A Bamboo Dresser

Those of you who have been following my blog  know that I love the look of Bamboo or British Colonial design .

The British Colonial style has a blend of Asian, African and Indian motifs to create the look....

My favorite pieces are when they're painted black.


The floors are covered with sisal or reed mats.

It can have a beachy feel

It looks great mixed with blue and white. 

  Or painted gold like this Ralph
Lauren piece.... Ooh La La!

It can be a tad Eclectic.... 

It can be sophisticated and dressed up like this chair by Thibaut's..

Or casual!

This is the vintage piece I ran into at the thrift store....she needs a little love and new handles, but she is now mine! 

Do you think it could look like this piece from Noir Furniture?

 If I would of been smart and had the time.... 

I should of joined Linda's One Room Challenge... 

This baby could of been done in 6 weeks and could of been sitting in a redesigned room...

Oh Well....
like they say...next time! 

Check out her blog Calling it home...

All of these items are on my Pinterest Board, Bamboo....it will lead you back to the source.. 


  1. OMG! These photos took my breath away. Beautiful!!!! Yes, you should do it in black. It would be stunning.

  2. You snag the best finds! I think it looks beautiful as is (maybe with a little colored briwax to update) or it will be fabulous black as well! Can't wait to see it!

  3. A little black lacquer paint and your set, I think! Go for it! XO

  4. Had a pinning frenzy here!! The library, I DIE! Love every single image.
    Hey, Julie, grab the bamboo image and post it now.
    Beautiful post as always. Always look forward to seeing what you have fro us.

  5. Ooooh I love bamboo! And the Chinoiserie influence in a small way makes me happy as heck.
    I'm grooving on a bamboo inspired bathroom vanity right now…have to find a way to make it work without breaking the budget! Thanks for sharing...

  6. What a great find! Can't wait to see what you decide to do with her ...
    Do your own one room challenge ... start now! Ready... go! :D

  7. Wow! LOVE all of this! Please link this up to my November Bash!!?

  8. Agreed! They are lovely and so versatile. Congrats on your new find :) Love it!!! xo Loi

  9. You can still jump in, you will only have 5 weeks left. Come on, Julie....you know you want to. Thanks for the link love. I am bamboo obsessed, too.

  10. I love this look too...and some of these images are amazing! I love the piece and what a fun do over that would have been.....that first image is perfection!

  11. We love pieces that have caning and have a set of chairs from Bali in teak that add the perfect Colonial touch to our living room. The bamboo pieces are lovely!
    C + C

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE bamboo! Beautiful images!

  13. We have 4 great bamboo rattan chairs for sale in Hudson right now.. made in Italy. They would fit this post to a T!

  14. You are preaching to the choir! I have several pieces in my own home and cannot resist the vintage pieces!

  15. Great piece and I think you have a winner for BLACK!! Love it!!

  16. Hi ,, i love it Agreed! They are lovely and so versatile. Congrats on your new find

  17. Oh what a find! And yes, black is always good! Love this style as well, very classic! xo

  18. what a collection julie! agree, british colonial is so interesting to add to a room. can't wait to see what you do with that killer dresser, great score!

  19. Love these images! Bamboo looks pretty with black and B&W. You can dress it up .. or down and the black will be gorgeous!

  20. Bamboo is very pretty.I don't own any but do love the look.

  21. So many wonderful pieces! I have always wanted a bamboo display cabinet but they always cost a fortune!


  22. I think your piece could totally look like the inspiration piece! What a great find!

  23. Julie,
    I love bamboo, especially when I've seen it mixed with blue and white accents and other wood pieces of furniture. Lucky you. I can't wait to see that beauty painted black. Very Ralph Lauren!

  24. One of my favorite looks and an inspiration as we were doing the Beaufort house...can't wait to see what you do with your great find!!

  25. I love this look! I'd pick up that thrift store piece and some paint and show us the result!

  26. Love everything here, and this is a favourite look of mine too. Great images.

  27. I have always loved that style and you found yourself a nice little piece there! Yes you should have joined the ORC...next time!

  28. Great post...I miss catching up. Hope you girls are doing great...Would give anything if you lived close and could come to our grand opening party.


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