An English design twist in Summerland Calif.

We never grow tired of this style.The English country style with these wonderful pillows that have an ethnic feel. This is a little store in Summerland California that portrays a Santa Barbra style.

Santa Barbra home style reflects the town's atmosphere, comfortable and relaxed. The ocean breezes and the laid back atmosphere reflects the style of design.

The soft colors of blues, a red almost pink tone and tangerine are so pretty.


Now it's Julie's turn to get caught in the picture of the mirror.


Love all these old pots...

Notice the book in the back titled Chintz. We have not seen Chintz fabrics for a while.  Maureen over at Eclectic revisited feels that English country Style is going to make a come back.


We love the flare of India printed pillows and the old pine furniture from the 1800s. The old pine furniture is hard to find these days. It's a nice change from the grayed out furniture and still be on the lighter side. Do you think we are going to see English country style make a come back this year?

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Designer Kishani Perera and Photographer Jean Randazzo

Designer Kishani Perera owner of Rummage, has a  style of her own. Her stylish boutique is a delight to go see. It expresses her love of vintage with handmade items. She has a creative way of expressing herself and creating spaces that are chic and comfortable to live in. Notice how she balances the lighting and the chairs. She has naturally framed the room to create the balance it needed. Do you also notice the rug and the chair fabric? They both have a design that coordinates in shapes.

After talking to the photographer Jean Randazzo who photographed her work, you could tell that they worked well together. They have worked together for years. Kishani feels that Jean understands the mood that she is trying to create in each space and captures it in each image.

  The color mix of orange with blue give each other that extra pop.

Kishani's heart and soul goes into each project and Jean is able to capture that feel. Being artists, we understand that. The design process is an intuitive experience. It does come from the soul. There are designers and there are artists. .Kishani is a true artist.

Jean captured Kishani's whimsical style. She has a way of mixing vintage with showroom pieces.
Her boutique expresses that and so does her new book that is coming out in April.

Perfect cozy reading nook with a warm glow created by using the varying shades of red.

Both comfortable and fun.

So soft and feminine, yet still elegant.

Kishani's new book shows the reader how to go through the design stages, from when to skimp and when to splurge. She helps the reader discover their own style. After observing  her work, we are sure the pages will colorfully jump off the page with an expression that is all Kishani. The only way to describe her is classically chic! 
(Rummage is located at 7374 Beverly Boulevard , Los Angeles , California 90036) 
You can pre-order her book on amazon. 
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Before pictures, What's up Dude!!

When our boys were young they use to have their own language or used a type of language that was from mars!  You would here them on the phone telling their friends Hey dog, fly by the trap. Translation.....Come on over to our house.

We are up to no good.... Just kidding! We wanted to share with you a home that we are redesigning. We are repainting, reupholstering and adding new furniture. Hum...... When we say we, we don't actually mean us.  No no no, You would never want us to paint your home. We are way too messy. We, as in our posse, our painters and our re-upholsterer. 

New Kravets fabric for this sofa. 

The wood details will be stripped and then stained darker. 

Fabric cushion and pillows will be added to the window box. 

We can't wait to redo the book shelves. 

New rug, chairs, drapes, lamps and coffee table are in the planning. A lot of work! When it is done we will share the trap with you, but for now, thanks dogs for letting us be a part of your lives.


The colors and style of Paris

           Bonjour!!!    Danni went to Europe recently to visit her son at college in Rome. One of her daughters went along for the trip too. Of course they had to visit Paris, Florence and Venice on the way there. We thought we would share some photos starting with Paris. Not the usual tourist photos, except for one of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine just to get your bearings.

One of  the many beautiful bridges over the Seine.

These colorful teapots were in Danni's favorite teashop Marriage Freres. They have several shops in Paris and in our humble opinion, have the best tea in the world.

Scarves are a necessity in Paris if you want to blend in and these made such a lovely display.

Great rug shop.

This was just one of so many amazing chocolate shop windows. Everything is sculptured or molded from chocolate. A shoe never looked or tasted so good.

Whimsical  design choice. This guy was in our hotel lobby to greet us each day.

 Would love to have this cement faux bois chair for the garden.

This chandelier is in our favorite bakery" Poilane" in St. Germaine. Can you believe it is made entirely of bread? They have to bake a new one every few years. The paintings are all of bread too.

Who doesn't love Hermes?  Especially their scarves.

We waited in line just to get a pastry at Pierre Herme. It was worth it!

We had to giggle watching this little dog chasing the ubiquitous Paris pigeons to no avail.

We thought we would leave you with this longeriere shop window. Those are legs in different styles of  hosiery under the umbrellas.  Paris really does have the most creative and entertaining shop windows. Next on the trip was Florence. We will be posting photos from there soon.    Au Revoir!!!

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Emily Jenkins Followill Photography and Blog on Fire Award.

Emily Jenkins Followill is another photographer that we would like to introduce you to. She  has some fabulous work and an impressive client list.
( Designed by Nancy Warren)

She is extremely creative.  Look how she opened the door to create interest and it helped balance the image.. It made the picture!
( Nancy Warren)

So creative!
Designer Amy D Morris

The tranquil feel of this room is captured perfectly in this photo.

We always like a mix of raw natural style and a more refined feel. Loving this china cabinet with old windows added to a newer piece. Emily's artist's eye captured this image perfectly.

This is just darn right fun. Raw walls with a contemporary painting... It feels a little 1800s meets 1970 and runs into 2012!   Very creative. 

Designed by Kim Winkler, seen in Lonny Magazine

Designed by-Amy Bergman
The bench is a perfect fit and shape mimicking the line of the staircase. The photo reveals so many details of the room. Even showing us the interesting painted wood pattern on the ceiling.

This is another example of a good photo,  capturing the decor and at the same time it is an art piece. Perfect balance to create interest.
Designed by Courtney Giles

The shadows from the outside light filtering in this bathroom add a creative tone to this image.

Emily captured the light coming in through the window. We would not mind cooking in this light filled kitchen.

(Designed by Courtney Grill)
This photo has a lovely shimmer from the golden chairs,  frames and drapes in the room.

Designed by Kim Winkler, shown in Lonny Magazine.
Thank you Emily, we loved high lighting your work. Emily is as sweet as she is talented.

Check out Emilys website and look at her fabulous images.

We want to thank Tina from the Enchanted home blog for giving us the blog on fire award. Part of receiving this award is to name 5 other blogs that are on fire and 5 things about us.

We both love movies, Julie's all time favorite is" Sabrina", she loves romantic or funny  movies, but loves the" Italian Job".
Danni's favorites are" It's A Wonderful Life" and "Christmas Vacation" because  the whole family will get together every year to sit and watch them.

We are both home bodies and love being with family.
Our favorite fashion style is just  jeans and a casual Tee.

 No this is not us, we wish, oh so thin.......
We are hoping we will finally have a good picture of ourselves soon.. I know we have not shown you a picture of us. We both are blinkers and never end up with any good photographs!
(Source not known)

We both love swap-meets and flea markets, one of our favorite things to do...Can't wait to go...

The 5 blogs we give this award to:

Amber Interior Design Blog
You will love her interior ideas and she has just started an online store. 

Belclaire House blog

Reading her blog you can tell she is sweet as pie and she would be your best friend.
She is a new blogger.

 Roses and Rust.blog

Our blogging friend from South Africa that always posts such beautiful images

The French Tangerine

Another talented lady who seems to find the most beautiful pictures of homes.

Just Paint It White blog

Whom we want to thank for giving us the Liebster award before Christmas, but time got away from us.
We are very sorry we did not have time to accept as we should have. She has a fabulous blog where she shows her work. She is a faux artist.

I know we are to pick just 5, but we are adding one more..

 Wilson Kelsey Design

A husband and wife interior design team that are very talented. John could write a book. He leaves the most beautiful comments and has an elegant way of saying things that brings his words to life. We always love reading his comments.

There are so many we could add to this award, but we would put ya all to sleep!  So enjoy!

One Kings Lanes

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