Model Homes in Orange County and Shopping

I went through some model homes
while I was in Orange County ....

One of my favorite things to do...

They had some great ideas...

 This was one large ottoman.. 

The backyards were small, but great for entertaining... 

I love this idea of a step down seating area...

This was a courtyard in the center of the house...

One of my favorite chairs....
Its made by Noir...


Ya know...
 I'm not a fan of flat screens on the wall...

Someone has got to design a television that looks pretty...

It's not just about function...

I'm sure my husband will be rolling his eyes over this one... 

While I was shopping in Orange county I saw this  adorable chair at Crate and Barrel...
I believe they were $399.00 each.

I like the gray and white chair better...


It was fun to see my sons beer at the market in Orange County...
I'm sure people were wondering why this crazy women was taking pictures of beer and all excited about it...
It all comes down to one thing...



  1. That is super fun! (the beer) and the day of model home browsing. I could look at model homes all day long! Which ones were those?

  2. I too love to tour model homes for great ideas. I look the grey and white chair from C & B.

  3. Julie,
    Congratulations to your son. Our youngest has been a huge micro brewing beer enthusiast and he and a friend have been home brewing a few different kinds of beer. I'm going to pick up a bottle or two of Saint Archer for him.
    I love the Noir black framed chair. Where are these models? I live in OC and would love to have a look, I haven't been on a tour of model homes in ages. I hear the new models by Irvine Meadows Amphitheater are supposed to be worthwhile.

  4. Great for your son, Julie! I know that you are so proud.
    I love the stone on the patio, and these rooms are gorgeous.

  5. Model homes are warehouses full of ideas!!! I had the fortune in my "previous life" to have been a New Construction Realtor. It was a fun, inspiring job!

  6. We're in the same camp when it comes to flat screen TV's - somehow the men in our families like them very big but there's no inexpensive way to hid them!
    C + C

  7. hi proud mama

    loved this post title, a favorite event, shopping and model homes for ideas! currently i am going back and forth with my husband about a large screen tv on the fireplace, nooooooo. so, he is currently designing this drop down, oh, too complicated to explain! if he wins i will write about what he made.
    loved this home!!

  8. I would totally be up for a day of touring model homes in the OC! Congrats proud mama! (and son)

  9. Congrats to your son! Great ideas here today:) I like the outdoor entertaining areas. We are really trending towards blending the outside with the inside (and inside with the outside!) The t.v. is a problem. We are starting a home reconstruction and attempting to figure out a way around that.. not an easy task.

  10. So cool that he makes beer!! And what a tour - thank you!

  11. Loved this model home. I also enjoy going and seeing how things are staged. So cool your son makes his own beer. Just loving your blog! Thanks for your note on mine.

  12. Absolutely beautiful, and so cool about the beer! Love it all!!

    The Glam Pad

  13. A beer master??? that is VERY COOL!

  14. Such a gorgeous home. I love the pillows on the sofa. Congrats to your son as well!!!

  15. Now this model home was done well! It is fun to tour them...
    You have every right to be a proud mama, so snap as many pictures as you want to!

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