Oz Architecture , Pinterest and an Award.

We came across this wonderful team called Oz, as in" Oz Architects, Inc". This Architecture team does beautiful work. They use materials that are natural and authentic. We loved how designer David Michael Miller  added the touches of blue in the pillows and those wonderful plates above the fireplace.
( Interior designer David Michael Miller, photo by Werner Segarra.)

Love the mix of industrial and raw natural fibers.

The clean lines look fabulous with the rustic beams.

Their homes are gorgeous and they have worked with several different designers.
 The interior designer of this project was Michael S. Smith, photographer, Werner Segarra

We could live here, what about you? 

The stone walls make this home appear as if it has been there for hundreds of years. 

  We found Oz when we were looking around Pinterest.

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We were drooling over their work.
Did you notice the thickness of the walls? Notice the window.
The rest of the images were designed by David Michael Miller, photos by Werner Segarra

We always melt when we see patina greens and blues. They just remind us of a water color painting of the ocean. 

What do you think of the rustic beams they use in their projects?  

Look at the rustic wood on the stairs, it almost looks like concrete, but it is wood. It is aged and has a patina  feel to it.

Love how they photographed this image.
 The light coming through the window with the books and the beautiful dresser, so nice!

The balance is perfect. 

All of these homes are located in Arizona. 
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We also received the Liebster award from Jalon, of  Design is all in the detail blog. We so appreciate this award. You will have to check out her blog. She is going through a series on different design styles. We think you will find  it very informative and say hi to Jalon for us.

             Liebster means Favorite, beloved, and dearest.
          In accepting this award  you must pass it on to 5 other favorite bloggers that have less than 200 followers.
 The blogs we are passing this on to well deserve it. They are some of our favorites, beloved and dearest blogs.
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                  Thanks again to Jalon of Design is all in the detail
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A trip to the L.A. Mart

We have been so busy running around with our heads cut off. We were busy preparing for our photo shoot on Sunday. Photo shoots are a lot of work. You have to design for the camera and for the client. Hopefully we will have the images soon, hopefully being the key word here.

We also went down to the L.A.  Mart shopping. We visited different showrooms and loved Bassman and Blaine. They rep companies like Noir furniture, Jamie Young and Arteriors. 

We loved this chair and the pillow at B.B.

The traffic has become so bad in L.A, it is unbearable. It's hard to get anything done if you're driving to the design center or the mart. Without traffic it should take us 45 minutes to the mart. With traffic it takes 2 hours! Doesn't that sound like fun! Clients really love it! We wish the design center had a satellite center that was down the street. 

OK, we're done complaining about the traffic. What do you think of this light fixture? 

This line of pillows were wonderful at the showroom Moda Dora.

We also wanted to thank all of you for the beautiful and touching comments you left us on the last post.We so appreciate your support and kind words.

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Julie and Danni


Personal update.

Do you remember the song by the Byrds, Turn, Turn Turn? There is a time for everything and a season for everything under heaven.

Image Greige blog


A time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance
 ( Ecc3:4)

image design sponge

A time to scatter stones and a time to gather them, a time to embrace and a time to refrain.
( Ecc3:5) 

image brown dress with white dots

A time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away.

Image  unknown

A time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak...(Ecc3:7) 

We all go through personal struggles at one time or another. As family and friends we hold each other up through the trials in our lives. That is what life is all about. To be there for one another and to serve each other with love.

 Danni is going through a divorce and as some of you know, it is so emotional and draining.

There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven.  My dear friend, I am always here for you. 

(Image above by Grace design, photo by Lepere studio)


TG is loving Blue and White....

Loving blue and white....So glad it is back! This has been a fun project. Using fun decor and funky items. We are showing you a sample of some of the items we used. Kravet fabric on top and Calico Corners on the bottom.

Calico Corner on top, a natural antique linen, and a Kravet fabric on the bottom.  

Soon Professional photos are on their way.. But we wanted you to have a sneak peak!

A casual California style.   This is image one, below is image # 2.

We know that this a double image. We couldn't make up our mind which one to use. One with a flash or no flash? This is image 2. Which one do you like better?

A mix of white, blues, reds and blacks. How fun is that?  An antique flag that has been framed and we love it and yes we are being a bit of a tease. 

Our other project with the soft blues and camels is going to be photographed on Sunday..You can check out the before here.. YES!   FINALLY....Hopefully we will have the images soon so we can show you.

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North Ranch, Before and After

This is the before picture.

A couple of weeks ago we did a post on brick. We had mentioned that we had put brick on the stairs of a client's home, you can see it here. Our clients were getting a divorce and we never got pictures. We actually couldn't finish everything that we had planned to do. 

But....lucky us, we just got pictures of our client's home from the realtor. Now remember realtors take pictures to sell  homes and to make the rooms look bigger. Designers take pictures so you can see their work and focus on the details. 

This is the after picture.
 We added the stone on the fireplace and  the eating area. We also added the iron chandelier, beam and walnut hard wood flooring.

We had to keep the amoire and the pine table that the client's Grandfather had made in the dining room. We had panels on the windows in our design plan, but because of the divorce we had to scrap it. 

Here is the living room with the stone on the fireplace and new wood floors.

Dinning room Before

We added the banquette seating to open up the flow of the room and the stone on the wall. We were going to buy another chair, but we couldn't get the new chair because of the divorce. Wouldn't it look great to have a mirror above the banquette.

This is the close up of the fabric. Sorry it is hard to see. The brown pillows were an animal print and coordinated with the sofa pillows.

 Moral of the story is, get pictures of everything you do.....Even though that isn't always so easy. Most clients will work with you, but sometimes they don't want to go through the hassle.

We also wish both of these clients happiness in the future. It is always hard to go through a divorce. It brings so much sadness for all. We hope they both can look forward to the future and pray that they both can come to a place of peace for the children. We send hugs and love to both....

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Thanks, Julie and Danni


New beginnings for Spring...

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Spring holiday. Spring always reminds us of new beginnings. For us it is a time of personal change and new projects.

Kelly Harmon designed this dinning room. I don't know where we have been, but we haven't seen Kelly's work before. Through Providence LTD Facebook, Mona posted an image of Kelly's work. Her work has been in many magazines and Cote DE Texas blogged about her in 2010, here. Like we said, where have we been!

We have been busy  designing a plan for a living room and finding furniture pieces for clients. Our photo shoot for the last project we told you about is scheduled for this month. You can find the before pictures here.

Don't you love this photo above designed by Kelly Harmon. We love the colors.

We promise we will try to shoot more pictures of things that are in progress. We always forget....Yes we are both blonde!

The image above we found at Pretty stuff- Tumbler, here.  She lives up to her name, everything on her page is, you guessed it pretty!

We love the mix of styles here. See what Domino magazine started.
It just looks happy and like spring. Love, love the art work and those chairs thrown into the mix makes it! 

Image is found on another blog that we just found and love it. Loft and cottage blog you can find it here.

OK , so is this just too cute?  Have you priced these antique trucks? They are more than you would think. A great way to display items.
Designed by Mayme Baker, she has a unique style and she is very creative. You can see her work here.
Does spring bring a creativeness out in you? Are you starting new projects? 

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Thanks, Julie and Danni


A Wedding in January.

Its about time! We finally got pictures of Julie's Daughter's wedding. It was a beautiful day in January. We were so happy for the bride and groom. They are perfect together.

Love this image.The rings symbolize unity and commitment and their love for each other.. 

The bride's shoes had beautiful sparkles on them. They were gorgeous. She kicked them off running down the isle and never put them on again. 

Aah, the bouquet! 

So lovely! Do you like the dress?

The bride and Groom 

The bridesmaids 

You guessed it, the groomsmen. 

They shared a moment of communion  between the two of them that was so romantic.

The bride and groom exchanging their vows. It was a ceremony that was centered around a spiritual bonding between them and God.

Wow, Love this picture!

Pictures were taken at Westlake Inn and Calamigos Ranch.

Photos by Chris Glenn and Evan Guston.
Flowers by Marcia Mc Cann

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 Thanks Danni and Julie

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