too short compared to CA. I can't believe it is already June. I'm with Debra and Phyllis, and also pick Bunny William's divine outdoor room.

  7. I bet the first pink outdoor set looks fabulous with a sunset in the background.

  8. What inviting outdoor spaces. My favorite is the cheerful pink lemonade!

  9. yes, one word.......catering!

    anyways, splendid images, all new to me except for the bunny williams. during a landscape designer week in connecticut we were able to see her home and garden. i have yet to see an image that captures the essence of this beautiful space.

  10. Not so tired....yes, catering. Debra said it best.

    I love Bunny Williams' outdoor space. My fave!

  11. Bring me an iced tea and get me my sunglasses, please. These rooms are lovely. The room with the dense green trees (Bunny Williams) just beyond was magical, like you might expect to see a fairy in the distance.

  12. My favorites are the outdoor sofas with shades of pink overlooking the mountains and Bunny Williams
    backyard - love the table and wicker chairs. I cannot wait to start our backyard. It is out in the country, a
    little rustic, but will be great. ( I am holding out for cooler weather) :)
    Lovely post.


  13. Wonderfull! Beautiful! My fav is the napping one... I wish we could use our porch more than about 6 months a year. It adds so much to ones daily pleasure!


  14. Such beautiful rooms! Bringing the inside - outside, with pillows, tables, and wicker furniture. The perfect invitation to sit and stay awhile :) Bunny William's backyard is gorgeous!


  15. A great outdoor room is my favorite...Love all of these...off to pin my favorites...XO, Mona

  16. Now if we could just get some decent weather in Seattle, I'd be all over an outdoor room! I imagine many lazy days in a space like these! Gorgeous!

  17. Beautiful outdoor rooms. I especially love the setting w/the two sofas facign each other. And of course, that first one is stunning!

  18. Is there anything more beautiful this time of year than an outdoor room? So hoping for an invitation from Bunny Williams to dine in her backyard...

  19. Gorgeous outdoor spaces, one of my favorite things about summer! We have to enjoy it quickly in CO, wish our season was a tad longer.

  20. I WISH I had a place as gorgeous as any of these. One day....

  21. This REALLY makes me want to spruce up my patio!

  22. You could have stopped at that first image and called it an amazing post - I LOVE that one and wil be pinning it. :) Sounds like your outdoor spaces will be getting a lot of us this Summer - how great! I rely on Barefoot Contessa's recipes - they always turn out and she advocates making one thing and buying the rest from a great deli!

  23. Love indoor/outdoor spaces and wish I had one. These are gorgeous. I would love one with a view of some water which would take it to a different level - great for entertaining in or relaxing in.

  24. Oh my goodness I love the outdoor space with the succulents, so pretty!

  25. What beautiful spaces - all of them! Makes me long for summer. We are in the grip of such a cold and wet winter here! x Sharon

  26. Gorgeous rooms, & a timely post for me. I've been hunting for patio furnishings and these have given me some great ideas. I can hardly resist the "pink lemonade" vignette!


  27. These are all beautiful outdoor spaces. I absolutely love the first image with the inviting seating area overlooking that lovely swimming pool!


  28. Useful information shared about outdoor garden furniture. Thanks for sharing.


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