Betsy Brown and Lindsey Bond Meadows

Photo Don Freeman

I love when I see a room that looks...well like a piece of art...

what I mean by that is..it doesn't look like the typical room...its artsy..

Photo Don Freeman

What do you think makes this room look interesting? 

The mix of styles, mid century, French, a little industrial...
or the balance of objects?

Designer Betsey Brown has a way of  bringing everything together...  

Photo Don Freeman

Notice how she plays with a traditional frame by coupling it with a contemporary art piece...

she successfully balances the room by
creating a collection of eclectic pieces...

Photo Don Freeman

I love how she adds an element of surprise...

the lamp is the icing on the cake...a contemporary lamp on an industrial table...

notice the curve in the leg of the table mimics the shape of the lamp...

Photo Don Freeman

Lindsey Bond Meadows is another designer that has an interesting way of bringing things together.

Photo by Laurey W. Glenn

I love how she added this contemporary/industrial looking lounge chair with an antique sofa...

Lindsey uses contemporary fabrics to tie the room together...

She creates a balance and gives this space a transitional feel....

Photo Laurey W. Glenn

 mixing it up...love it! 

Photo JonnyValiant

Photo Laurey Glenn

To achieve this look...think out of the box....

straight arm and leg pieces of furniture help balance the few pieces that have more of an antique curve style...

contemporary fabrics on your antique chairs will give it a modern vibe...
try adding organic and simple objects as display...

OK..so...and there's always a so...

have you tried mixing it up in your own home...
and if so... 

what did you think?

I hope your inspired as much as I am....
now go try it!



  1. Hi Julie,
    I sure enjoyed those photos. I tend to have gravational pull to French things. However, I've been adding some Chinoiserie pieces and I love it. A few modern pieces can amp it up a bit too.

  2. I like how she uses branches for the organic look.

  3. Beautiful collection of rooms, love the light furniture mixed with the dark dramatic accessories. Fabulous!

  4. Julie, you always find the best designers to showcase. This one is new to me, and I love EVERYTHING. Beautiful post :)

  5. ,,,HI Julie i sure enjoyed those Photos ,,, beautiful post

  6. Love the juxtaposition of the unexpected. My favorite part of these spaces is that although the are fairly monochromatic, they aren't a bit boring. Makes me want to take a second look at my spaces and see how I can add some more interest.
    Happy Monday!

  7. Really great, have a Darryl Carter feel which I love!!

    XO Karolyn

  8. This really got me at the first photo. I love rooms that look like and contain original art! Wonderful examples Julie- I am really inspired.
    xo Nancy

  9. Beautifully currated rooms. Loved them! I agree it is good to think outside the box and both of these designers are classic examples of WHY!!!
    I just did a post today about undecorating. I can tell they both practice undecorating very well,

  10. I love these rooms! When I've tried doing this it doesn't look this way...why? Actually it didn't look that bad but needed a lot of tweeking. I like mixing antiques, industrial and modern, these designers just do it better then I do.


  11. I love the way you dissect and explain every detail of these rooms Julie. It is like having a play-by-play. I'm envious of the talent of these designers. This rooms absorb all of my attention. I will analyze each placement and make mental notes. It's like eating a very satisfying meal--TMI!? HA!

  12. Oh man...I love all these looks! so crisp

  13. Julie-
    I love her work! The first living room is a piece of art. Gorgeous. I could move right in to any of these rooms.
    Happy Tuesday.

  14. I was here yesterday but just came back again because i LOVE these so much!

  15. This was such a stunning post! I'm with Stacy - they are amazing. I have done a couple of posts on rooms that look "undecorated" but in fact it's the amazing design that achieves this very difficult, but incredible balance. I'm going to be pinning many of these - thanks for the inspiration!

  16. This is one of your best posts ever in my mind! Loved it! That third photo made my heart skip a beat!!

  17. Julie,
    While I don't think it reflects my personal style, there's no denying the beauty of the simple rooms with artistic flair. Very pretty.

  18. What gorgeous style - love the eclectic look and the lamp in the first image is amazing. Consider me inspired...

  19. My all-time favorite look ~ I could analyze these rooms over and over! You nailed it when you said, 'it doesn't look like the typical room.' Such talent and soinspiring for us to be more unconventional with our design!

  20. I love this style. That black lamp in the first picture is so interesting and a great conversation piece. The layers are great.

  21. I mix it up all the time but not so perfectly. I want to move right in to these spaces.

  22. So simple and elegant, love that neutral palette. We have several sets of deer antlers, I should put them up again.


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