Penelope Bianchi a True Talent

Designer Penelope Bianchi  is a creative and  talented designer with enthusiasm that is contagious. She loves design and her work expresses that love.

Her sense of color is wonderful.  Your eye carefully is guided through out the whole room. As she doesn't want you to miss a thing.

Nicely subdued palette for a bedroom retreat.

Just beautiful! 

Elegant and timeless 

The art work is artistically placed in a way that is a visual expression of her creativity.
( Art work by Marcel Vertes)

How would you like to wake up in this room? Breakfast in bed anyone? It would be tempting to stay in bed all day and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. 
(House Beautiful) 

What a warm and cozy room. We would like to grab a book off the shelves and sit by the fire reading all day.

Santa Barbara magazine, photo Lisa Romerein. 

The gold painted leaves add so much interest. 
(Santa Barbara Living)

Santa Barbara living

Are those real birds?
(Santa Barbara Living)

Love how this is casual but elegant.The tray on the ottoman with the orchid is charming.  Love window seating....Do you?
(Traditional home, photo Claudio Santini)

(Santa Barbara magazine)

Another example of her talent. Can you see this as an oil painting? 

Did you notice the painted ceiling? 

Here she has created an inviting seating arrangement for a lovely gathering.  What great views in all directions.

Her home is in Montecito California and was voted one of the ten most romantic homes.
(Garden Design Magazine, photo Steve Gunther)

Penelope you are a true artist with a way of expressing your self that shows your creative spirit.
Visit her at her blog and you can view her work.

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Thanks so much, Julie and Danni


  1. You can feel the history in this home. Beautiful pieces collected with thought over the years. In love with the garden room. Just love it!
    Happy Sunday.

  2. I love those outside rooms they're wonderful! And finally a designer who designs a room to be lived in.

    I finally answered your tag questions on my new post, it was fun!

    Enjoy your Evening!

  3. A visual feast! These are beautiful rooms I'd love to live in. xo Jenny

  4. These rooms are stunning. I can't pick which is the best.

  5. Love the soft pink bedroom with all the books - it's just perfect!! xo

  6. Gorgeous is right...what I love about her rooms is that they stand the test of time, you don't know if they are new or have been there for decades. Love it all....so timelessly elegant!

  7. Love these gorgeous, thoughtful spaces!

  8. What a beautiful, dreamy quality to these rooms. Lovely!

  9. I agree with Tina (the enchanted home)... Penny's designs are timeless. She is such a talent... and one of the most wonderful people I know. She is generous and only sees the good in people.
    Thank you for sharing her work (her passion) with your friends.


  10. ohhhhh to live in california, can i admit here that i am jealous!
    wonderful introduction to a life beautifully lived. am particularly fond of ALL her outdoor images. penny has magic touch

  11. Such gorgeous inspiration! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Penny is such a sweetheart! She has a nose for doing things beautifully, with real style and flair. Penny, if you read this, I hope you come out East this summer! I've a bottle of champagne with your name written on it!


  13. Her look is very European ... timeless and beautiful.

  14. Penelope's work is painterly and so classically romantic. I love all the interiors, but my favorite is the photo taken of the vine-covered exterior seen through open willow gates. Perfection.

  15. I have seen images of Penelope's home via Velvet & Linen blog and a few from Traditional Home but these seem to be so clear and you can see the details so much better. Thank for sharing this. Penelope seems to be not only immensely talented she sounds very nice when she comments on various blog sites that I read. I had heard (from her blog) that they were going to put their home on the market, do you know if that happened?

  16. Her design work is all stunning, but I am completely smitten with the outdoor areas...gorgeous!!

  17. Beautiful home and that garden room is spectacular! Thank you for sharing.


  18. I enjoyed this post SO much! Penelope Bianchi is one of my all-time favorites. Her designs are so rich and exhilarating.

    I'm about to do a gardening post and wonder if you would mind if I use a couple of the outdoor pics you have posted here, with proper credits and links back to your blog, of course.

    Thank you for your comment over at my place too! I have been lured away from the computer by lots of sun and warm breezes, but I'm back to write now. No more absences. It made me feel so good to know that you have missed my posts. How nice of you!!

    Have a wonderful week!

  19. Wow, what a great use of plants and art work! She has a great eye for pieces that work well together!
    THanks for sharing

  20. Her home's entrance is jaw dropping gorgeous!! So goes the rest of it!

  21. Glad to be back in town! Great post. Penelope 's home is full of charm. Happy Easter girls...XO, Mona

  22. OK, first! Did not know Google connect will be phased out - yikes! Need to work on getting the other up on the blog. Secondly, I adore this designer. You used the word romantic near the end of the post and I truly think that describes her. I would also say that all the furnishings in these images look "found" not purchased and I love that. The fabrics pull all the pieces together! Great post! M.

  23. Ladies thank you so much for featuring Penelope. I adore her style of collected, layered pieces; her art collection is renowned. The pink bedroom with the fabulous window is a favorite. The fireplaces are all unique. If money were no object I would have her as a designer and be so excited to shop with her for a new/ old home!

    Art by Karena

  24. Hello beautiful girls! :-)

    This is such a wonderful and well done post! Her design is classic and fun. Love that!

    Have a wonderful day!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

    PS: If you a minute, please drop by to enter my Giveaway! :-)

  25. Hi!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

    Yes, those are real birds; I bought them from the auction of my dear friend Tony Duquette's estate!

    And we took our house off the market! (Apparently the spirit of my mother was scaring everyone away!) (And she would!!)

  26. Penelope should feel so good that what she says and does in design is understood wholeheartedly! Happy Easter Weekend!

    1. what an important thing you say right here! It is thrilling......and the blogosphere is the reason!
      I was thrilled when I was first published in a magazine!

      and I still am! However; before blogs.....there was no "back and forth"! Blogs have changed the design world for the better! Now others can comment.....I have a website......(I never had a listed business phone number)! referrals kept me very, very, busy for 39 years (I know how lucky I am!!!)

      Things have changed!
      I think a website and a blog are the same as "I saw this house you did; and I like it.....will you work for me?"

      That is the reason I have a website and a blog.

      what has just bowled me over.....is all the friends I have made.......ASTONISHING!

      And you are ONE! Thank you so much!!!

      And you hit the nail on the head....the many people who do understand what I do......and why.....and respond....Before the internet.......it all went into the ether!

      thank you so much for explaining this so well!!!

      Happy Easter to you!

  27. Can't get enough pics of Penelope's house/garden.

    Adore the subtle element of playfulness she has.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  28. I just stare and stare at those photos!

  29. I never tire of looking at photos of her home and garden....and that gate....superb! I appreciate her sense of self, she decorates without constraints of fashion or trends....just what she feels is right within her...that is clearly evident in her home...beautiful! N.

  30. HOnestly; you people have no idea how your comments feed my soul!!!

    Before the internet......I did these things....I loved them.....but; for the most part no one saw them!

    Your feedback truly does feed my soul! Thank you!!!!!


  31. via email.......

    I love the shot of the dining room table……quite the photographic technique.

    And the table is nice, too. ;)

    Great job!


    this is from my nephew.......I did not pay him! I adore that he follows my blog!
    I adore him! and his wife and children who also adore our chickens!!!

  32. Oh my goodness! That is my house!! Thank you so much!


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