Dining Room Plans...

I have been working on my dining room for a long time....
When I'm designing for clients its hard to find the time to work on my own home... 
So, its been a process.....
 I found this beautiful vase and it looks perfect in my dining room..

I wish I could get my home decorated in just 6 weeks.... 
Like Linda's One Room Challenge.....

A bunch of designers and bloggers re-decorate a room in just 6 weeks...

Man.....you would have to work around the clock...

I had bought these drapes from IKEA...
We were going to move and I needed something neutral to sell the house....
So, now that we are staying....

I can look for drapery fabric that I really love...  

Did I mention that the dog peed on them!?
Not really happy about that!

The blue and white fabric thrown on top is from Kravet...

I'm not sure I'm sold on it... 

I love this fabric from Schumacher.. 
Maybe pillows for my family room?

Duralee Fabric

I would like to add green into my living room and dining room..
So pretty! 
The fabric is from Duralee...

Remember when I took this on? 

It was exhausting!

This was my 70s furniture before....
 I would love to buy something that has more of a contemporary feel.... 

But its not in the stars right now! 

It looks much better, but here is my to do list...

Side chairs have to go...to country. 

New drapes and rods...

The dog made sure of that...not liking the smell of urine!

Pictures for the wall next to the curtains..

New chandelier........

 I would love to add wainscoting or some wood details..
Maybe grass cloth....

I want the side chairs to be on the contemporary side and they need to have fabric on the backs.....

It would help soften the room...

I have some at my husbands studio which after it sells I'm thinking of bringing them home.

I really need to find art work for next to the windows...not digging those little shelves...to boring! 
It really helps to take a picture of your room...
It gives you another perspective.. 
You notice things you didn't before..
Have a great week!


  1. Oh, I love that hutch the way you painted it. Great fabric choices and I am loving all the blue and white. I love the chandy you have.

  2. At first I thought the Kravet fabric was Ikea. I was about to get all excited. Have you considered Schumacher's Katsugi! Pricey but stunning!

  3. I'm so happy you're staying! Boy how things can change on a dime. I love everything you picked out. I have to say that I experience the same thing when I look at a picture, that I don't see when standing in the room. How can that happen? Happy decorating...

  4. Julie, what a great blue and white vase. I love your plans for the dining room. The hutch is very pretty. I'm happy you're staying in your lovely home.

  5. Hi Julie, thanks for the mention. I need a deadline to get anything done. I love your fabric choices and the hutch looks perfect, too.

  6. isn't it true, clients are first, we are last, if lucky! beautiful fabrics julie, cannot wait to see your final choices

  7. Its beautiful right now but I know full well when you want a change...you want a change. Period. Love the fabrics you are considering, if you want to dress up the space more a crystal chandelier with small shades could be gorgeous and I agree that upholstered chairs would dress it up and soften the room more (less country) though its really pretty!! Have fun:)

  8. Fabrics are beautiful and it will be a lovely room I am sure!

    from Virginia

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  10. I love the fabrics, I really love that Schumacher even for drapery! You are heading in the direction I took for my dining room and its so true that our houses are the last to be done when working on everyone else!! I have grasscloth in mine and I love it, you have great bones to start with for sure!!It will be gorgeous, K
    PS Did that Anonymous really have to correct your spelling- people are unbelievable!!

  11. I know exactly how you feel! I've been "working on" my daughter's room for months, but nothing is getting done because I'm busy with other people's work!! Your dining room looks GREAT!

  12. As they say, the cobbler's children have no new shoes! After a huge decorating project last year, we ran out of steam but need to get back on the bandwagon and hope to find time this summer. Love that you repainted the furniture - the white is so crisp and clean!
    C + C

  13. I laughed when you mentioned the accident with your dog. . these things happen��Your fabric choices are gorgeous! and like what you did with your hutch!

  14. Looks pretty! Bless your dog. Ours barfed on my favorite Pottery Barn duvet last week. So sad.


  15. I am truly amazed at all you have done and love the latest blue and whites added to the design. Unfortunately I am not a six week designer myself; however I love seeing what all the ladies accomplish!

    The Arts by Karena

  16. Glad I'm not the only one with dog pee problems. Petsmart sells something called Nature's Miracle, which apparently counteracts the pheromones that attract repeat bouts of pee.

    Can't recommend grass cloth -- have you ever tried to paint the stuff? And all that texture is a dust magnet. Love what you did with the furniture, though; it gives me the nerve to take on a big paint job.

  17. It's amazing what a little white paint can do. Wow! I love the vase that's inspiring you and sure your project will turn out beautifully. Have fun! XOXO

  18. Looks absolutely beautiful, & I love the blue and white direction you've gone with. Excited to see what else you do. I know what you mean about it feeling like it takes forever to do our own houses, plus when you write a blog, it's easy to feel like, "hurry, hurry, I promised to show this to my readers." But never fear, take your time, & get it the way you like it. It's so worth it. You've got great taste!


  19. It is true … working on clients' spaces to help them live more beautifully and then we come home and it seems daunting!! You will make it happen and I love the fabrics you are considering! xo

  20. Your dining room looks beautiful now. I love the painted furniture. Maybe just slipcover the chairs for now. The chandelier is so pretty. I could see it painted. I like the fabrics with the greens.

  21. You are one talented lady! I love your dining room. In love with the durable piece!

  22. just found your blog today I love your dining room the way it is now but love the new drapery fabric. and the blue and white porcelain. and the framed coral fans. swoon. adding you to my blog roll :)

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  24. I love the colors and textures and the room looks great - nicely done!

  25. Pretty fabrics! I love how you have transformed your dining room! It's looking good! :)

  26. Painting the furniture really updated your room. I love the blue and white touches you've added.
    Have you seen the side chairs at William Sonoma that are upholstered in feed sack style fabric?
    Good luck with your project!

  27. I absolutely LOVE what you are doing with your gorgeous dining room!! The hutch looks amazing with its fresh coat of paint, and all of those fabric samples are so fabulous, I do not know how I would choose! I cannot wait to see the final result!

    The Glam Pad

  28. You did a great job on the painting. It looks so different and totally new.

  29. oh man, LOL, i can so relate to the dog pee! you did an amazing job on the hutch--i LOVE it! love the vases, fabric...everything!


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