Proud Mama!

My hubby is a professional photographer and I wanted to share with you these pictures he took of my daughter and her husband.  


I love this technique...

They look like pen and ink.


Love this picture of them... they are so cute together? They have been married for one year now.


This is our dog....
the kids named her sway and my husband named her Fe Fe....
she comes to both names... 
believe it or not. 
She isn't eating and we took her to the vet.
 They ran some test and were hoping to find out whats going on soon.
Poor thing...
I'm just praying its not anything to serious.

It breaks my heart when I see animals in pain....

 Have a nice weekend and I will post on Tuesday.

Thanks for stopping by....


  1. Your husband is such a talented photographer. I love the etched drawing technique. Your daughter is beautiful, and she and her husband make a striking couple.
    I hope Sway/Fe Fe is going to be okay. She's such a little sweetie!
    Have a happy weekend, Julie!
    ~ Wendi

  2. What a good looking couple, and I'm sure they'll treasure those photos! Hope your little fur baby is better soon.

  3. Your husband's work is incredible...you need to brag about him more often! And your daughter is gorgeous!

  4. So sorry about your sweet pup ... hope she gets better soon. The photographs are fabulous - I like that technique too - he had some great subjects to work with - definitely brag material!!!

  5. Your daughter and her husband are a beautiful couple. I love the effect your husband used on the images. Too cool!

    It is heartbreaking when your dog is not well and the dog can't tell you what is wrong. I hope everything turns out okay.

  6. HI Julie
    So sorry to hear about your little pooch--fingers crossed she is ok. Your daughter and husband make such a beautiful couple-congratulations!

  7. What great photos, Julie! How lucky to have a talented photographer in the family ~ that technique is amazing, too. Fingers crossed for good news on your baby.

  8. Those are amzing photos! Your husband is very talented. I just wish my husband would take a picture of me without cutting my head off, lol. I'm so sorry to hear your dog is sick. I hope it's nothing serious.

  9. Those are great photos. I love the way they are done. I sure hope your little fur muffin feels better soon.

  10. Love this technique, too. How cute and comfortable they look together. Cute dog. Talent and beauty in your family.

  11. What a gorgeous couple and such beautiful photos! Hope your pup is going to be fine.x Sharon

  12. Wow he is good..of course helps when you have a good looking subject and that they are! As is Fefe...so hope all is OK and as you said its nothing serious. Fingers crossed. Your husbands work is fabulous!

  13. what a beautiful couple and pet!

    hoping fefe will be back to her old self very soon.



  14. Julie your husband is a fabulous photographer what a gift. What a gorgeous couple your daughter and SIL make. I'll say a prayer that Sway/Fefe is back to eating quickly! Please keep us updated.


  15. Such a beautiful couple and the photography is stunning. Just love the that technique he use - such an amazing talent!! Hoping for a quick recovery for Fefe...

  16. Loving the technique and such a precious couple ... I hate it when my puppies are hurting ... knowing all will be fine! xo

  17. Ohhh I pray your beautiful pup is alright! Love the photos of your family, and that technique..really awesome and unique.
    xo Nancy

  18. Oh my gosh, he is so talented, Julie!! I love these photographs. Your family is just one talented bunch!
    Please let us know what you find out from the vet. You know I can't see animals sick either.
    Happy Sunday.

  19. That is SO cool! It looks like the Sketch apps, but SOOOO much more professional and authentic. I LOVE these!

  20. Sorry about your little fur baby, Love the images of your Daughter and Sil, beautiful couple, great images,
    xo Kathysue

  21. Your husband is extremely talented! Love this! And your daughter is gorgeous and her husband is very handsome! I would love to be able to do pictures like this! Thanks for sharing it ! Let us know about Sway/Fe Fe! I hope it's nothing! We are waiting on some test results as well for Jim's dad…not fun! thanks for sharing this personal post!


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