Dear Carolina

I had the pleasure of reading Dear Carolina. Kristy Woodson Harvery, our fellow blogger of Design Chic has written this beautiful book. She sent me a copy and asked me to review it and I'm so glad she did.

Its a beautiful story of two strong southern women whose lives become connected through a baby.  The strength of a young women and her emotional journey will bring tears to your eyes...her bravery is impressive. 
Dear Carolina draws you into the lives of both women and weaves their story unto your heart. I didn't want it to end...I've been thinking about the characters and I want to know the next chapter of their lives. 

It reminded me of how important it is to come along side each other through difficult times. That family and children should be treasured..that a tragic situation can bring many blessings and love.

The book is filled with  many heartfelt quotes like this one. 

I fell n love with the main characters...The young Jodi and Khaki, the Interior designer. Like I said, I didn't want the book to end. 

Thanks Kristy, were very proud of you!

 Dear Carolina will be available May 5th., but you can pre-order it at


Things to Love

 I started cleaning out closets and tackled our garage after my mom died ...my husband kept saying to me, maybe you need to just veg a little! I guess its my way of working through the emotional pain. But, I did something stupid and pulled a rib out of place...let me tell you...PAINFUL!

 I asked my husband to go look at new cars, but he's afraid to go with me because sometimes when I turn wrong I let out an uncontrollable scream. It sounds like I'm having a baby!     

I haven't been the same since the car accident...I'm having aches and pains all over my body..

Doesn't it sound like fun?

( Amanda Lindroth)

I put together some things that I'm
 loving, like these chairs that I would love for my living room.

(Appreciate This Tumbler)

Blue and white stripes...classic!

This chair...gorgeous!

(Vogue Living)

(Found here)

Is this the cutest wallpaper?

( Eric Olsen)

I've been attracted to white, natural wood and black accents.

Home Bunch Blog)


What do you think about this wall of succulents?   

This a great idea...

( St. Barts.com)

Loving these glasses....

(Pura Vida blog has a post on Turquoise)

And this..

I meet Leslie when I went to Texas and had a chance to look at her books...they are gorgeous...worth every penny!

This one comes out Sept 2015...cant wait to see it.
Did I mention that she was a doll! Such a sweet lady..I should of gotten a picture with her! Next time...

This Pine buffet was gorgeous..Pine will come back in style and the old pieces are going to be expensive due to the fact its  harder and harder to find.

These chairs were very cool, I saw them at Wertz Brothers  in L.A. If you haven't been there it's a large warehouse with tons of recycled furniture.

I'm getting back to work next week...I'll get you caught up with some projects next month.



Round Top

This is the crew I went to Round Top Texas with and they were so much fun!

This is how it all went down!

I meet my friend Shelly, (the one wearing the hat) at a garage sale...we kept running into each other and she finally asked me to go to coffee.
We had so much in common, it felt like I had known her for years!

She was telling me about her friend Mary, the one on the left, and her sister Carol...that's me on the right..

 I realized her friend Mary was my best friends sister from elementary school. They use to live down the street from me, but had moved away. 

Now can you believe that!
What are the chances of that happening?

Well, they were all going to Texas and asked me to go and
Of course, I said yes...

 It felt like Carol and I had never been apart! After all those years we just picked up our friendship from elementary school and didn't miss a beat!
I'm not going to tell you how long it had been since
 we had seen each other...I think I might of been eighteen years old.

We rented a house on a cattle ranch and this was the view from the back of the house...it was so pretty!
It went on for miles...

I put together some pictures of some of the things I saw in Texas...
These were pillow shams made with antique lace placed over linen..

They were gorgeous!

These drapes were made from the same company...they took parts of antique table clothes and created a pattern out of them.

I bought a rug from this shop, but forgot to take a picture of it..he had some beautiful things.

This was at Marburger

I fell in love with the color on this chest!

There were even shells and coral in Texas

This man was a sweetheart...he held up different purses for me for at least 20 minutes so I could send my daughter  pictures to see which purse she wanted.
He must of thought this ditsy blond has got to be from California!

I also bought one for my daughter in-law.

We ate here and had the best Margaritas I have had in a long time!
I can't wait to go back to Round Top...

I wanted to thank all of you for loving on me and leaving such heartfelt comments and emails during this hard time.
I'm hanging in there, but dang I miss my mom so much!
But, like my mom would of said to me...its a season...remember the blessings and all the fun things and times we shared!
Those margarita were in remembrance of you mom!


Saying Goodbye

Its been a while since we've chit chatted..so let me catch ya up on whats been going on...I went to Round Top Texas for 5 days and had a wonderful time... but...

The day after I arrived in Texas I found out my mom died.

She was only 78 and died 7 months after my dad died last July.

She was my best friend and she was a loving person who made everyone feel comfortable. 

She always found something nice to say to every person who came in contact with her.

She had a knack of making a person feel good. 

She also taught me to laugh at myself and find the humor in all things, even the hard things we go through in life. 

She will be greatly missed by all who loved her..

I love you mom! 

One Kings Lanes

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