Fabric and a Bike!

I've been up to my eyeballs with fabrics for my clients home. 
These are the colors she wants to use in her dinning room. 
We have been talking about charcoal grass cloth and white wainscoting for the walls.
 She wants to use grays,whites, camels, and a tint of orange- red.

In the living room we are going to use creams and rich woods, hints of reds and browns. 
We have been talking about playing up the dark and lights through out the house.


 These are the colors for the kitchen and the family room.


This is the kitchen....the cabinets are cheap and paint is peeling off them...and YES it will be gutted and torn out!


All of the flooring will be replaced with wood floors and the fireplace needs help....big time! 
I have not seen the house yet, only pictures.
I will be seeing it this coming weekend. 
I can't wait!

I found this gorgeous fabric for my home!
 I'm in love with it....
Its a Lee Jofa fabric....
 I'm going to have two pillows made out of it for my living room.

So sorry about the poor photography....I've got to learn how to take good photos!


I had to show you where my hubby keeps his bike....
Yep....in my living room! 

Doesn't everyone keep their bikes in the living room! 
He rides anywhere from 50 to 100 miles a week. He's in a bike club and let me tell you he is addicted.....

So, its safe to say this is his pride and joy and he is afraid it will be stolen out of our garage.

Thank God I'm easy going...

Do you keep odd things in your living room? 

Let me re-word that....

Does your husband or kids keep odd things in your living room? 

Would love to hear about it..

Thanks for stopping by....


  1. So funny! My husband doesn't have a bike in the living room .. however my brother did. I remember the bike was allowed (no tires of course) everywhere. We just finished upgrading the kitchen and I'm still touching things up here and there. I can't imagine the work that's ahead here. The kitchen will look so pretty and the fabric choices are gorgeous! Have fun:)

  2. I am liking your clients choice in colors! Love the pop of red. Cant wait to see the result

    Your blog is so wonderful and Im following...I hope you follow me also:)

    If you want to see a beautiful Swedish home..check out my blog:)

    Have a great week dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

  4. Gorgeous fabrics, and what a wonderful space to transform ~ can't wait! No bikes, but always a BIG tennis bags and soccer bags in the entry to welcome you! :)

  5. Ha! My husband always puts his golf clubs in the office. At least that bike is one of the fancy ones you can pick up with one hand. Those golf clubs are so heavy and I drag them to the garage a few times a week.

    I love the fabrics! I'd love to see that home finished. My favorite thing to do is remodel a dated home into something beautiful!

  6. Love all of the fabrics you chose - it's going to be beautiful! Too funny about the bike!

  7. DYING at the top fabric choices.. who makes that pagoda blackish one? i love that RL book of fabrics too. I cannot WAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT to see what you come up with!

  8. i wouldn't mind a bike in the living room if it meant it was being used all the time like your guy's. but gathering dust? that wouldn't do!

    best of luck to you as you see your client's house in the flesh.


  9. LOVE the Lee Jofa fabric, do it do it do it! I also love so many of the ones you showed for your client, looks like tons of potential there. I guess he is trying to make a statement by having the bike in the living room......guess that means he is using it, and to that I would say more power to him.....

  10. Omgoodness you have such a good combination for your clients room, and you know I am absolutely in love the the fabric for your own home. No bikes or oddities in my living room, but you never know!!
    xo kathysue

  11. LOL about the bike! My husband tries stuff like that, too :) I can't wait to see what you do with that fireplace. That's a rel challenge!

  12. Love the fabric. It will be fun to see the transformation you perform for your client.
    That is hilarious, I don't blame your husband for wanting to keep his bike in a safe place, they are so expensive. Hey, it's life, right. At least it's a pretty color. :-)

  13. Can't wait to see the finished product on this house! Anything you do is always fabulous! I am the one that keeps odd things in our living room…that would be pairs of shoes, necklaces, earrings or dinnerware wrapped in grocery sacks for people to pick up at will and leave their money! LOL! Our little community has started the best thing…it's called Mountain Brook Trading and it's on Facebook…I've cleaned out my closet and now working on my attic! LOVE IT! And yet…its odd!

  14. First I have to say I LOVE his bike...it's a nice one. You know me and cycling. Come March my goal is around 100 miles per week. On the design front, great colors and fabrics, can't wait to see what you do.

  15. What a fun project. Can not wait to see the finish project. Fabrics are so pretty.

  16. I could look at fabric samples all day.
    My husband insists on keeping the large, ugly whole house humidifier in the formal dining room and everything under the sun out on the kitchen counters.

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  18. I wonder if our hubs know each other? Mine used to ride with guys from Westlake Cyclery ..


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