Brick and Home Decor......

As we have been visiting other blogs, we are noticing images of brick in home decor.  
When we think of brick and when it was popular, we think about the T.V. show the Brady Bunch. 
Ya, Ya, we know we are showing our age. 
We were really, really, young when that show was popular and remember there are re-runs!

(Image Traditional Home)

We love how designer Amy Morris used it in this hallway. 
The mix of wood creates an interesting pattern.

( Photo, Amy Dines)

 ( Designed by Amy Morris, photo by Amy Dines)

 Amy also used it in a herringbone pattern.

Greet Lefevre Interiors, Belgium Pearls Blog.

 ( Designed by Tami Owen, Segreto finishes)

Love how it was used on the stairs. 
We actually used it in a home that we had designed.
 We used brick on the front of the stairs like this image.
 We wish we would of taken pictures of it . 
There was a messy divorce and our clients have moved and we were not quick enough in getting photos. 

Randy Powers designed this charming breakfast nook.

( Designed by Andrew Brown, photo by Keven Spearman)

It also works in a contemporary design. 
We like how the brick is white washed.
 It gives it a lighter feel.

 (Atlanta home magazine, designed by Providence LTD Interiors.)

Love how it was used in this image. 
Mona and her sister of Providence LTD blog did such an amazing job.
 If your interested in this chandelier- Mona sells it on her online store.

(Designed by Munger Interiors.)

We have always loved the charm of stone and brick used in home decor.
 Are we going to see more of brick? 
What do you think?  
We would love to know your opinion..

Danni and Julie


  1. I've always loved the look of brick and stone in homes. As traditional design is once again en vogue, I'm expecting to see an increase in brick and stone in interior applications. They add character and provide a sense of history that many of today's homeowners are searching for.
    Great post, ladies!

  2. I love exposed brick - I wouldn't like a house full of it, but an accent wall here and there is beautiful and I love the floors you've shown. I think it lends an organic and natural feel to an interior which is why it is becoming more popular. Beautiful images. x Sharon

  3. I love exposed antique brick and yes I think we'll see more brick. Brick is an inexpensive alternative to stone and looks great. It's easy to keep clean and you get that white washed look by giving brick an acid bath. An acid bath is also the only way to really clean brick but don't worry it's safe. Wonderful post ladies and I've tried linky three times and they never send me a link to follow like they say.


  4. I LOVE BRICK! And this images tell why!
    I am so happy to see Mona and her sister's work her. Aren't they fabulous
    If I ever build another house, the kitchen will have brick and more brick! It adds so much character to these rooms. Amy Morris used brick perfectly in this homes. One of my favorite homes yet.
    Happy Monday.

  5. I have always loved the warm character brick gives to the interior of a home, on the floors or walls, it gives a room such personality. Love the examples you gave.......beautiful!

  6. What beautiful examples. We have a lot of brick on the outside of our new home but none inside...it would make a great addition!

  7. the power of a single topic as you have shown here really helps me hone in and study all the uses. particularly loved amy morris.
    i can proudly claim an addiction for brick, especially vintage. my "brick broker", yes, every girl should have one, sources all over the country and i will use it heavily outdoors but also in. you provided some great ideas!
    go ahead and knock on the door of the house with the brick risers, they might be pleased to know you and your fans can get a peek!

  8. Love the brick floors. Our last home had some exposed brick in the kitchen - it was a great, textural look!


  9. Love this post! My entire first floor is outdoor brick in a herringbone pattern. I think this was the first thing I knew I wanted to do the second I saw it! I haven't regretted the use of brick for a single minute.. just love them!
    Also, why is google friend phasing out? How did you find that out?

  10. Loved The Brady Bunch, love a bit of exposed brick, love Mona and the gorgeous chandelier!! xo

  11. I just had a client that has brick floors throughout the first floor. At first I was intimidated, but they are so cool when you get used to them!

  12. I love this post because I am such a lover of brick. We are in the process of a remodel now and I am going to used exposed brick behind my Wolf range. Your post could not of come at a better time!! Isn't that floor that Amy Morris designed incredible?

  13. I love the rustic brick along with the rustic woods and fabrics. Brick is one design element you have to SEE in place to realize the impact! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Oh yes, I think brick will always be in vogue. It works with so many different styles of homes, traditional, contemporary, rustic loft, etc. Thanks for sharing such incredible photos! Inspiration!

  15. Love the brick used here. These are lovely images.

  16. Hi sweetie!

    I love bricks! I was at a restaurant the other day that had brick walls and beams and I couldn't take my eyes off them! I oved the food, but the best of all was the brick walls! :-)

    Love this post!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  17. I simply love these images. I had a hard time taking my eyes off a few of these pictures, thanks for another inspirational post!


  18. I've been noticing a lot of brick too and have wondered about it. The only drawback I see is that it will fade out like it did with the Brady Bunch! lol But these spaces are gorgeous. I'll take any one of them!

  19. I love the earthiness of brick. For an indoor space I do prefer them on a wall or vertical surface like those amazing stair risers - they do add dimension and pattern.

  20. So many beautiful images here. Adore Greet's room - warm and inviting!!

  21. Beautiful post! I'm working on an out-of-state project right now (a new construction farmhouse) and sourcing warm gray brick for the mudroom and back halls--herringbone is the plan. Thanks for more inspiration!! Stop by some time. (I know we never have enough time for blogs, do we? But I do love when I get to yours!)


  22. I've always wanted used brick floors in some part of our home. We have hardwood but I like the idea of maybe a kitchen nook with used brick floor. So pretty.

  23. Thanks so much for including our work, Danni and Julie. We're honored. Just got back to the room. Shopping all day at Round Top to fill a truck. Wish you guys were here. Having a glass of wine with our feet up at the Best Western right now.

  24. Since you were so nice to stop by the Treasured Home yesterday, I wanted to stop by your place and say hi!

    I love (LOVE) brick!!! And I have none in my home. How's that? Not sure, but I love brick! Ageless, timeless, gorgeous!

  25. Fantastic! I adore the use of brick in a home.... especially on the walls.

  26. I do love brick and am actually considering it for my hay and kitchen. But then I love the mix of rustic and elegant. Amy Morris' images really resonate with me. Love them.

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  29. I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog. Being a designer by background (different field though) needed some good inspiration. Here it is.
    So glad the exposed brick look is catching on in the US. At least I can think of it in our next house.

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