Blue and White...

Ralph Lauren

Is there a style or color that you have always loved... 

Suzanne Tucker Fabrics

I've always had a little blue in my home...even when it wasn't  in style...

I never grow tired of Bamboo style furniture...

Les Indiennes...

Whenever I see thier products, I have an in-controlable urge to buy everything in the store...

I've always adored hand blocked fabrics....

When I was in high school I would buy hand blocked bedspreads and make dresses out of them....

it was very beach-y chic in those days... 

Bobbin chairs.... 

and red mixed into the mix....ooh la la...

Cafe chairs are also on my list of loves...

you can find these at Serena and Lily....

Schumacker wallpaper......

so sweet...

Kelly and Company Home...The Polished Pebble Blog

My Mother had grass cloth in her entry way in the 70s....
and I have loved it ever since...
and I'm glad to say...
 its back in...

Santa Barbara Design House

Bunnie Williams

I also love an English arm...
I have pillows made out of this fabric by John Robshaw...
another favorite of mine....

Sorry this is a little late...
Blog-spot decided to be nasty this morning and erased my whole post....
couldn't find it anywhere.....
so frustrating! 


  1. Such great photos. I'm in that kind of mood too.

  2. Blue and white, my favourite combination!


  3. I love all these things, too. My mom had grasscloth, too and I wish I had some somewhere here, but then don't really want to be tied down to wallpaper. Been there done that.

  4. I have to be honest here I don't have one drop of blue anywhere in my house. It isn't a color I think of first when decorating and not sure why because it works everywhere. I have this new thing with grasscloth...bathrooom, living room and dining room and now thinking bedroom. It's usually on one wall and I love it as a feature!


  5. I think you hit upon all of mt faves too! My mom and dad bought their home in the early 60's and the builder put in grass cloth throughout the entry,dining and living room! It is amazing how well it has stood the test of time!

  6. Love all those classics ~ just bought my first blue and white ginger jar and I'm loving it! :)

  7. Lots of loveliness here - so many of my favorites. Blue and white is big at my house, with some red here and there. Café chairs, too - anything French, actually. I love seeing all the elements that add up to personal style.
    Have a wonderful week! XO

  8. Blue and white will always be fresh! Love this color combination!! Great post.

  9. We've always loved Lucite and the fact that it comes in and out of style every other year!
    C + C

  10. Julie-
    You always find the most beautiful images. I love everything here. I am with you on needing a little blue in every room.
    Thank you for sharing.

  11. Julie,
    I love the examples of a touch of blue and white. Not overdone, just right. The look of some of the fabrics you've shared remind me of Colonial English rooms. The bamboo furniture pieces especially.

  12. Oh my that bamboo chest is AMAZING!! I want it!!

  13. loving the blue with you, but I find myself crazy in love with the bamboo

  14. Hi Julie,

    Beautiful post! I with you on the blue and white:) its classic and works with most decor. I've recently taken a liking to bamboo furniture. You piece you show here is lovely.

  15. THe bottom Suzanne Tucker fabric is my dining room drapery! You picked some true winners here!!
    xo Karolyn

  16. I have never been overly fond of blue in my own home but am loving using it for clients right now! So refreshing!

  17. Julie we like many of the same things, blue and white and bobbin chairs have been on my radar for awhile now. I also love touches of bamboo furniture. We are kindred spirits my dear friend,
    xo Kathysue

  18. Julie, that is such a good question. I probably have given away things I should not have. As I look back, I realize I can now appreciate some of the things I had. I change too often. But bamboo has been with me for a long time.

  19. I just read a bunch of previous posts, catching up, and you guys always post great images and thought provoking ideas. I've always lived with greens, but forever admire blue and white.

  20. and i love your taste. i could snap up everything shown, especially that chair cloaked in john robhaw!
    xx debra

  21. I love this selection, beautiful things. All of them!

  22. I love blue and white. I even had a blue and white bedroom in high school that I decorated myself. And, now I have a blue and white kitchen. There's just something so fresh and classic about it.

  23. No wonder I adore your blog, we are soul mates in blue and white. I have always loved it and always will. I do manage to introduce new colors with it from time to time, but the basics are classic.
    xo Nancy

  24. Love blue and white...so clean and fresh. Beautiful post. Have a great week...

  25. What a great post!! I am so glad I discovered your blog! I love your style!!

    The Glam Pad

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