Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year...

We wish all of you a very Happy Holiday and a Joyous New Year. We also want to thank all of you for following us this year and we are looking forward to the next year with all of you. We will be taking a little break the next couple of weeks. With children getting married and coming home from college we are going to spend some time with our families. We will try to have a post here and there , but can't promise anything. We will also try to comment on your wonderful blogs, but please understand we will be busy until the second week of January with family...  We have some wonderful ideas for future posts that we can't wait to share with you.
Thanks again, Julie and Danni
(Designed by Alison Womack Jowers )


A Designer Christmas

OH MY GOSH!  The count down is here..... Only a week until Christmas. We thought you might enjoy some last detail images of Christmas decor by different designers.
( R Higgins Blog)

R. Higgins Blog

R Higgins Blog

Designer Bradley Garthner

The wreaths hanging on the windows are always a show stopper for us. It looks very charming.
(Bernie Sutphin)

We are in love with this bench and the pretty fabrics on it.
.(Bernie Sutphin)

Loving the  rustic wood details and the used brick. Have you noticed a come back of used brick?  The simple greenery adds a sophisticated atmosphere.
(Arts and Design magazine).

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Open House


Decor has gone to the dogs!

We thought you all might want to see something besides Christmas, And what else but Dogs! Like they say a dog is a man's best friend. Do you think this hound can keep up with the story?
( Antique and design Magazine)

So many designers show their work along with their dogs in the pictures. The coats of these cute pups are a perfect match to the fabrics used in this room.
( Lucas Design)

We are in love with this image. Again, the dogs match the decor!
( Munger Interiors)

We know how he feels. All the hustle and bustle at this time of year just wears a pup out.
( That inspiration girl)

( Source-That inspirational girl)

Day dreaming about what Sally Wheats is going to do next.
( Designer Sally Wheats' dog)


( Country living)

This little guy is worn out watching his owner (Mona) decorate her tree. It must be so warm and cozy all wrapped up in his fluffy blanket.
( Mona's dog from Providence ltd )

No you can't have any wine!
(Kattie Ridder)

Heck with the dogs, those zebra chairs are fantastic!
(Ivy and Piper)

 Show me a great old leather club chair and I'll show you a nap.
(Casa Decorada)

We dedicate this post to Christy. She had to put her long time pal to sleep this month. Our heart goes out to you.  Love you Christy.


Christmas decor at our house...

We finally have pictures to show you. Julie's home decorated for Christmas.

With so much going on we both have been scrambling to get everything done. Danni just got back from visiting her son in Europe. There will be pictures soon from her trip we promise. Julie is planning her daughter's wedding that is in January.  (It is hard talking for two people!) We both actually do write this blog. Julie starts it and Danni finishes it.

We work well this way. We complement each other. We are both blondes and tease each other that it takes two of us to accomplish the things that we do.  We are joking, Really Really!
The bowl is from A Beautiful Mess in Agoura California.

Antique opera glasses and an antique music book.

One of the music pieces framed.

 Even though we are busy working, playing and spending time with family, it is a time to reflect on what is important.  It is time to celebrate a life...Merry Christmas...


Barclay Butera at Maison De Luxe showcase house.

We have been crazy busy. We wish we had time to go see this year's showcase at the Greystone mansion. Barclay Butera is one of many designers involved with  Maison De Luxe design house. The showcase design house is at the Greystone Mansion in Los Angeles California. He designed the family room with rich fabrics and a sophisticated cozy feel.  We love how he added the blue and white jars in the bookcase. He created so much interest with layering objects, from the mirror and paintings to the interesting tchotchkes on the table. The wall paper is from Cole and Sons, Malabar in stone.

The fabulous chairs are from Kravets along with the beautiful fabrics for the pillows. The striped rug brings everything together.  Notice the wonderful blue and white jar!  The tray on the ottoman brings in that lived in feel, but still has an up-scale look.

Love these chairs!  The sofa and fabrics are also from Kravets.

Are those animal print chairs fantastic or what!  Love.....

If you would like to go see the Showcase design house you can find info here.   It is open between Dec 2 through  Dec. 22nd.  Tickets are only $35.00.  It is sponsored by Luxe interiors and design, City of Beverly Hills and Friends of Greystone.
(Source is from Kravets, inspired Talk newsletter) 



Christmas with Ralph Lauren......Ideas for gifts

We loved all of these images by Ralph Lauren and would be happy if Santa were to put  a few of these  gifts in our stockings..... We love the belt buckle and the purse next to her.

This would be so smart on our dog, Sway. Anyone would be so proud to walk a dog in this hot little number! If it were cold enough in California to put a coat on a dog.

If you want to turn a few heads you might want to wear one of these shirts while walking your dog.

We would love to greet the hubby in this beautiful dress.

How would you like to take this little package home with you?  The dog that is!


Love, love, love.

Now this wouldn't be bad either. The earrings are amazing!  Santa, hellooooo!


The colors of Christmas....redesigning for Mr. and Mrs. Claus!

Red and green represent the Christmas season.  We thought to start celebrating the season, we would show you red and green decor.  We were trying to imagine how Mr. and Mrs. Clause would decorate their home if they were redesigning for today!
(Found at Conspicuous style interior design blog)

We can just imagine old saint Nick sitting in this chair eating a cookie and sipping hot chocolate,
or leaning over to lace up his big black boots.
(Antique& design magazine) 

The colors in this room really remind us of Christmas. Can't you see Mr. and Mrs. Claus in this room? Their favorite colors are incorporated beautifully into the decor.
(Designed by Jessi Carrie)

Perfect for their guest bedroom.
(Designed by Tucker &Marks)

Can't you imagine Mr. and Mrs. Claus in this kitchen amidst a group of elves baking Christmas cookies?  Old Saint Nick's suit would blend right into the cupboards.
(Designed by tucker &Marks)

This is the perfect color scheme to get you in the mood for Christmas.  Red and green represent the Christmas season.  A time to be focused on the holiday joy and new beginnings.  It's about relationships, family and friends.  As we are counting down to Christmas, trying to get all our shopping and projects done by the end of the year.  We hope that we all will remember the real meaning and spirit of Christmas. Wishing you all a Joyful Holiday Season!
(Deigned by Charles Spada)

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