Santa Barbara Design House and Garden 2012

Susan Mcfadden of California Homes Magazine cordially invite you to an exclusive networking day with the designers, manufactures and vendors to the Santa Barbara Design House and Garden 2012.

Does this sound like fun?
We are so excited!
Yes, we are going! 
Shoot, what are we going to wear!
 I know that sounds dumb, but admit it, every woman goes right there!

So many talented designers will be there....

Mary McDonald 

Ryan Brown 

David Phoenix 

Carla Lane 

Mark Weaver.

 The design House this year is a Hampton's style home nestled in Montecito.
 One of our favorite places to visit.
You all know that by now!

It is sponsored by Traditional Home, along with regional media sponsor of California Homes have partnered with Joanie & Dennis Franz and Jr. League to bring this project to the public.

Some of the other designers that will be there are...

 Michelle Workman
 Linda Chase
 Jamie Dietenhofer
 Lu Lu DK and Carla Lane
 Christy Martin
 Ann Suthernland
 Katerina Tana 
Caroline and Steve Thompson
 Steven Weinstock

(Image from sbdigs.com)

For more info and to purchase tickets go here. 
Cant wait to tell you all about it.


  1. I'm seriously thinking of booking a flight right now….OR….how to advertise in Traditional Home! LOL! This sounds incredible and I wish I lived anywhere near there! What a great show house this will be considering the talent and the surroundings! Can't wait to hear all about it…unless of course…I am there!

  2. I soooo wish I lived closer!!!!!!! I look forward to hearing/seeing all about it, looks like a winner!

  3. I know that you are so excited, and I would be thinking about what to wear too! Can't wait to hear about it! Luck you!
    Happy Thursday.

  4. Sounds fabulous. Please take lots of pictures - can't wait to see inside!!

  5. Shoot! Just got back from the Ventura county area! Montecito is a beautiful area and this home is amazing! You will have a wonderful time.. I wish I could go!!!

  6. Oh, I'd LOVE to see it in person! Can't wait to hear more about your visit. Incredible!

  7. I want to go! Sounds like a great time. Please take lots of pictures and tell us how it goes! Have a ball!
    Dress: a shift or casual dress with tons of accessories? That's what I'd wear, I think...
    xo Nancy

  8. Wow lucky you girls, how exciting for you. Please take lots of pictures and have a great time, that house looks amazing!


  9. WOW! That sounds like a real event. I love showhouses but can only imagine how great this one would be with that line up, that house and the sophistication of Santa Barbara! Enjoy and look forward to hearing all about it!

  10. Take TONS of pictures - if they'll allow it. If MM has anything to do with it, fabulous is happening!


  11. Oh you are so lucky for where you live!!! I can't wait to see your pictures. they DO let you take them, right? Have fun!!

  12. You two are having too much fun. First Carol Glasser and now this event! Please do share for us out-of-towners.

  13. That does sound very exciting!!! Please share your experiences/pictures with us after the event! Have fun!!!

  14. Can't wait to hear all about it!!!!

  15. I wanna go, I wanna go! Please please please?!!
    Just wish I could. Have a blast and take pix (if they'll let you!).

  16. Oh wow... so tempting. I am going to do my best to get there. Thank you so much for sharing it!
    And either way, will love to hear your thoughts on it and hear all about your experience!

  17. Oh how fun! I know you ladies will have a ball and look beautiful and chic! I cannot wait to see the home through your photos!! xo

  18. Hope you will take great pictures and share!

  19. Oh no! My time travel machine is broken. Please take lots of pictures and note every details. I'm so jealous-fabulous designers and house. (I'm so glad Ryan Brown is working on this project. I always wondered about him after his falling out with Jeff Lewis.)

  20. So wish I could get there...some of my favorite designers!! Take lots of pictures ~

  21. I'm counting on you to give us the highlights. The exterior of the house looks so amazing, I'm sure it's spectacular inside.
    Have fun!


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