Bohemian and Cottage Style

(Patina Rental)

I've always loved a Bohemian Cottage look. The fun informal look is very charming. 

(Photo mark Lohman)

Designer, Alison Kandler has the perfect cottage style. 
Shes not afraid of using color and has a whimsical feel. 

(Alison Kandler, Photo Mark Lohman)

(Alison Kandler, Mark Lohman)

An array of different fabrics, textures, patterns and color are mixed together in layers to reflect a cozy, fun feel.


The look has a spirit that is infused with collected pieces..

(Alison Kandler, Photo Mark Lohman)

To create this look you will need vintage pieces and handmade items. To give it more of a  bohemian look add some hand blocked fabric and pieces from your travels. 

(Patina Rental)

Mixing a hand blocked fabric to an antique sofa or chair is another way to add charm to this look. 

I think the most important part of this look is to have fun with it....don't be to serious!

Son up-date!
 Hes doing much better and after 3 surgeries he is now being moved to another hospital where he will be in a P.T. program. He might need one more surgery down the line, but for now we are so thankful he is alive and kicking! He is so sick of being in a hospital and can't wait to come home.

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  1. SUCH good news about your son......you must be thrilled, it sounds like the worst is behind you. So happy to hear it. Love the cottage style, so cozy and easy to maintain, holds more appeal as I get older lol!

  2. Julie, great images and examples, I find this one of the hardest looks to get right and not to look like a hot mess, you showed great images on how to do it Right!! So glad to hear your son is coming along in his recovery, I know you are beyond grateful, continued prayers for him and for your family and also sending you a great big hug! xoxo

  3. LOVE this all. Thanks for the update on your boy. I am at my mom and sister's house right now where we have done a little of what you say...which makes me want to take photos for my blog!

  4. Such cheerful photos but the best was the good news about what really matters. You have been in my thoughts.

  5. Good news about your son..Keep us posted.
    Fun collection of items!

  6. So glad to hear that your son is making progress. Still praying for a complete and quick recovery!

  7. Hope your son gets well soon. It`s incredible your state of mind in this scenario. You are an inspiration.

  8. Hi Julie! I am so glad you son is doing better--great news!! Love all your pics especially those painted stairs and wonderful wicker sink cabinet!!! Good thoughts to you and your family!!!xo

  9. Hi Julie,
    That's such great news about your son.
    I love some of these rooms and the boho look always appeals to me because of the collections and unexpected details.

  10. Julie I am so glad that your son is doing better!!
    Thank you for sharing this cheerful and interesting design, love the layers of color, patina, and fabrics.

    The Arts by Karena
    Stems Soiree

  11. So glad to hear good news about your son.

  12. I am so grateful your son is coming along well! I hope he gets home soon! I love a little boho Julie!
    About our link, you might want to change it to: www.powellbrower.blogspot.com for direct access to the blog! Thanks and hope youre ok! xo Nancy

  13. Thank goodness he is healing and I know he will get better very soon, he sounds like one strong man!

  14. Om my god your poor son (and poor you). I've thought of you all often and am so relieved to hear he is going to be ok!!!

  15. Such a nice interior decoration done by you really very appreciative I really like the way you have designed the home.Really a nice attempt and it grabs attention.Thanks for the blog keep updating more like this.


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