Pantones Soft and Casual Color Palette...

We have some exciting things coming up, pictures of Danni's trip to Europe, Julie's daughter's wedding, two projects we will be sharing with you, but for now we will share with you another palette from Pantone.
  A calm ambiance that is tranquil and comforting with pinks,blues,soft whites, blending with taupe, grays and grape hues.

With both of us having an art back ground we are always interested in the new colors selected for the new year.  We believe everyone has a palette that they can live with, if it is" in "or not. Some new colors can be added to your own palette, but most people have an innate feel for colors that they can live with. The job of an interior designer is to stretch their clients to try new things. As designers, we have a natural vision of what the room can and will look like that the client might have a hard time imagining.
.( This image designed by Katie Leede )

The Taupe and the Pinks create a soft feminine mood!
(Sean Siena designer)

Schuyler Samperton

The soft blues and taupe with just a touch of a pink accent in the flowers set the mood for this room.
(Redmond Aldrich designs )

Schuyler Samperton

The soft pink ceiling adds a lovely calming glow to this bedroom.
( Barbra Franceski Interiors)

Peonies are such a beautiful flower. One of our favorites. The bright pink color of these just pops out from the steely blues and taupe.
( Grant Gibson)

We will still be seeing animal print pillows for 2012, but will we still be seeing hide rugs?
(That inspirational girl)


  1. Julie and Danni,
    I completely agree that colour is very personal. Our memories of special moments shape our perception of what brings us comfort and joy. I'm a 'spring' girl and adore soft shades of pink, blue, green and white mixed with earthy tones on grey and taupe. If this is a trend for 2012, then I may actually be in style for once!
    Great post, ladies! I'm looking forward to you sharing the wedding and Europe trip with us!
    ~ Wendi ~

  2. All beautiful but those taupes with the blues get me everytime. I know there is something for everyone, and for me those are "my colors". I at the same time appreciate a very dark room like a library but like my personal spaces to feel light and airy but with a touch of old world elegance.
    Can't wait to see/hear all about all the exciting events that have been going on in your lives!

  3. You have a lot going on right now!
    These images are gorgeous. I especially love the first image and the taupe dining room.
    Have anise weekend.

  4. The Redmond Aldrich room is just beautiful. I love the muted blues and subtle pink touch. I have tried brighter colours in my home but always go back to the more subdued colours. Lovely post. x Sharon

  5. Personally, I have always struggled with the concept of "Color of the Year" and trends being defined by yearly cycles. Where I've finally ended up is looking at each year as an opportunity to be stretched, as you so aptly put it, because if there's one thing Pantone has, it's a very, very good color engine... I have always struggled with orange and am looking forward to being stretched.

    I also wanted to touch on your concluding sentence where you describe a designer's natural ability to envision a room and in the process to encourage them to try now things. Sally describes it as having the ability to read a client so well that you can take them to a place they didn't even know they wanted to go until they got there with you. When that happens, it's pure magic!!!!

    Sally and I are looking forward with much anticipation to your Europe, wedding and project posts!!


  6. Just found you via Acquired Objects. Totally agree that everyone has a palette they can live with, and while that can evolve a little over time, I find that the colours I really can't live with remains the same. (for the books, I can't live with yellow, even for short while!)
    Love your pictures, the light in the Sean Siena room is wonderful.

  7. I can't get over how much my color preferences have changed since blogging over the last year.. and yes, clients/people have preferences but getting them to see a little into the future so to speak how how they may change their preference over time may be the biggest thing a designer can do for a client..by not letting the client be too complacent in colors and decor is certainly a testament to the designer...

  8. Oh dahhling that dinning room is perfection!

  9. Hi Julie & Danni, Happy New Year to you both! Love these rooms and I agree with you on color. I've found that people are afraid of a saturated color since it can look heavy but then you simply steer them towards accent colors. You two always seem to find the best images.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Julie and Danni,
    What beautiful photos... my own personal taste does not usually lean towards the rustic but that first photo is screaming at me! That blue cabinet... wow, what personality! I am going to have to work on acquiring something along those lines now, dang it! :)

    Hope your January is wonderful and full of family joy (that is the best joy, you know!)

    Thanks for sharing...


  11. Some beautiful images here. Great, soft color!

  12. All images are absolutely gorgeous, but had to pin the peonies and kumquats against the dark background...it gives off such a luxurious feeling, yet it's so simple. Love that.

  13. I can appreciate so many different color palettes and styles, but gravitate toward neutrals with colors as my accents. These images are gorgeous...adore the blue armoire!!

  14. I love the white chair and distressed blue armoire in image #1 and am crazy about the dining room in #2!! Happy Monday to you. xo

  15. that french blue armoire is one of the prettiest colors I've ever seen! makes me want to build the whole room around that color! beautiful post,


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