Fabric up date.....

I've been so crazy busy with life these days....
Sometimes it feels like I'm on a merry  go round....
Do you ever feel that way?

 I have been working on a few projects and wanted to show you some fabric samples that I put together.... 
The blue and white grouping is for a bedroom that I'm working on. 

You should see my living room....all of these fabrics are spread out all over...

Thank God my hubby is easy going....



This grouping is for a clients living room. 
The floral will be for drapes. 
I love this combo and it came together so easy....


I have been working on this grouping and just can't get the feel I want....
I showed you fabric for this family room on the last post.
 I just can't find the right fabric.....
She wants to use grays, creams and orange....
I found tons of gorgeous fabric in grays and mustard's...
but this combo has been tough... 

I have all the furniture picked out...its these silly pillows that are giving me a pain in the you know what.
The kitchen is gutted and their starting to put the new cabinets in.
 I will show you pictures next week....
I'm leaving for a couple of days so I won't be posting until next week.....
I will be posting with a group of bloggers on our dream home...

Have a great week.....


  1. These fabric combos are seriously incredible -- you've got some skills!! : )

  2. Pulling fabrics together is the most fun! I love all the combinations you have come up with ... I know you will find the right mix on the orange and grays ... xo

  3. I love what you've shown. It totally works for me :) Enjoy your break!!

  4. You have such a great eye for combining fabrics, I love the zebra mixed with the more traditional fabrics, very fun!

  5. I think your choices are great. I am also considering this palette myself. Have you seen Kay Douglass in House Beautiful "Decorating with Orange?" It is very inspiring. I should add that i am drawn to your blog from Tone on Tone. Thanks so much for sharing with homeowners such as myself.

    Jennifer Smith

  6. Fabulous combinations, Julie. We know exactly how that feels to get stumped on just one...Good Luck!...and thanks sooooo much for your kind comments on our new site. It's still a work in progress so your feedback is very valuable to us. XO, Mona

  7. Lovely the first batch..............second batch get rid of the fabric on the left!Mostly Grey............you will find something better!

  8. Gray orange and cream? I would LOve that combination! You'll get the right one. Just step away and go back, you know how it goes :).

  9. I know how you feel and I am only working on two combinations for my own home! Love coordinating fabrics, but what looks good together just might not look good when applied to certain pieces of furniture, there in lies the problems of being a designer. YOu will get it, you are so talented!!

  10. This is so funny, Julie. I had my entire guest room covered in fabrics, rug samples and art this weekend in hopes that we may one day need it for the beach house...Love, love the second grouping!!

  11. I love your fabric combinations. I know you'll come up with something fabulous for the orange scheme!

  12. I love looking at fabric swatches!

  13. Looks like you know what you are doing, I get very confused with too many fabrics:-) They are all beautiful.

  14. Pretty nice post. I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog posts.
    In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon! Thank you, I’ll try to come back more frequently۔
    Interior Designer

  15. You are awesome at picking fabrics! I love these :)

  16. love the fabric choices!! Great board ideas!

  17. Beautiful fabric selections! I spy a few familiar favorites. Lovely work!

  18. all fabulous at fabrics!
    i have a gray, orange and cream project upcoming.......not easy!
    ps......i shared this post with my husband "see, i am not the only one!"

  19. You are just so talented. Great choices here.
    It will all come together.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  20. Love those combos. I could look at fabric all day!


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