Tangerine interiors..a Beautiful color Palette...

 We had a great Christmas and hope you did also. Julie's daughter's wedding plans are coming along and can't wait until the big day. Danni has loved having her son home, but she can't wait to be able to get her sleep again. You know how it is when kids come home from college and the odd hours they keep. You can't wait to see them and then can't wait for them to go back to school!

We are so excited for the new year. Some of the new predictions for 2012 that we might be seeing is a softer side, more feminine, with  Brocade Damask and paisley patterns. When we think of feminine we think of French antiques, and a Baroque feel. We also think of Chintz, even though we haven't heard it mentioned, it has a very feminine feel. We are also hearing that we will be seeing more dark dramatic interiors, Twilight colors.  One palette we will be seeing more of is tangerine, soft yellows, faded shades of rose, stone washed blues and grays with a soft touch of greens. Pantone named Tangerine the color of the year.
(Image from inspirational girl)

Designer Mary Evelyn has created a soft palette with tangerine and cream. The portrait , ornate sconces, silk flowing drapery create that feminine touch. 

( Jeffers Design group)
(Photographer Matthew Millman)

The soft hues of green with a touch of tangerine as pipping on the ottoman is just darn right pretty! Don't you agree? The painting brings in the blues with the repeat of the tangerine..
(.Jeffers design group )
(Photo by Cesar Rubio)

Interesting mix of opposite hues on the color wheel with geometric shapes.
( Jeffers design group)
(Photographer Matthew Millman)

Great mix of rustic beams and doors with a fun twist on furnishings. So inviting, can't decide where we want to sit. Maybe right by the amazing doors looking out to the back gardens.
( Jeffers design group)
(Matthew Millman- Photographer)

Mamye Baker has come up with a fun whimsical wall of color.

Wonderful woven  fabrics. Makes us think of all the creative ways to use them in designing.
( Wool and the gang blog)

A perfect setting for conversation. Hum, martini anyone!
(Celerie Kimble blog)

We love hearing about all the new predictions for the New year in interiors. We thought we would spend some time in January going through those forecasts. We would love to hear your opinion. Do you like the color palette or not?
( Jeffers design group)
(Matthew Millman Photographer)
We have one more week of family and friends visiting and the big wedding, YIKES!   We will try to post and visit your blogs, but we promise we will be back to normal the following week.

Thank you Tina from The Enchanted Home for the blog on fire award. We are very thankful to you for thinking of us.


  1. I wouldn't change a thing in the let bedroom! Gorgeous images.
    I love the new color. Has always been a favorite of mine.
    Glad to learn all is well. Wishing y'all a Happy New Year.

  2. Beautiful! I like a touch of orange/ burnt orange, its very rich and warm....some beautiful images here to prove the point. I think we will see a lot of it this year!

  3. I love orange so I'm very excited about it being the "in" color this year. While I probably wouldn't use it on walls or furniture using orange in a lot of accessories is great. Congratulations on your award!

    Happy New Year to both of you and your families!

  4. so nice to find your blog~coming from Enchanted! I used pale blue chintz floral (vintage Mario Buatta) to line my bookcases last year. I am not an orange person, but love hearing the forecast includes a more feminine palette and design trend!

  5. Happy New Year Julie and Danni,
    it's great seeing kids during the Holidays but I have to agree that it's also nice when your home returns to normal when they return to school..!!
    tangerine is looking pretty fresh right now and am excited to see it being the center of attention this coming year...gorgeous pics...

  6. my interest is piqued by all of your great images, especially the first one. think you may be spot-on with some of your choices for 2012 and hopeful for chintz, hasn't it been awhile?
    happy 2012 ladies!

  7. So many beautiful images! I think I saw that beautiful bed in the Century showroom at our Design Center. Love it so much! Good luck with your busy schedule for the next few weeks.

  8. Congrats on receiving the Blog on Fire Award, ladies! Well deserved!
    Enjoy the wedding and the time with your families. I look forward to many more inspiring posts from you in the future!
    ~ Wendi ~

  9. Love these images! Perfect inspiration for me, an orange lover. Found your beautiful blog thru The Enchanted Home.

  10. Beautiful pictures! I am totally smitten with the chair in the first one! Wishing you both a wonderful New Year. x Sharon

  11. Oh so chic dahhling! nothing like splashes of color.

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  13. Yay....bring on the Tangerine! I am in love with that very first image. The damask in that soft orange is delicious! Me want....

  14. Great imagines, love fabric collection and the place for conversation - I am sure I would feel so cozy there.... happy New Year.

  15. What gorgeous, hot color! I'm ready for it. We need something to liven us all up.

    Good luck with the wedding. Be sure to post some pics!

  16. Fantastic images, many of these are new to me and I love the color especially as an accent!

    Happy New Year!!!

  17. I love the tangerine whether it's an accent or the predominant color. Never would I be brave enough to do opposite colors and geometrics so bold as the Jeffers design group did, but it's stunning!!

  18. Beautiful images, love them all. Love tangerine & I'm ready for some now. Have a great day.

  19. I am warming up to this color, but in small doses! Happy New Year, kids!!!

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  21. So many gorgeous interiors! I am swooning over each of these rooms, they are so pretty, feminine and charming!

    Good post!

    Have a great rest of the week!


    1. Mind blowing tangerine whether,its so beautiful.I can say its a perfect setting or imagine.Thanks for sharing this.

  22. Such fun pictures and I love the tangerine and white chair.

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