Designing with Nature

(Melanie Turner)

We have noticed how many designs have  natural elements in them. This floor lamp made out of drift wood brings in a wonderful detail to the design.

(Melanie Turner) 

A piece of coral added to a room adds interest.

( Melanie Turner)

A simple nest laying on a side table brings in the outdoors. A beautiful display on how nature creates an art piece.

Coastal Home

We know you have probably seen this image a hundred times, but we never get tired of it. There is something calming about how natural it looks. 

(Erin Martin, Kim Dempster)

Is it the combination of color or material that makes it feel calm and serene?

( Melanie Turner)

Wood tree logs used as nesting tables look beautiful


 (Bear Interiors, House of Turquoises)

The colors used in this design have a tranquil feeling like water.

(Apartment Therapy blog)

It makes you stop and think about how everything in nature has a purpose under heaven.

(Haus Blog)

(Steven Gambrel)

To think this was created by nature.

(Log Home Living)

Can nature create a balance in our homes? A  beautiful garden and having things around us that are created naturally help ground us?  

(Malanie Turner)

(Belgium Pearls Blog)

It is amazing how beautiful and complex nature can be.
 Did you know that a caterpillar has 248 muscles in his head. 
Think about that.... 
The telegraph plant is capable of rapid movement even in the absence of wind.
Yea we know, that was a little random, but think about it...nature is pretty amazing!

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Gathering Design Ideas

Katheryn Dixon

When we put a design plan together, we gather ideas and start the process. A fabric or a rug has to spark an idea. We gather inspirations to help unfold the process and to be able to show the client.

Decor Pad

We are working on a design plan for a client. We sketched out some ideas and also showed her ideas that we put together digitally.

Martha O' Hara
We are using colors that are similar to these. A taupe, gray paint color on the walls and the furniture will be in a ivory linen fabric. 

Walker Hunter

Throw pillows in green and gray tones.

The sofa is going to have look like this.

This is the coffee table we will be using. 

Katheryn Dixon

We would love to use this paneling idea in the entry.

Martha O' Hara

   The home owners request was to keep it light, but keeping the carpet and the painted walls the same taupe color. One of our challenges is to give the design impact, but keep it light. We wish we could replace the carpet for wood floors. It would make the biggest impact.

Did we mention that it is a very small space?

 Hum, a designers challenge, what will we do?

Danni had a great time in Catalina and we had a fabulous time in Arizona. 
It was pretty intense during the competition. The first day Mike skated really well and had a high score. He came in 8th, but they only took the top six skaters. The 2nd day they gave the top 6, who didn't make it into the competition another chance. They took 2 skaters with  the highest scores and they went on to compete with the other six. 
  Is this confusing?
 I am not sure why they just don't take the top 8 and be done with it! Well.... in other words, he didn't make it. 

 He got so much publicity and we are so proud of him. He gave his skateboard to a little girl who must of been around 8 years old. 
 She was tickled pink.

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Catalina and Skateboarding in Arizona

I am writing this on the fly and I mean fly....
 Danni is in Catalina enjoying the sun and the
 beach-y vibe. I am hopping on a plane in a couple of hours to go see my son compete in Arizona. 

Nothing like waiting to the last minute!

  Danni went with her daughter and grandchildren. She needed this time to relax after moving and unpacking.

I am going to Arizona to see my son compete in a skateboarding contest. Yes, its going to be 120 degrees...OH MY!  

A little nerve- racking for a mom to watch. 

If he makes it to the top 6 he will be on ESPN this Sunday afternoon. 

 This is Mike with his dog Ruby on the side of a building in
 San Diego. We will let you know how he places when we get back.

 I have to go finish packing and we will see ya when we get back. Enjoy your weekend. 
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Segreto Finishes

We have been in AWWW with Segreto finishes. Their hand painted finishes are beautiful.  Leslie, from Segreto sent us these wonderful pictures of her company's work. We also have a copy of Leslie's book,
 "Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors."

If you have not seen this book, you are missing out.
 It is wonderful! 

It is perfect for gorgeous design references and it looks great on a coffee table.  

Look at the beautifully hand painted details in this bathroom.

The hand painted wood details are beautiful in soft beige and white tones.

Do you think this is wallpaper?
The walls are actually hand painted on sheet-rock.
  You never know what you are really seeing with Segreto finishes.
 Is it marble, wallpaper, wood? 
 They are true artists.

We both are fighting each other for this book. We were thinking of giving it away, but you will all have to fight us for it because we cant let go of it! 
It is a must have!
To purchase this wonderful book on Segreto's web-site go here  and Amazon.  To visit Leslies blog go here
You won't be sorry.....

Thanks for visiting, Julie and Danni

One Kings Lanes

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