Designing with Nature

(Melanie Turner)

We have noticed how many designs have  natural elements in them. This floor lamp made out of drift wood brings in a wonderful detail to the design.

(Melanie Turner) 

A piece of coral added to a room adds interest.

( Melanie Turner)

A simple nest laying on a side table brings in the outdoors. A beautiful display on how nature creates an art piece.

Coastal Home

We know you have probably seen this image a hundred times, but we never get tired of it. There is something calming about how natural it looks. 

(Erin Martin, Kim Dempster)

Is it the combination of color or material that makes it feel calm and serene?

( Melanie Turner)

Wood tree logs used as nesting tables look beautiful


 (Bear Interiors, House of Turquoises)

The colors used in this design have a tranquil feeling like water.

(Apartment Therapy blog)

It makes you stop and think about how everything in nature has a purpose under heaven.

(Haus Blog)

(Steven Gambrel)

To think this was created by nature.

(Log Home Living)

Can nature create a balance in our homes? A  beautiful garden and having things around us that are created naturally help ground us?  

(Malanie Turner)

(Belgium Pearls Blog)

It is amazing how beautiful and complex nature can be.
 Did you know that a caterpillar has 248 muscles in his head. 
Think about that.... 
The telegraph plant is capable of rapid movement even in the absence of wind.
Yea we know, that was a little random, but think about it...nature is pretty amazing!

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 Julie and Danni


  1. I love organic elements like this is a home. Lovely selection of pictures! x Sharon

  2. this post reminds me in a great way why I'm saving all this stuff in my backyard...old tree stumps, pinecones, rocks...I am really drawn to it too

  3. Beautiful post. I love nature used in design too. I especially love the outdoor setting.
    Happy Thursday.

  4. I love to see natural elements - wood, horn, seagrass - especially mixed with industrial style pieces. (And I am a big fan of Melanie Turner's work.) Great post! Phyllis

  5. Beautiful images here. I love the texture that driftwood brings to a space.

  6. I love driftwood and actually have a beautiful driftwood mirror in my bathroom. These natural elements are so beautiful.

  7. Now this was a fun post...I love that unexpected touch that bringing nature inside brings to the design. Hope you girls are doing great! XO, Mona

  8. What great examples of bringing nature into the home. I love some of the driftwood tables and lamps and I collect birds nests when I find them vacated.

  9. I love decorating with natural elements. Especially wood. Cool post.

    Quiet Luxury

  10. I've been really into coral lately, end want to copy the basket of (faux) antlers from Victoria Hagan's house. Loved this post!

  11. I've been into nature lately because I keep finding so many wonderful objects outside. I just placed a birds nest on a small tray on top of some books and I love the look. I hope you both are doing well!!


  12. Hi! It's been a while -- I've been out of blogland for a bit. I adore that Steven Gambrel image. Oh to have that exterior look with that vignette in front of those shutters. Total yum. I hope you both are doing well and that things are brighter all around than last we emailed. Enjoying your summer, too, I hope. I took the entire month of July off to re-energize and refocus. What a lovely break it's been.

  13. I think it adds wonderful texture, warmth and contrast---especially to neutral interiors.

  14. nature, with God's help is the original designer, and has so much to offer

    you are probably right julie, it does ground us. i often wonder when i see a room that appears all new and slick, i would never be comfortable in them.

    loved all the images of those petrified logs!
    best to you both

  15. I think when you include some element of nature in your room it adds the most perfect texture! Your fabulous inspiration photos are the best example! Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. totally agree. I can't stand those super-modern places that are too slick where everything in them is man-made.

    The Aestate

  17. Great images! I think I prefer the natural more at the beach or outside, for me not sure about inside, although these are beautiful examples.

  18. Wonderful inspirations. I love the warmth natural element brings to a room. I am always looking for ways to incorporate them in my own home as well.

    Good post, ladies! Enjoy your weekend!


  19. What a fun post!! I have always loved everything made from tree logs!! I just did a home that the designer used end tables that were beehives--also awesome! Have a great day!

  20. I am in love with that first floor lamp! I love a bit of natural elements in a home. 248 muscles in that little head? Who knew!

  21. I love natural elements in decor......... a home feels cold to me without them. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Beautiful post! I see that a lot of us are loving the effects nature can have even in our interiors! These elements have always been some of my very favorites! Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful pictures and thanks for your sweet comments today!

  23. Love the use of pieces from nature - they add so much texture to any room. Love coral!!

  24. I'm always drawn to a natural colour palette, and I love furniture pieces made from reclaimed wood. Beautiful pics, ladies!
    ~ Wendi ~

  25. Love all the nature inspired images here. Such a beautiful post.

    I've got a new commenting system on my blog now. It seems to work much better.

    Have a great rest of the week!

  26. I just came back to this post even though I read it when you first published it...it's awesome! Love the tidbit about the caterpillars.... :)

  27. Loved your post - especially having just spent a week on the wilds of Canada. I think the connection to Nature is quite complex and very personal. I find certain things trigger strong emotional responses in me and they are not necessarily objects. It can be a smell, a sound, a color, a bird or animal, or a combination of the the senses. I know I go back to the Adirondacks each year because of the history and heritage of the place I go. I get back to my roots and find my center when when I go there.


  28. wow - isnt that the truth? the wood vibe brings such nature to a room! love this!

  29. I am a big fan of using natural elements! I have framed a birds nest I found, have coral, shells, framed sea fans, antlers, a wood stump side table..the list goes on!

  30. Love Melanie Turners work...all of those images are so my style.....


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