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It has been an emotional two weeks and I wasn't sure how to start this post!  So many of you have been sending prayers and positive thoughts our way and we so appreciate it!

 My son is still in I.C.U. and slowly making progress..He has swelling on his brain, broke his neck and broke both arms in 5 different areas. He has had two surgeries within two weeks. We've been told its going to be a long recovery, but he will recover! 

I've had to put all projects on hold for now so I thought I would share with you some of my vignettes around the house.. 

I have shells and coral displayed around my house and I love to use these oriental stands to display them..

I found this antique dish and filled it with corals, shells and crystals..its one of my favorite displays in my home.

Baskets are a great way to display shells.

For some reason I have a collection of these basket suitcases...not sure why I have so many, but I do! 

These are the fabrics for my new dining room chairs..the animal print will go on the front and the stripe on the back..the dark blue fabric is on the two head chairs. 

We've had so many people love on us.  Bringing us dinners and praying for our son. Its always so touching to see the kindness in people and the love they have to share.  Thanks again for the sweet and kind emails you have sent us..




A Parents Nightmare!

A week ago Monday, my husband and I got a call from a Sheriff telling us that my son had gotten into a motorcycle accident and a Chaplain was waiting for us at the hospital.

We were terrified!

It was the longest 10 mile drive and we thought it would be the last time we saw our son.

There are so many people praying for him...people we don't even know! Its been over a week now and hes in ICU, he is improving slowly..

We are praying and are hopeful he will be OK, but we have been told it will be a long recovery!

I'm not sure how often I will be posting or when, but I will try to post soon...



What Makes A Great Interior Designer

What makes a great designer...

A hard working attitude and one that can dig their teeth into a project!

The ability to multitask and to pay attention to details.

 Natural instincts of  patterns, color and shapes and the knowledge of diverse design styles 

A wining attitude!

Believing in yourself and being excited about a project.

Being Brave!

Born with natural talent and a love of decorating!

I was at a clients/friends house with my daughter and granddaughter.  As we were talking my Granddaughter Rose, she climbed into this box filled with fabrics. She had so much fun and was having the time of her life!

 Like I said, shes a natural!

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