A Fire and a Brewery Up-Date

Well, the fire is out! 
Thank God....
I want to thank all of you for your kind thoughts and prayers.....
and a thank you to all the firefighters for their bravery and hard work...


It's a little eerie looking...
all of the hills around us are burnt....
but, no one was killed and no one lost their homes in our area....
We are very thankful and so glad it is over....


We were able to go to my son's new brewery, Saint Archer for a peak before the grand opening sometime in June... 
It was nice to get away from the smokey air...

We had a tour of it before the guest arrived...take a peak....

The Brewery

This is the serving room at Saint Archers Brewery....still waiting for the tables..


Here we are in front of the hotel...my husband and I, my daughter, my brother and my son, Mike...


This my daughter in-law and my son at the party...


My son-in-law and daughter..

These are my son's partners....
The one on the right is Paul Rodriguez...another pro skater. 
A lot of the ambassadors of the company are pro surfers and skaters....
It was fun to meet all of them and see how the beer is made...it's really good!

At this point, it's only available in San Diego....
  I will let you know when its available in other areas...
Thanks again for your sweet messages and emails.... 
I have some updates on projects to show you soon....

Thanks, Julie




  1. Julie, SO happy the fires out. How frightening that must have been, so happy you are fine.
    Onto happier things..that brewery is AMAZING! You must be soooo proud! It is just beautiful, how very exciting!! I have to show my son this post, he will be so excited to see some of his favorite skaters......congratulations to your son for an amazing job and getting to realize his vision!

  2. I am thrilled that the fires are out and everyone is safe, and what a way to be able to celebrate. The brewery is fantastic and your family all stunning. So happy for you all and wishing great success to your son and his partners - know you are proud!!!

  3. Julie-
    I am glad I didn't know you lived near the fire. I am so happy that it is out!
    The brewery is fabulous! Looks like fun was had by all.
    Happy Monday.

  4. Thank goodness! Take care with all of that smoke in the air. I'm glad you were able to get a break and celebrate with your family. Congratulations to your son and his partners!

  5. How cool is that??! Everyone looks so happy for this exciting beginning! :)

  6. Julie,
    I'm so happy the community is safe and the fire is out. It may be a rough summer ahead. On another note....your family is so cute! I can't wait to visit SD and make the brewery a stop. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Have a wonderful week.

  7. I am so happy the fire is out and you are all safe.

    The brewery looks very cool...my son lives in San Diego and is a surfer - he will love that I know about this before it even opens...makes Mom look "cool"!!

  8. Good to hear you made out well with the fires. Those last photos were scary.

    How cool is a brewery? I love the logo! Best of luck to them.

  9. OMG...what a small world. My daughter went to a new brewery this past weekend but not sure it it was this one or not..located in Kearny Mesa area? My son also home brews and we are dear friends with the Shess family and I am certain your son is familiar with the Westcoaster and Mike Shess. I will send all my beer loving kids and their hundred friends over there for the grand opening. Good luck to him.

  10. Thank goodness the fires are out and everyone is safe. What an exciting venture, and fabulous space! What great photos of you and your beautiful family, Julie!

  11. Julie, so glad the fire's under control with the best results we could ask for under the circumstances. I'm sure you've got to be excited for your son's new venture...how great! What a terrific looking family. Fingers crossed for some more light rains so your beautiful hills can start to recover very soon. All the best!

  12. Good to hear that y'all are safe.
    You have a very handsome family and you certainly must be proud of your son's endeavor.

  13. Julie,
    I'm so relieved the fire is out and that no one lost their home.
    Such a handsome family. Our son is a beer enthusiast and visits beer festivals all over the state. I'll have to share with him your son's brewery. Best of luck to him and his partners with their new brewery.

  14. We will order some of your son's beer! My husband drinks only beer!

    I tried to send you an email inviting you and your husband to come stay in our teeny guest house (you have seen it!); but it must have been in the height of the fire......and it bounced back!

    Just so you know; (I hope there is not another emergency) You are invited!


  15. so glad to hear you are safe. sorry i have been away and had not heard about this threat. what a handsome family you are! and what an incredible business venture that is sure to be a hit. love seeing behind the scenes and sharing in the excitement of the brewery's launch.

    love to you and best of luck to Saint Archer!


  16. OH MY GOODNESS!! I'm just hearing about this! So scary! I'm glad you and your family are safe. I loved seeing the photos of the brewery. It looks great!! Best of luck to your son in his new venture!

  17. Wow! I've missed a lot being in Geneva. So sorry to learn of the fire but so thankful that no one was hurt! Your family is just beautiful and looks so happy. Best wishes for much success in the new business endeavor!

  18. perfect timing for the brewery to open, celebrations all around, clink, clink!

    well miss julie, you are one hot mama, to a very handsome family, great photo's. the brewery is stunning, love the logo and the decor. did i spy sails above the walls? now all i need is a taste. congrats to all!

  19. So glad youre out of danger and things are getting back to normal. He owns a brewery? How cool. What a beautiful family and so wonderful to see everyone celebrating his success. Best wishes for a grand year ahead for St. Archer! You are gorgeous!
    xo Nancy
    P.S. I removed Disqus from our comments! yay!

  20. Your fire was sooo frightening. I can't fathom what you were thinking being in the direct path of disaster. So glad you are SAFE. You and your family are gorgeous. (You need to write a post on how you stay so slim!) The brewery looks awesome. Love their logo. Much success to you and yours.

  21. Julie,
    WHAT A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!!!! You must be so very proud…although I;m still wondering how you have son that is old enough to drink much less own a brewery!!! I'm glad you are safe and I hope you have a beautiful Mother's Day,

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