The colors and style of Paris

           Bonjour!!!    Danni went to Europe recently to visit her son at college in Rome. One of her daughters went along for the trip too. Of course they had to visit Paris, Florence and Venice on the way there. We thought we would share some photos starting with Paris. Not the usual tourist photos, except for one of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine just to get your bearings.

One of  the many beautiful bridges over the Seine.

These colorful teapots were in Danni's favorite teashop Marriage Freres. They have several shops in Paris and in our humble opinion, have the best tea in the world.

Scarves are a necessity in Paris if you want to blend in and these made such a lovely display.

Great rug shop.

This was just one of so many amazing chocolate shop windows. Everything is sculptured or molded from chocolate. A shoe never looked or tasted so good.

Whimsical  design choice. This guy was in our hotel lobby to greet us each day.

 Would love to have this cement faux bois chair for the garden.

This chandelier is in our favorite bakery" Poilane" in St. Germaine. Can you believe it is made entirely of bread? They have to bake a new one every few years. The paintings are all of bread too.

Who doesn't love Hermes?  Especially their scarves.

We waited in line just to get a pastry at Pierre Herme. It was worth it!

We had to giggle watching this little dog chasing the ubiquitous Paris pigeons to no avail.

We thought we would leave you with this longeriere shop window. Those are legs in different styles of  hosiery under the umbrellas.  Paris really does have the most creative and entertaining shop windows. Next on the trip was Florence. We will be posting photos from there soon.    Au Revoir!!!

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  1. Oh Paris, so wonderful when it isn't "tourist season!" Looks like a great trip, I thought that shoe was, well, a shoe!

  2. LOVE this post. College in Rome? That boy has the life!!! Oh, if only I could spend an afternoon picking out some scarves in Paris... sigh. Thanks for the mini escape. xo

  3. How I'd love to visit Paris! Wonderful images, Danni! You captured the essence of Parisian shopping!

  4. Oh, la, la!!! How beautiful! This post made me want to be in Paris! I'd love to!

    Thank you for stopping by, Taylor. I was thinking about coming here today. I'm doing my best... trying to visit my friends whenever I can, when I'm not feeding Matthew. He's in my arms right now, actually. :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  5. What fabulous images and having a child in Rome...the best excuse ever to travel abroad!!

  6. Such a beautiful place, and I would have to be dragged out of the tea shop, the rug store and of course Hermes. My daughter plane to visit Paris when she graduates.
    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  7. gorgeous images and sounds like a fabulous trip!! Venice, Paris and Rome, oh my..!!

  8. These pictures are amazing!!! I think my favorite one is the picture of the bridge!

  9. These are the BEST kind of tourist photos!! I would love to be in Paris today, but I'll just experience it for today through your fun post! My favorites were the teapots and the scarves. What a great and practical way to blend in!


  10. Ah, Paris, Je t'aime.....

    THANK YOU FOR VISITING TODAY! Yes, God does gives us dreams to help us cope, I am sure of it! For if the people die if there is NO VISION!


  11. What a wonderful begining of the photo tour dahhling... enjoyed all the new places.

  12. Even the first Hermes window was totally unexpected! I would have thought it would be much more "usual." So interesting to see how things are designed there....loved this post!

  13. AHhhh, it take me back. I've not been to Paris in several years. Am dying to go back. XO, Mona

  14. Your trip looks wonderful. I love the window displays. They are so creative and unexpected. Also, the sheep makes a very chic "design statement" these days and it's very adorable too boot!



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