Coral Inspirations.

Sometimes when I need to gather ideas and I'm stuck creatively speaking..... 
I go to some of my favorite shops where the displays are inspiring.. .


This is at the Agoura Antique store....
If you have been following my blog for sometime.......
 you might have remembered me writing about this fabulous store..

This is a store in Orange county in the SoHo shopping center.... 

I'm always using corals in my displays for my own home and clients. 
They are perfect....
They don't have to be watered and they don't die.


Here is another great way to bring in color....
display beautiful rocks...


This is a lamp I found at an estate sale....
actually there are two of them....
 I did have to take them to be rewired.

 I love using vintage lighting......
 It's one way to add unique items to your home.

They look fantastic.....


I'm still looking for a new shade but this one is fine for now.

This is the entryway piece I found at an antique store... 
The doors had carvings of flowers on them and I didn't like them so I filled it in with wood filler and repainted them. 

They are still wet and that's why the doors are slightly open.
 I still need to put a coat of wax on.


 Notice my vintage lamps....
I'm still looking for something to go on the right to replace the purple coral.
 I found these binoculars in my closet.... 
but there not quite right....the coral might be better.

I'll keep my eyes open for something else.
It needs something that has a natural color to balance the basket. 

Our little dog, Fe Fe is doing better. 
Were not sure what the deal is but she is eating  better.  
We did find out that my son had given her a chicken drumstick to chew on....
He didn't have a clue that was a no no..... 
Were not sure that is what did it, but time will tell.
That's all for now, 



  1. I think coral is beautiful. I have a piece I bring out in the summer. These look great and what a shop.

  2. Love your lamp!! The entire setting is so beautiful and what a great shop. I could spend all day in stores like that, touching, feeling, imagining, oohing and ahhing!

  3. I love coral, but then again anything coastal related makes me happy. I never thought about not having to water it, lol. I have a black thumb so that's important to me! I'm glad to hear your dog is doing better. My Mario is always chewing on something he shouldn't!

  4. Happy to hear Fe Fe is doing better! I love the lamps you found, and your lovely entry hall vignette. You always do beautiful work!
    ~ Wendi

  5. So happy the little baby is doing well We are sick when our animals are sick.
    I keep dreaming a coral is going to wash ashore right as I walk up. lol.
    Beautiful post, Taylor.
    Happy Tuesday.

  6. These stores are wonderful for inspiration...i would go here too! thanks for sharing! I am loving the coral pieces and realize I don't have any in my home! I need to get some!

  7. I love the vignette you created with the chair and table. The wall display is pure perfection. I love everything you did. What is the fabric on the pillow in the chair...it is great!! Love the gorgeous mirror & architectural prints too!

  8. Glad to hear the good news! The inspiration worked, both of your vignettes are perfectly styled! Love your classic lamps, too!

  9. That antique shop looks wonderful and love all the coral they offer. You are so clever with all that you do from your lamps to "fixing" your cupboard. Love seeing bits of your home it so pretty. Glad to hear Fe Fe is feeling better and hopefully any chicken bones will pass.


  10. What a beautiful antique shop and wonderful corals - Just love seeing your piece all finished. It looks fabulous as does your vignette!!

  11. Can we talk about that stunning black mirror you have behind your fabulous lamp? The black bamboo one. Total perfection. You can just tell that your home was lovingly collected over time. Glad to hear the dog is doing well.

  12. I'm so glad the dog is better. I'm crazy over the same mirror Linda likes. Love your styling skills!

  13. great news about fe fe!
    oh take us shopping with you more often, great shop. i too love seeing the displays and gathering inspiration. YES to coral, a timeless decor element

  14. Beautiful images1 I saw a crystal sphere in the background that I really want :) Glad FeFe is doing better, too!

  15. Julie,
    I've always loved the look of coral, just never found the right place for it in my home. After seeing some of these images I may try to rethink it. I especially like the coral you have on your entry piece, on top of the books.

    I'm glad to hear your doggie is feeling better.

  16. Ohhh I love that art piece with the kids and chairs!!! You have such beautiful things! I love rocks and coral and natural elements mixed in, too. Hope Fe Fe continues to get back to 100%.
    xo Nancy

  17. The coral adds such great texture and I would love to have a giant piece of amethyst too. Your vignettes are always showstopping.

  18. I am so glad to see you've found the Agoura Antique Mall. I love the ever changing vignettes and vintage finds! It's a great place to go for inspiration, and a few purchases too.

  19. I love the vignette you created with the chair and table. The wall display is pure perfection. I love everything you did. What is the fabric on the pillow in the chair...it is great!! Love the gorgeous mirror & architectural prints too!

  20. Glad Fifi is doing ok. I just bought some more coral today...ha! So true about it not needing water. Love your vintage lamps.

  21. store in Orange county looks well decorated and Art piece showing kids looks really very beautiful.

  22. I hope Fe Fe is all better. Catching up here from being away. Love all the corals. They are expensive and difficult to find in our area.

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