Patrick Aheran

If you had the money and you could build a custom home, what would it look like? We came across this architecture firm and we fell in love with their work. We would have several homes and this would be one style that we would have Patrick Aheran build for us.
Yes, that is just one of several cars we would own.

We would have a lot of wood details and it would be painted white.

It would be casual and comfortable.

 We both love old pine pieces from the 1800's. 

Love antique flags. 

This is a perfect little hide away. 

Aheran architecture uses a lot of wood details in their work.

Wouldn't you enjoy sitting here on a stool just chatting with the hostess while dinner is being prepared?

A living room that is comfortable, but sophisticated. 

Don't forget we would be right on the ocean and yes, there would be a view. 

Loving that chair! Do you think swans and ducks are going to make a come back? 

We would include a Dutch door. Wish we could see it better, but you get the idea.

This is perfect....a little get away patio where we could entertain and have a guest over before dinner. Martinis anyone?
 To visit Patrick's work go here
 Here is our challenge- If you have a blog, we would love to see a post on the homes that you would build and what they would look like.
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Intimate Living, Kari Arendsen

T.G is on a roll. Soft blues and a beach-y vibe.  We feel like we have been on a loco-motion train....Remember that song, oldies, but goodies.  Come on baby do the Loco- motion with me.  We have had such beautiful weather in southern California. We are loving summer. OK, were kinda rambling here....

Designer Kari Arendsen is a designer in orange county. Her style feels like you're on vacation and you might find a surfboard leaning against  a corner of the room. Just a beach-y wonderful feel. 
So, do you think we are on a theme here?

We have been posting homes that have that summer, casual feel.

Love how Kari mixes patterns together. Everything plays a role in the design pattern coming together. The prints, fabrics and even the texture in the table. 

Do you love the grass cloth in the bookshelves?

Can not believe that it is already June! Yikes! 

Soft calm colors.

Isn't this mirror wonderful in the background. 

We love the gray patina headboard.

Now, this is an arm to a chair! Not bad.....

We hope you had a great long weekend. Danni now has boxes to her knees instead of her eyeballs. She is unpacking and making her new home her own. Julie's chairs are a bigger project than she thought, much bigger. A project that was planned for a two day stint will end up being a week, hopefully! A lot of you want to know what we thought about the Annie Sloans paint. We will give you the low down when the project is done.
 T.G. loves Kari's style, if you want to see more go here


Quadrille Fabrics

(Annie Hepfer) 

T.G. will need a couple of days at a spa resort after this weekend!  Danni is up to her eyeballs in boxes. Yes, she moved and is unpacking.  Julie is tackling a DIY project.  She is trying out the Annie Sloan Milk paint on her dinning room chairs. 

So on to some beautiful images.....

T.G. adores Quadrille fabrics.

Phoebe Howard 

Phoebe Howard Coastal Living 

Silvio, Coastal Living 

New England Home 

(Gabriela Ortiz)

Do you have any exciting plans for this weekend? Hopefully more exciting than ours!

 Check out Quadrilles web site here.


Mandeville Reveal

Finally........We have pictures! 
Yes....and we are so happy we can finally show them to you.
We used a soft neutral palette. We recovered the sofa and bought new chairs, coffee table, drapes and replaced the rug.


The fabrics we used are Kravets, Ralph Lauren and Robert Allen. 

A collection of antique knobs on the coffee table. 

The bench was Recovered in a Robert Allen Fabric. 

This pretty cupboard replaced the old cabinet. It was hidden in another room.

We added a collection of silver pieces to the shelves. 

This was the room before and the cabinet that was replaced.

The sofa before it was reupholstered.

Danni painted the painting above the sofa and of course we kept it. This is the room before.

This is after.. 

Hope you enjoyed looking at our work. Interior design is an art that we are passionate about. We would love to help you with your interior design needs. 
 Contact us at taylorgreenwalt@gmail.com

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We are having a Baby!

Babies, babies and babies.  We are so excited, we are going to have a new baby in the family!  

Julie is going to be a grandma.... 

And it is a girl.......... 

We all ready love her

And of course she will be perfect.

This is our first Grand- baby and we are so excited! She will be arriving in Sept. We can not wait........

 All pictures are from Pinterest.


Christy Ford's Home

T.G. 's new love...... Lonny magazine for showing wonderful interior designer and shop owner, Christy Ford's home.  We pulled together some images of her home, now and then.  From reading Christy's blog, you realize she is constantly rearranging her furniture. The name of her blog is, And George.

We found this image which is an older image of her dining room on her blog.

And George blog

So in love with the blues and the natural sea grass rug.  
(Before picture from her blog.)

She up-dated with a new coffee table and new pillows. Notice the pillows having a Bohemian vibe with the paisleys. So which coffee table and pillows do you like? The image above or this one?
(Lonny magazine)

This is the room before she added blues.  T.G. loves the newer transformation.

Look at those chairs....Want them!
Notice the different fabric on each chair seat. 
Lonny mag. 

This is a before picture of her dinning room.

She has moved this rug from the dinning area to this little sitting area. The dinning room image is below. Sorry, it is a couple pictures down.
(Lonny magazine)

Lonny Magazine

Lonny Magazine

This is her eating area now. Love the color she added.
(Lonny Magazine)

This is before

Go back and look at this rug she moved into the sitting room.
(Southern Living magazine)

Image, And George blog.

Love seeing the evolution of a room.  Don't you?  Christy works with her Mother Jan Roden, who is a well known designer.  They opened a store together called George.  The store was named after their Bull dog, whom just passed away.  Check out her blog here and Lonny Magazine here.
 Hope all of you have a wonderful Mothers Day! 

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 Thanks, Julie and Danni

One Kings Lanes

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