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We wanted to show you the progress of our project. The painting is complete and the project is moving along. We added this darker blue fabric and we are making pillows out of it for the sofa. You can read about our project here.

 These are the Farrow and Ball colors we are using in the home.  From bottom to top, Pale Powder, Savage Ground,  Tallow for the ceilings and Matchstick. They always have such interesting names for their paint colors.


The painters worked so hard and did such a good job. We are so thankful to be able to work with  good tradesmen. It makes our job easier. 

We brought the ottoman to the work room and they are recovering it in a Robert Allen fabric.

This is how it looks now. 

We had a slip cover made in a linen Ralph Lauren fabric. It has a cowhide underneath and this will give her two different looks. This will slip under the coffee table so she will be able to pull it out when it is needed for extra seating.

Ralph Lauren fabric

These are the other fabrics we are using. The darker fabric we added is below.

These are the two samples of the darker fabric we will make pillows out of for the sofa. 

This is the before pictures of the room. We are recovering the sofa and the 2 brown chairs were removed. We found a new rug that looks like it was made for the floral fabric and replaced the coffee table.
 We cant wait to show you the finished project. We have to get the hubby to take professional pictures. We are working on him! 

We added Linky to our blog due to Google connect going bye bye. We would really appreciate it if you would join us. Thanks so much, Danni and Julie


Wilson Kelsey Design

We couldn't wait to share with you Wilson Kelsey design. A husband and wife design team and fellow bloggers.  We have visited their blog many times where we noticed their portfolio. We are not sure why we hadn't peeked before, but we were blown away when we saw their work. The first 5 images are from a home they designed and renovated that they have called Prides Crossing. It has been recognized with 10 national and regional awards..  
Photo by Laura moss 

John and Sally successfully captured an emotional impression that sets the mood and creates a beautiful gathering space for guests. 

Can you see why they were recognized for 10 awards for this project? 
Photo by Michael Lee

John and Sally both owned their separate design businesses before they met. They were both working in corporate interiors. After they got married in 1984 they merged their businesses together. They have been working together for 28 years, but only in the residential interiors for the last
 7 years. 
Photo by Louis Michud

After years working in corporate interiors they were burned out. They completely walked away from corporate interiors leaving their contacts behind. They had to completely start over rebuilding their business and contacts as residential designers and formed their new firm, Wilson Kelsey Design.
Photo by Rich Mandakorn

Photo by Rich Mandakorn

Photo by Rich Mandekorn

Please visit them at their blog, Wilson Kelsey design blog and their web site here. We are sure you will enjoy it.
Photo by Laura Moss


Paisley, Ikat and Asian Decor

 We are seeing more and more designs with a wonderful rich influence.  A mix of paisleys,Ikat, and Asian  patterns.  This style has a distinctive flair.
Designer Bunny Williams
Photo Patric Cline
Lonny Magazine

We wish we could see more of this rug. It is so pretty. 
Christina Gerard

The drapery has a playful fabric with an influence from India. Notice how the map grounds all the color in the room. 
Sara Gillbane Interiors

The blue paisley patterned wall paper is wonderful. This Indian classic is showing up in fashion and home decor.
Alessandra Blanca 

Paisley patterns are predicted to be seen more this year. 
Elizabeth Dinkle

Katie Leede

Has Katheryn Ireland brought attention to this look because of Million Dollar Decorator?
Kathryn Ireland 

Kathryn Ireland

A shop in Summerland California showed so many items with this influence. 

Again, we all flipped over Mark Sikes' home. The wall paper and fabrics in the room display this distinct rich feel.
Mark D Sikes 

Designer Michael Smith's home highlights these beautiful draperies.
Ellie Decor 

Love, love this....Everything about it!
Mary McDonald 

John Robshaw fabrics 

Kathryn Ireland 

This bedroom was beautifully done with this style. The wall paper and fabrics on the bed are well coordinated. The tad of turquoise adds interest to the design.
Designers Tilton & Fenwick

We love this look and find it interesting and creative. Designer Michael Smith's living room  has so many patterns and artistic objects placed around the room.The screen is amazing. What do you think?

Thanks again, Julie and Danni


Liz Williams

Liz Williams is a designer in Atlanta. Her work has been shown in many publications. Her designs have a soft sophisticated feel to them and she has an impeccable sense for details.
Photography by Emily Followill

Notice how she designed the marble flooring, it adds a geometric detail and interest to a neutral color hue. The soft tones give it a spa feel, like you were at your own country club.
Photography by Emily Followill

Photo by Erica George Dines

This is one of our favorite images. The pinks and light greens create a feminine living space. The rug brings everything together. 
Photo by Erica George dines

Love the details in the drapery.
Photo by Erica George Dines

Photo by Erica George Dines

Did you notice the small rocks in the frames? Again the attention to the small little details that Liz is so good at.
Photo by Erica George Dines

Look how she coordinated the fabric with the rug design. Even the table flows with the design.
Photo by Erica George Dines

Photo be Erica George Dines

She has balanced this chair and chest perfectly by using the plates and the accessories on the chest creating the perfect composition.
  Photo by Erica George Dines

At the end of a long day this is where we would be!
Photo by Erica George Dines


The Eloquence of White pottery

The eloquence of a simple white pot. Traditional, contemporary, country or modern it can be used in so many design styles.
Designer Pam Pierce

Here it is used with an industrial table amidst a very natural setting. 
Designer Vincente wolf

Designer Dan Marty, Have you seen his designs? Love his style. 

Love the pots displayed against the green hutch. 
(Eclectric Revisited blog)
Do you miss Maureen? We do!

One of our favorite images.
Designer Thad Hayes

In this Traditional setting the pots play a role at center stage. 
Designer Suzanne Kasler

Love, love this...a little more rustic than the others, but still so interesting. 
Sergreto finishes

The little details of a room makes it or breaks it. Think about how you display your treasures. Sometimes it helps to take a picture of what you have done. It gives you another way of viewing it. It is different than the eye because it narrows in on how a certain point of view will look.
Image- Brown Dress With White Dots

A great collection of different patterns and styles yet unified by their color.
Country Living

These pots take your attention up and over the armoire to fill the space in an otherwise empty and maybe boring corner.
Chic Coles

As artist/designers, when displaying items we always approach it as an art piece. We want the viewer to be entertained visually. When you add something new to your home do you ever think about that? What do I want the viewer to see and feel?  Is it balanced?  How am I entertaining the viewer?  
Image Lillia Blanka Blog

One Kings Lanes

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