A Cottage Side Table

It's gorgeous here today and I love this time of year.
I took Monday off to clean out my house...

I'm not one that's into spring cleaning and scheduling it into my life...but this is a have to do project!
I have two mattresses in my hallway and a mess of other things that will be going to my husband's studio...
It's going up for sell and I have to stage it... 

But, I wanted to share with you some styles that I'm loving....

Joni over at Cote De Texas showed this image on her blog...
I have always loved this shape of a table and I love the floral chintz....

Phoebe Howard uses this shape of table often in her designs, but it's not as rustic..

I would love to add it to a room with this fabric by Thibaut.. 

I'm thinking of where could I use this table!

Love how it looks in Nicky Haslams window..

If you want to see more of his work check out Cote De Texas Blog... 

( Thibaut)

It would be pretty to add the table into a room like this one too...

Do you ever see something that just makes you smile and you just gotta have it?

I'm exhausted from cleaning all day and were going out to dinner...so Ive gotta go!

Have a great week! 


  1. I agree, that is a great style table! Wish I had a spot for such a piece!!!

  2. Love those tables especially the first image.

  3. Beautiful images. I love a good cleaning, or shall I say purge? ;)

  4. Just love the first table - Phoebe Howard is such a favorite - Need to get started with some Spring cleaning here!!

  5. Oooh, such a pretty style table! I just realized I've missed a couple of your posts - sometimes my blogroll doesn't update everyone! :( Sorry, but I'm glad to have caught up!

  6. Julie,
    That first room is my favorite. The table you love is fabulous and I don't remember seeing that style before. I love Phoebe Howard's style...her rooms are always so simple and calming.
    Are you selling your house or your husband's studio?

  7. I love the Chintz couch & the rustic table behind it. The scalloped legs are really different.

  8. Oh that Nicky Haslams!! In love!! Great post!

  9. cooooool. since you took monday off, can you take wednesday off to clean my house? you go.


  10. oh my, oh my. now i find i have a newfound obsession! my mind is reeling, will my husband make one for me.....probably not. have to find someone, LOVE these julie

  11. Beautiful images to think about while you work! Good luck!

  12. Gorgeous!! That table is so sculptural - beautiful form! Now I need to get back to packing - we're moving our furniture up to Maine soon. xo

  13. Really adore the lines of this table, so very versatile!

    Feature:Decorate Fearlessly

  14. Such pretty tables, nice assortment of that style. Have a lovely Easter, girls!


  15. I am actually a big fan as well of that, I was looking at a dining table to use as a desk and waited too long and it sold, I am bummed! Its a great look...hope you had a happy Easter!


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