Fabric and Ageless Style

Hello Peeps!

 I'm back...

We just got home from a wonderful vacation ...

We rented a beach house up in Ventura and

we had so much fun...

I really didn't want to come home! My oldest son and his wife, my daughter and her husband and all the grand babies came. Were already planning a trip back next year. It was close enough, but far enough for it to feel like we were on a vacation.

 But, were home now and back to the norm!

I thought I would share with you some up-dates on a project I'm working on. These are some of the fabrics I will be working with.

The fabric in the back will be used on the kitchen chairs and the first image above will be pillows and a valance.

Were using quartzite on the counter tops and tile on the back-splash. I haven't figured out what tile I'm using yet, but I'm working on it!

Cindy, over at Rough Luxe blog did a post on ageless style, Linda Wright.. She is a Texan living in Paris and owns a little boutique, Crimson. 

She is gorgeous and has a wonderful style!

Check out Cindy's post here and find out more about ageless style.

Talk about ageless style...I found this makeup on Pinterest...its makeup for women over 40..I love it...my daughter noticed how pretty my skin looked and asked me if I had done something different...I told her it must be my new makeup, Boom!

I bought the color stick and the glimmer stick...the glimmer gives you a natural glow..My daughter who is in her 20's is going to buy it...
By the way...I don't get a kick back from this company...its just something a tried and liked!

If you have any tips for ageless beauty please pass them on..

Thanks for stopping bye!



A Visit to Raoul Showrrom

(Juxtaposition Home)

I'm giving up on being consistent with blogging...

Hope you don't mind, but its the season of my life. 

I've been working and taking my son to doctors appointments..I also celebrated a wedding anniversary...

I met my husband when I was 18 years old...shoot, we've been married as long as the hills are old!

My son is doing better and improving all the time. He will need another surgery on his arm and we will be seeing the doctor in Sept or Oct. 

Here are some of the things I've been up to...

I'm looking for two new chairs for my living room. The two I have are about 25 years old and are looking there age. The sofa in my living room is ivory. I thought this time I would mix it up and use two different fabrics. A solid ivory on the front and a blue fabric on the back.

I love this look from Patina Rentals. I showed it in another post here.

I'm using a French Bergere chair and I don't want it to look to serious. I like my home to be a little playful.

(William McClure, Bill Williams)

I went to Santa Barbara and visited Raoul Fabrics Showroom. They had these lovely hand dyed table linens from Africa that I love. They are not cheap, but they are gorgeous!

They make beautiful pillows...

All of their fabrics are hand blocked and beautiful.

They also had these cute and summery purses!

I went to a stone yard with a client and we bought this Quartzite for her kitchen counter tops.

 Boy, I really love the look of Quartzite stone.  

My favorite is Marble, but I'm not one that wants to worry about upkeep..it would drive me crazy! 

I'll share with you some of the other details about her kitchen another time...still working on some of the design plans.

Thanks for stopping bye!



Oh my gosh...

Did you think I dropped off the planet?

Number one no no in blogging!

Time got away from me...sorry!

Here's where the weeks went!

I visited a store called Changes in Agoura Ca and fell in love with this chair!
You know I'm in love with Chinoiserie style.

The owner has great displays and if your looking for fun jewelry you'll have to check it out!

We celebrated my granddaughters birthday..she turned one...

Shoot...shes too cute!

My daughter made her an organic carrot cake with coconut milk frosting..

No sugar...

It was really good!

My daughter tries to give her only organic, no Gluten, no dairy and no sugar.. 

I sometimes wonder if that's why shes always in a good mood!

And here's my other cutie

We took photographs of my clients living room for my portfolio....

 I took these photos with my phone..

Shoot, it takes such great pictures!

 I cant wait to see the professional ones!

I had this coffee table custom made for her.

 It has a beautiful stone top and I found the ivory box at an antique store...

I love it!
 I wish they had two of them!

This fun chair was at Cost Plus...

It would look so cute in a little girls room.

 The little cutie isn't for sale and shes one of a kind!

Thanks for stopping by,

One Kings Lanes

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