Vintage Bamboo Table and Chairs

I found such a great table and chairs for my kitchen at an Estate sale...
I was so excited...
I've been looking for a set like this for a long time...

I don't know if any of you have ever been to an estate sale, but you have to be on your toes....
I got up at 5 in the morning to be at this sale that started at 8. 
I was the 4th person in line and when the door opened they let 10 of us in at at a time....

People ran into the house and started grabbing things they wanted...

There is no time to think about what you want or you lose...in other words....
if you snooze you loose!

 I'm having new chair pads made...out of this fabric below.

The fabric is from Kravet.

This is going to be a little pillow for the backs...

I was really happy to see this on One Kings Lane...I paid less for the whole set...

Talking about One Kings Lane...
I saw this settee and I thought it would look great with the pieces below...
It just needs some pink pillows and it would look so pretty! 
Check it out here...

love this..you can find it here


Go take a peek...they have some great things.. here.

My hubby and I went to the beach the other night to look at the waves...they were so big! 
I was actually surprised to see so many people there gawking at the waves......
See those little dots near the wave...those are surfers. The waves were 13 to 15 feet...
It was amazing!

What wasn't amazing was that I stepped in dog poop, and boy! did we have a long ride home! 

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for being so patient while I was going threw such a hard time....
We had my Dads memorial and were able to celebrate his life with family and friends...

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  1. Can you believe I've never been to an Estate Sale! I can only imagine how you could get so carried away. Sounds like so much fun and so rewarding!

  2. Julie you're so lucky - I've never found anything that good. I LOVE the chairs! Great find

  3. What a lucky find. I hope you will show us when all installed! x Sharon

  4. What a fantastic score. Chairs like that are hard to come by. I think your fabric selection is perfection! I saw the waves and they were really a sight for us in So Cal. Have a great Labor Day.

  5. Julie!!! Oh my gosh, those are so fabulous, I'm so excited for you!! Can't wait to see them all spiffed up with new cushions! :)

  6. Found your blog from Pam @ simple details. Enjoy all the beauty you blog about. Glad you are posting again.

  7. I was getting ready to tell you that I am obsessed with the ones on OKL and there they are…what a fabulous find and wow what a great deal. Can't wait to see with the new cushions!!

  8. Julie,
    What a beautiful set of chairs. They will really be show stoppers when you get your blue and white cushions made. Don't you love a "find"? That just makes the items even more special.
    I never managed to get down to the Wedge to watch the waves, but a co-worker said they were truly the biggest waves he had ever seen in Newport Beach.
    I'm glad you're back.

  9. Those bamboo chairs are an amazing find! Bravo! Love the cushion fabric as well Julie!

    The Arts by Karena

  10. Those chairs are so charming and fabulous! Great find!


  11. what a score!! i especially say that as i have two of those chairs, i use them side by side in my entry instead of a bench....LOVE!

  12. Those chairs are a dream score! Lucky you!! The fabric is perfect- you have such great taste! so glad you got to get away and look at the sea, I feel is is recouperative just looking at water. I hope the pain of your loss lessens each day and that you feel good again soon! xoxo Nancy

  13. I am crazy about your chairs AND your fabrics...cant' wait to see them done up as we say here in Texas...they are great!

  14. Hi Julie, wow did you score big. I am in love with the chars and of course your choice of fabric. You have the best taste in fabric! I saw that settee on OKL and fell in love with it, too. Glad to read that you were able to be with family and friends celebrating your dad's life.

  15. Hi Julie,

    I saw you on Linda's blog and had to stop by to see your new chairs! wow! great find! Love the fabrics too! best, Laurel

  16. You lucky girl! Gorgeous!! Can't wait to see with the unions.
    Doesn't it make you ill that people actually let their dogs poop and don't pick it up?!!!
    Glad all is better.

  17. It pays to get up early and be one of the first ones in line. You did well, love the fabric too.

  18. I LOVE those chairs...they are going to be perfect in your home! I love that Kravet fabric and it has such a great price point. Can't wait to see it! You lucky dog for finding those!!

  19. Beautiful Set! I Have the same Set just like this that I got for Free!! It has A Rounf Glass Top table w/four chairs. I have been looking for some info on how much it was worth. Would love to see what yours looks like when finished!!


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