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I'm giving up on being consistent with blogging...

Hope you don't mind, but its the season of my life. 

I've been working and taking my son to doctors appointments..I also celebrated a wedding anniversary...

I met my husband when I was 18 years old...shoot, we've been married as long as the hills are old!

My son is doing better and improving all the time. He will need another surgery on his arm and we will be seeing the doctor in Sept or Oct. 

Here are some of the things I've been up to...

I'm looking for two new chairs for my living room. The two I have are about 25 years old and are looking there age. The sofa in my living room is ivory. I thought this time I would mix it up and use two different fabrics. A solid ivory on the front and a blue fabric on the back.

I love this look from Patina Rentals. I showed it in another post here.

I'm using a French Bergere chair and I don't want it to look to serious. I like my home to be a little playful.

(William McClure, Bill Williams)

I went to Santa Barbara and visited Raoul Fabrics Showroom. They had these lovely hand dyed table linens from Africa that I love. They are not cheap, but they are gorgeous!

They make beautiful pillows...

All of their fabrics are hand blocked and beautiful.

They also had these cute and summery purses!

I went to a stone yard with a client and we bought this Quartzite for her kitchen counter tops.

 Boy, I really love the look of Quartzite stone.  

My favorite is Marble, but I'm not one that wants to worry about upkeep..it would drive me crazy! 

I'll share with you some of the other details about her kitchen another time...still working on some of the design plans.

Thanks for stopping bye!


  1. Hi Julie,
    I like your style! The blue fabrics you've shown are wonderful, especially with your ivory sofa. There seems to be so many wonderful fabrics out there, I'd probably have a hard time narrowing the contestants.
    Happy anniversary! I'm also very happy to hear your son continues to make progress...that accident was too scary.
    I'm also blogging only when I have something I feel won't bore readers. :-)

  2. Julie I am so glad you son is moving along on the road to recovery, I know hard difficult it is. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!!
    Love your idea of mixing fabrics on a piece and the Raoul textiles are amazing!!
    Yes, and take time we are always here, I am the same posting just as often as I can ......

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Nicoletta Belletti

  3. Don't worry about being sporadic with blogging. I often find that life gets in the way and one has to prioritize, but your readers will always be there. Beautiful ideas and fabrics here. Looking forward to seeing your update. x Sharon

  4. So happy to hear your son is improving.
    Happy fabric shopping.

  5. Hi Julie, so happy to hear your son is improving so quickly!
    I love Raoul. Every time I'm walking around downtown I stop in for a peek.
    And just blog when you feel like it..it's so much more fun that way
    xxoo kelley

  6. So happy to hear the good news about your son. Love the fabrics, so beautiful and a French bergere is amongst my most favorite chairs of all.....you have wonderful taste!

  7. Wonderful news about the consistent recovery!!! Its funny with so much going on finding things for the home always make us happy! You have great taste and it will be so fun to see what you pic! P.S. About the consistent blogging, I can hardly keep tract of what day it is so I wouldn't know if you were consistent or not! xo Leslie

  8. I love Raoul Textiles! Happy anniversary. My husband and I just had our 30th! Sending prayers for your boy.

  9. I have been dying to visit "Raul" again . I am so glad your son is doing better!!

  10. those fabrics are insane! beautiful! so happy to hear your son is improving. and who cares if you blog sporadically? the blog should work for you and not the other way around. peace to you.

  11. LOVE these fab blue colors :) and your blog is very stylish to.

    Check out my new Londoner fashion post :)

    have a fab weekend dear.

    LOVE Maria Inredning - it's Swedish for decor

  12. Really a wonderful collection with the beautiful floral fabric of sofa sets. Looking so different and nice. Thanks for posting here with us.


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