Virginia Kraft Textiles

I found these wonderful hand blocked textiles 
while I was searching Instagram.  They were  created by Andrea Whalen..

Her company is named after her Grandmother, Virginia Kraft.

I've always loved hand blocked fabric..

I would love to try making my own one day.

I love this one!

Wouldn't it be cute in a children's room.

Virginia Kraft can be found here.

 A percentage of all sales go to The Virginia Kraft Fund which helps underprivileged children in her community participate in music, sports and the arts.

My son came home on Saturday and hes doing well. He started an outpatient P.T. program and someone has to be with him at all times. He has a long road ahead of him and one more surgery. I'm sure he's going to be going through a lot of different emotions and frustrations and so are we. But, were flowing with it!

I use to tell my kids all the time..when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

 And that's what were going to do!

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Following Instagram

There is so much social media it's hard to keep up with it all. 

Between Pinterest, Instagram and Blogs it can be over whelming!

But, they can be wonderful tools to explore different styles and give you an idea of what you like.

I find so many inspirations and ideas for the  home. 

Here are some of the people I follow on Instagram..

 Halcyon House

House Beautiful

Anna Spiro

Tilton Fenwick

Sherry Designs

Studio Mcgee

Loi Thai

Did you notice all the yellow and blue? 

Do you think were going to see more of these two colors together?

 I think we are!

Have a great week!


Bohemian and Cottage Style

(Patina Rental)

I've always loved a Bohemian Cottage look. The fun informal look is very charming. 

(Photo mark Lohman)

Designer, Alison Kandler has the perfect cottage style. 
Shes not afraid of using color and has a whimsical feel. 

(Alison Kandler, Photo Mark Lohman)

(Alison Kandler, Mark Lohman)

An array of different fabrics, textures, patterns and color are mixed together in layers to reflect a cozy, fun feel.


The look has a spirit that is infused with collected pieces..

(Alison Kandler, Photo Mark Lohman)

To create this look you will need vintage pieces and handmade items. To give it more of a  bohemian look add some hand blocked fabric and pieces from your travels. 

(Patina Rental)

Mixing a hand blocked fabric to an antique sofa or chair is another way to add charm to this look. 

I think the most important part of this look is to have fun with it....don't be to serious!

Son up-date!
 Hes doing much better and after 3 surgeries he is now being moved to another hospital where he will be in a P.T. program. He might need one more surgery down the line, but for now we are so thankful he is alive and kicking! He is so sick of being in a hospital and can't wait to come home.

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