1st Dibs!

Can you believe summer is almost over!?  We love this time of year and we really don't want it to end. We came across some beautiful houses for sale on 1st Dibs. They are located in Malibu.  Just for a minute..... pretend you have one more vacation.
Which home would you rent for a week?

House #1  $45,000,000

House #2....$18,250,000

House # 3....$11,750,000


House # 4...$43,000,000 

House # 5....$ 23,900,000

We have a busy weekend planned. We are having a baby shower for Julies daughter-in-law on Saturday! We are so excited to welcome the new edition to the family! The tables are going to be decorated with vintage table clothes and mix n match china from every thinkable era (sounds charming, right?) . And of course, every nook and cranny will be adorned with pink! Julies daughter, Sarah, and her mother-in-law are our partners in crime for this very special shindig!


  1. Number 2 because I love that ceiling in the living room. AWESOME!! Have a great shower! Many congratulations :)

  2. I can't choose! They are all gorgeous, and on the best beach ever.
    Have a great time at the shower.Just is just nothing more joyous that expected the stork.
    Happy Friday,

  3. Oooh! So any good ones to choose from. Can't wait to see what the favorite is

  4. I would be happy in any one of them!

    Have a great weekend,

  5. Definitely #5! any house that gets me that close to the ocean is a shoe-in for me!!!
    Loved the view!!!
    Have fun with the baby showers, I love to do baby showers, they are so precious!!
    Congratulations to Julie and her family!! Is this the first grandchild?
    Oh my there is nothing like our grandkids to melt our hearts. They are my heart!!! Happy Weekend,

  6. So difficult to choose !!! Love the decor and ocean view in # 5. I'm not ready for summer to be over either.. We are squeezing one more getaway in next week.. Can't wait!

    Have a good weekend!

  7. #4 - The Eagle's Nest!!!
    Soaring high above the rest of the world!


  8. Oh my word! Talk about dream homes! These are phenomenal! I can truly say that if we had to move the only place I feel comfortable moving to is California! Wonder if it's because I lived there before moving to Birmingham for good? I have such great memories of it! Thanks for sharing these pics! Have a wonderful baby shower and PLEASE share the pictures with us! Can't wait!

  9. These are too gorgeous to pick. I kept changing my mind. The last one feels as if you are literally on the water so that would be my pick. Enjoy the baby shower. New babies in the family are beyond exciting!! xo

  10. I think I would take house #3 for some reason the views there really appealed to me! Have a great weekend and baby shower!

  11. # 5, I love the decor. But with those views I wouldn't be picky. Each one looks like a perfect slice of leisure!

    Congratulations in the new baby, and enjoy the shower! I'm sure it will be beautiful.


  12. I think it would have to be #5 for me. Those doors that open up to the ocean are just amazing. I'm sooooo ready for a vacay!

  13. Love #2 and #5. What amazing homes!!

    Quiet Luxury

  14. I love the view all of them provide, but hous 5 is my favorite. Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. I love all of them obviously, but I think #4...it would feel like being in a castle!

  16. Fabulous...yet hard to comprehend anyone spending that much money...makes me ponder. Have a great week girls...I'm with you, not sure that I'm ready for the Summer to end...time is getting away from us.

  17. Wowza! They are all lovely but I honestly wouldn't be able to enjoy myself if I was spending that much money! Hope your weekend turned out great!

  18. Wowsers....I'm with Mona...can't imagine having the $$$ OR spending that much on a home. They are all lovely though!
    Have fun at the baby shower!


  19. What great homes and I could certainly spend a week in any of them. The views in #5 are amazing with the doors that open to the beautiful ocean!!

  20. I want to see pictures from that baby shower! I am sure it was a HUGE success (knowing your great taste).

    Difficult home choices though... I would have to go with house no. 5 because of the incredible ocean views. Talk about being im harmony with mother nature!

    ox to you both!


  21. All amazing homes! The views are magnificent! Looking forward to see pictures of the special event. :)



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