Blue and White Tablescape...

We had some friends over for dinner and my new 

pot was the center of attention until I became 

allergic to the flowers...

Lesson learned..

I will use flowers that don't have a strong smell at 

the dinner table! 

By the way...

I use non smelling candles to...

If they are too scented they can clash with the smell of the food... 

you don't want that!

I used my blue and white Spode dishes and every plate was different...

  I like using different patterns of china at my table.....

I find it refreshing and some what rebellious. 

Even the place-mats were different... 

The two mats at the head of the table were different from the four on the side...

This is the view from my dining room...

Don't you think the flowers are beautiful! 

I love this time of year...

Well, any who...

I'm looking for a small table to use with this 

vintage set of chairs....

A friend of mine had the 

pillow made for me in India...

I love it because the pattern is going sideways and she was so sweet to bring it back with her from India...

Like I said...

A little rebellious at times! 

Hope you had a wonderful Mothers day...



  1. Julie,
    I love your table setting. Your new blue and white jar is beautiful. What is the pattern of your goblets? Those are lovely and look like they could be antique.
    The freesia is beautiful in your vase but I've done that before. The sweet scent makes me sneeze too!
    I hope you're having a wonderful Mother's Day.

  2. WOW spectacular!!! I love it on the rustic wood of the table..just stunning!

    Wishing you an amazing Mothers Day, may it be filled with much joy, love and laughter!

  3. you talented girl you, how lovely!!! and a touch of rebellion makes for an interesting life ;-)

    happy mothers day julie

  4. I love your beautiful tablescape. I have the same problem with strong smelling flowers. If only you had a large cloche.

    Happy Mother's Day Julie!

  5. Happy Mothers Day! Your table was stunning. I love blue Spode. I can see why the new pot was the star of the show....Fabulous!!!
    Wonderful view too.

  6. I agree it's fun to use a mix of dishes. It takes something that could be fussy and immediately makes it much more casual...yet beautiful! You set a beautiful table.

  7. That looks so lovely, hope you had a special day!

  8. I've long admired blue and white collections but it is images like these that make me want to start one of my own. Beautiful!

  9. How beautiful - just love the blue and white and the placemats add the perfect texture!! Hope it was a wonderful Mother's Day!!

  10. Beautiful! I love blue and white and have similar wicker chargers.. they are perfect for weekend entertaining. Your table is beautiful Julie:) I hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day! xxL

  11. love your mix of blue and white! simply beautiful. and the framed sea fans are making me swoon. hope you had a lovely Mothers Day!

  12. Oh my gosh the view of the flowers from your dining room is just perfect!

  13. What a beautiful setting! And the view of your back porch and flowers! I am so in need of a good view!! I am a mixer as well … and love it! Hope you had a beautiful Mother's Day!!

  14. Lovely table settings. For unscented, can you use beeswax candles? The scented ones are generally made with chemical scents, which is what bothers people and causes toxic reactions.

  15. I spy that peacock fabric we share!! so lovely

  16. I adore a blue and white tablescape... and yours is stunning!! Gorgeous porch too!

    The Glam Pad

  17. So, so beautiful! I love a mismatched table - so much more interesting!

  18. Tina over at The Enchanted Home was just noting how blue and white is so popular now, and I've seen it here, too. Simply gorgeous and so classic!

  19. That is one of the prettiest tablescapes I have seen in a long time! Love the different plates, and I agree with no scented candles at the table...YUK!!

  20. I'm in love with blue & white. Your table looks gorgeous, especially with your blue and white upholstery. Perfection!


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  22. Julie your table is just beautiful! I adore blue and white dishes and love the idea of mixing and matching things on my table too! Your chair is so pretty and what a sweet friend to bring that gorgeous pillow all the way back from India!
    Enjoy the weekend!
    XO Barbara

  23. So beautiful, Julie. How in the world are you guys doing?...I hate that I am so absent from the blog world. We are just so busy...and guess what? I just got a new puppy. Little Luci. We adore her. Have a great week. Mona

  24. Such a pretty table! I also love the idea of mismatched plates. I have mismatched tea cups that I love using. Hope you had a happy Mother's Day too. xx Sharon

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  26. Hot Damn that table setting is beautiful!!! Love all of the blue.


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