What sets a home apart from another?

Our homes represent our personality.  

When I see a home where the natural beauty of wood is used in its raw form to make a statement. 

I can't get it out of my mind....

The industrial materials mixed with the natural wood and rock look more like art than a kitchen.

Well, you won't find this at Pottery Barn.....that's why I like it....its different!
An architectural wood piece and rope are hung on a wall to create an interesting display.

Nature has its own form of beauty....you don't have to do much to it for it to be beautiful.... This ceiling created out of logs is another way to have natural beauty in a home.....


Love this, who needs a painting....just collect books and create your own!


Sometimes it's the unexpected things we do in a home that give it personality. Our homes are more than a place where we hang our hat, but a place to relax, rejuvenate, to refuel, it's a spiritual experience so we can go back out into the world..... It's a safe haven that is ours and we call it.....

Home: the place in which ones domestic affections are centered.

Little Blue Deer-Tumbler, House and Home- Patricia Larsen, Desde My Ventana- Tumbler, Simple every Day Glamor tumbler, Patrick Williams, Every Day Glamor, September Basic Lable Sweden- Tumbler


  1. You know I love all this natural texture ... and I am totally in love with that bookshelf wall of art!! Gorgeous ... why didn't I think of that?? xo

  2. Love the appeal of natural wood too. I think the key is to do what we love, what makes us happy and comfortable without paying too much attention to whats "in" or en vogue. I think many get hung up on that and end up in homes that they aren't comforable in or aren't "them", the adage about staying true to what you love applies in your home as well:)

  3. You've shared some very inspiring ideas here. I love the unique things that speak of the individuals that inhabit these rooms.
    Have a great week,

  4. Such lovely textures: natural raw wood, BOOKS! the weave in the throw-all say comfort, warmth, and make a personal statement. Great post.

  5. Rustic, weathered patina is such a classic way to add texture ~ I'd give anything for those gorgeous beams! Beautiful inspiration!

  6. LOVE all the texture here! Beautiful examples!

  7. beautiful textures--I love the nature inspired images and use of old and new for a truly moden feel!

  8. Oh my gosh...this post is calling my name...I love every single image..I am pinning away!

  9. Julie, I love all the texture in the above images. A beautifully written post with the perfect images to show what you are writing about.
    Happy Monday,

  10. I do love the detailing on that wood ceiling! What brilliant inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing.


  11. Such pretty images. I love natural and reclaimed wood. So pretty.

  12. I don't usually decorate this way, but I DO really love every image! Such a treat

  13. I totally agree! I was just talking with my sister about the rustic/elegant room.
    These images are gorgeous.
    Happy Tuesday.

  14. This is a beautiful post! I love that you said a room looks more like art than the kitchen. I love that!-youre talking my language. Beautiful images. Have a lovely day.
    xo Nancy

  15. Love a mix of rustic and elegant. I'd take that stairway in a heartbeat!! Gorgeous :)

  16. Such amazing interiors. Organic, beautiful and mellow. Many are pale, but still so warm.

  17. I love the originality of the spaces you've shown. Like you said, you won't find it at Pottery Barn. Lately, being original seems harder than ever with the way we're super-soaked in gorgeous imagery and ideas from social media and such. These rooms feel like a virtual sniff of the coffee beans to clear the head. :)


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  20. Not from PB that's for sure. Uniqueness is important to me as well. The little Christening dress is perfectly placed. I have the one I wore {many moons ago ..ie 53 years..} in a frame. It seems an odd item to frame but I really like the antique lace and the sweetness of it. The fruits and linens are always lovely to photograph and have as decor around a home.


  21. Beautiful images! Wish I had all those orange and blue books - so pretty!


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