Flea Market Finds

Its been a long two weeks and I've had a hard time thinking about what to write for a post....

So I thought Id share with you a few things I've been doing..

My daughter and I went to the Flea market and saw these beautiful hand dyed vintage fabrics from Africa. 

We were told they were used as shawls.

I bought some and would love to do this with them...

love it with the white!

( Irving and Fine Instagram)

They would look great in a room with red and white...

They also had these black and white hand dyed fabrics.

 I loved all the different patterns!

 I wish I had bought a couple of these too, they were beautiful.

 They would look great as pillows in my guest room...

I just might have to go back and get them!

I had to stage and up-date my parents home so we could sell it. 

We had to replace the carpet, paint, new cabinets, all new appliances and new counter tops. 

It was a lot of work!

She had the red sofa which I had to keep so I added the bold blue to 
  help balance the red.

We sold it in two weeks...we have a 30 day escrow and now need to pack up the house!


 I'm not looking forward to that!

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  1. What a find! The fabrics are so rich and beautiful, it would be hard to decide where to use them. Good eye - You!

  2. Those fabrics are beautiful. I haven't seen them here in my part of Africa - maybe they further north - will have to keep my eyes out for them. Well done on the quick sale - I'm sure your updates did the trick. xx Sharon

  3. Hi Julie - You did a beautiful job staging your parents' home. Congrats on the house sale!! That was fast! Cheers

  4. Those are gorgeous fabrics. I'd love to do that with a chair, or two.

    Glad you had a quick sale, well done~!

  5. Julie you have had your hands full! Bravo on the staging of your parents home, beautifully done. Love, love the cloths/shawls you found and yes also adore the black and white!!

    The Arts by Karena

  6. it's always to "hear" your voice julie. hoping the packing up is not too painful, had to do it for my mom...tough.
    hold on my friend!
    ps; LOVE the fabrics!

  7. Love your finds and think the idea of upholstering a chair like that is terrific. I have some indigo dyed fabric yardage from Africa that I need to do something with. You are giving me ideas. '-)
    Your parents home loos amazing. Love the red and blue and pretty hardwood floors. No surprise it sold in two weeks. All that work was worth the effort.

  8. The blue stripe curtains in you placed in your parents home look sensational!

  9. The blue stripe curtains in you placed in your parents home look sensational!

  10. Great fabrics, love unusual finds like that.....and congrats on the sale of your parents home, thats a big success!! Hope you have a wonderful day.....

  11. I love the fabrics! vintage ones are always so unique!!! xo Leslie

  12. Julie,
    Your mom's house looks so fresh and comfy. Congratulations on the quick sale. The packing up always takes so much longer than we'd think. My mom had really pared down before her passing and it still took so much time to move everything out. Best of luck to you.
    I love the texture of these fabrics. I could see them on a chairs, pillows and even table runner.

  13. great job on making that sale happen, julie! packing right along with you i'm afraid. peace to you.

  14. I covet the black with white African print.
    Great work on the staging. It definitely pays off.

  15. Good job with your parents house! But now the craziness begins- I'm so sorry but it will all be behind you soon. Good luck and don't forget to take time for yourself ! Xox Nancy

  16. It's a lot of work, but clearly you did an amazing job. Congrats on the fast sale.

  17. wow--congrats on your quick sell. The folks next door have a house that's been on the market for three months now ---due to the bright, bold colors everywhere. They re-did their kitchen with a lime green island countertop. Red paint behind the bookshelves... the list goes on and I feel bad that their realtors didn't give them good advice, and still listed it for over a million. Your parents are so lucky to have your expertise.

  18. Woooow… I love the shawls; you really have a lucky hand to find those treasures in the market. And what you did in your parents’ home is beautiful, I love the way you integrated the red sofa with the white/blue drawers. From my point of view blue and white are always fresh and nice. Evoking the sea and skies with a few perfect clouds, a blue-and-white palette brings comfort and style that’s cool, calm, and collected. Great job !
    Going back on the handmade things, let me share with you our rug world here http://www.sukhirugs.com/. Each Sukhi rug is unique. All rugs are made from natural materials by the hands of local makers from Nepal, India, Turkey and Morocco. I hope you will like them! :)

  19. Awesome front designs used.it's looks awesome picture of the home, thanks for sharing.

  20. Fabric work is completely is stunning. That red and blue work on jute is extraordinary. Loved it.

  21. Wow! This is wonderful,You had such an amazing and creative mind when it comes to designing. Thank you for sharing this and keep posting.

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  24. Literally treasure hunting with a flashlight. You go girl!

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