Paisley, Ikat and Asian Decor

 We are seeing more and more designs with a wonderful rich influence.  A mix of paisleys,Ikat, and Asian  patterns.  This style has a distinctive flair.
Designer Bunny Williams
Photo Patric Cline
Lonny Magazine

We wish we could see more of this rug. It is so pretty. 
Christina Gerard

The drapery has a playful fabric with an influence from India. Notice how the map grounds all the color in the room. 
Sara Gillbane Interiors

The blue paisley patterned wall paper is wonderful. This Indian classic is showing up in fashion and home decor.
Alessandra Blanca 

Paisley patterns are predicted to be seen more this year. 
Elizabeth Dinkle

Katie Leede

Has Katheryn Ireland brought attention to this look because of Million Dollar Decorator?
Kathryn Ireland 

Kathryn Ireland

A shop in Summerland California showed so many items with this influence. 

Again, we all flipped over Mark Sikes' home. The wall paper and fabrics in the room display this distinct rich feel.
Mark D Sikes 

Designer Michael Smith's home highlights these beautiful draperies.
Ellie Decor 

Love, love this....Everything about it!
Mary McDonald 

John Robshaw fabrics 

Kathryn Ireland 

This bedroom was beautifully done with this style. The wall paper and fabrics on the bed are well coordinated. The tad of turquoise adds interest to the design.
Designers Tilton & Fenwick

We love this look and find it interesting and creative. Designer Michael Smith's living room  has so many patterns and artistic objects placed around the room.The screen is amazing. What do you think?

Thanks again, Julie and Danni


  1. So fun! I have black and cream paisley pillows on my sofas...never tire of them.

  2. Because of you I have purchased my first paisley throw and I am so excited I can barely stand it

  3. I inherited a love of all things chinoiserie from my mom, so we are def. in a ltr. I'm also a huge fan of ikat prints! Suzani and paisley, not so much, unless the paisley is overscale. Fum post - I have tons to pin here!

  4. Such beautiful images! I love paisley, and together with others, perfection.
    I especially love the first image and the first bedroom.
    Have anise week.

  5. I'm loving all this pattern. Love the Kathryn Ireland looks and Mark Sikes' home. When it comes to pattern I say....the bigger the better!

  6. Love the paisley images and the Mark Sikes home...fabulous!!

  7. Beautiful pics...I just adore paisley!!!!

  8. I have always loved paisley. It is certainly a classic that has stood the test of time and is perfect in my home full of boys as it is a bit more masculine than floral fabric. Beautiful pictures! x Sharon

  9. I love these rooms especially Mark Sikes. What I like about these rooms is that they're well done, not stuffy and still livable. Perfect examples!

    Happy Holiday!

  10. I agree the mix is beautiful. I have always loved paisley. My first big purchase on "good furniture" was a pair of Bergere chairs from Century with paisley fabric...still have them 20 years later! Beautitful examples of how well these fabrics work together.

  11. I like the exotic/middle eastern vibe it gives off. Very pretty.

  12. lovely exotic vibe. i agree with Christy. happy Monday

  13. I especially love to first two images. Just a small touch of these bold patterns is enough for me.
    Lovely post, ladies!
    ~ Wendi ~

  14. I am drawn to the quietness of the Katy Ireland bedroom and Michael Smith's dining room. There is a heirachy to the patterns and colors I relate to. In some of the other images, my eye has trouble finding places to settle. Especially in the shot of Michael Smith's living room. Stylistically, I'm quieter.


  15. Love love love Michael Smith's LR!!!

  16. oh girls these are splendid examples you've amassed! love the developing change from muted belgian to vibrant patterns, blending patterns and color.
    yesterday at a design appointment my seamstress, who has a masters in textiles, said that ikat designs signified the region they were woven in and she could recite each. you may already know that, i sure did not!

  17. Wow. I haven't thought about paisley since the 80's. I love to see it again and adore all of the touches of red in the rooms above!

  18. dahhling, who can go wrong with paisleys?

  19. Paisley is something I've really been drawn to lately too. I just keep asking myself why I have to fall in love with the ones that are hand-printed and cost a bazillion! Hmmm...


  20. Love the room with the round table and the built ins! xo

  21. Great photos Julie and Dani!

    All those rooms are so beautiful and I think very timeless. Throw in Dan Marty and Barclay Buttera who both do this look beautifully too and I think you've got the group covered.

    I'm saving all of your photos!!!!!

    xo kelley

  22. Gorgeous interiors! Love the pretty blue paisley wallpaper with the pink dining chairs! What a beautiful and fun combo!


  23. Paisley has always been a favorite of mine....can go in so many directions! Great images.

  24. love the alessandra branca look. Totally making me rethink paisley . This look was featured in Harper's Bazaar this month


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