Lets Get Organized.

I was asked by Leslie at Segreto Finishes with 7 other bloggers to participate in organization challenge...

My closets desperately need help in this area and I'm sure my family would be cracking up  knowing what my closets look like...

I'm convinced that it
's difficult to organize if you don't have the right shelving and drawers in your space...

We have the standard closets you get with a tract home in California...a couple poles for clothing and a shelve above it...
This makes it hard to be organized!
( South Shore Blog)

These are all dream closets for me...but the best way to be organize is to keep things together that are the same color and style.

(Domain Home)

I would love to have an area for purses....
Melanie Charlton  at Clos-Ettetoo blog says another way to store your handbags is to hang them on s-shaped hooks, but never store them with stuff in them....so clean out those purses before you store them.


So how many of you have this big of a closet?

I love this idea...

The trick to this is remembering to put everything back after you wear them.

Melanie Charlton at Clos-Ettetoo  has some great ideas on closet organization and has items on her web-site you can buy, like this jewelry bag.


So here is my tip....
I once had a professional organizing company come to my home and help me...
They put baskets on my driveway and labeled them... trash, give away, shoes, pants
, you get the idea...
They went through the whole closet and separated all the items into the baskets...
What I kept they put back into my closet by color and style....They also labeled all containers..

So do you have any tricks on how to keep organized?

Thank you Leslie for asking me to be a part of this great group of bloggers.

Don't forget to check out the other bloggers..

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  1. Love all this inspiration! I agree that the key first and foremost is making sure that everything is put back where it belongs so it STAYS that way:) Have a great day.
    PS That jewelry wall is amazing!

  2. Great tips for a perfect closet transformation. Getting to everything easily and a neat and clean-lined look is so important to the overall look!!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. I would love to have that hall! And I would truly settle for a room of nothing but drawers and shelves with room for a desk by the window.
    Great post, Julie.

  4. Hi Julie! You included so many great pics for my future closet renovation! I can't wait to do another closet project after all of these ideas....xo Kelley

  5. Lot's of great ideas here...I have a little jewelry closet inside my closet...Was a dead odd shaped space...I've tried several things for organization that I've never been truly happy with...I'm going to get our cabinet guy to build me the jewelry shelf with hooks that you shared here. Awesome. thanks for the tip.

  6. My jewelry is all piled in a drawer and its so frustrating. I love the idea of hanging display. I'm sure your closet is A LOT bigger than what I have here in SF…they didn't have such big closets back when this building was built, I guess. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I love that HGTV closet! Mine is just pitiful. There's a woman in my town that holds parties in her closet it's so huge. I couldn't even imagine. I'd settle for a few drawers and a place to hold my shoes!

  8. I need that professional organizer to come to my house!! Great ideas here if I could just get with the program!!

  9. Even though its snowing I do feel the need for Spring cleaning this is one way to give me a shove! Great ideas here!!

  10. beautiful inspiration and it all appeals to me. love an organized space but for the life of me that skill eludes me. besides my closet is the size of a telephone booth!

  11. Great tips and inspiring closets! I don't have a big closet anywhere in my home, so organization is key. Love the whole room master dressing rooms...in my dreams! xo Nancy

  12. Some of those closets are bigger than my bedrooms :) So fabulous and organized. Thanks for the tips. Great for spring cleaning coming up.

  13. I think we have the same tract standard closet although I'm pretty sure mine is messier. Your professional organizer's suggestions are wonderful and some day I plan on following suit. But for now I'm content to just look at your pretty pictures and dream.. xo

  14. Cute baskets cute baskets cute baskets

  15. This is a great article. I wish I could get that much enjoyment out of housework!


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