Light Stained Woods

Have you noticed the 70s and 80s influence in design....

A lot of Clothes and Sunglasses Ive seen lately remind me of that era...
And the white washed woods in decor..

I'm loving the light washed woods Alessandra Branca used in her vacation home.

It works great with natural woods and a pop of color.

Pecky Cedar wood was popular in the 70s, but it was shown in a brown or natural stain...

It has a lot of texture and personality! 

I like the up-dated look!


It also looks great mixed with white painted woods and dark woods... 

Notice the floor...
 Pretty huh!

(Curtis Windham)

( Minnie Peters Design)

Dana Wolf used it on the ceiling... 

Isn't this a great shot?
Pekie Ceder stained green looks beautiful...

I like when there is a mix of  woods in a room and a mix of stain colors...it gives it interest...

Design is all about balance,color and texture...

When it's done right, a gorgeous room is born!
(Gage Homes and Houzz) 


  1. I love the warmth of the wood in any shade. As long as the 80's bathrooms don't return, I'm okay with it. Remember those????

  2. So many beautiful rooms...funny I have always loved this look, never stopped even when it wasn't "in". I think its warm and inviting and elegant but still feels lighter and airier than some of the darker wood rooms.......lovely!!

  3. I love it! I had to pin a few of these beauties, Julie!
    All so refreshing.

  4. Lovely and light. I love the look of a lighter-finished floor, there is something relaxed and summery about them. Dark planks work better in our home, but if we ever buy the beach house, you can bet it will be lighter and airier. Terrific round up! XO

  5. Yummy texture! I am a fan of this finish which has such a casual vibe. Gorgeous photos! xo

  6. Julie,
    I definitely like the lighter colored woods, even though I don't have any in my own home. You've shared some great rooms, I'll be pinning my favorites for a possible future decor change. :-)

  7. love it all! I am really into the light stained wood right now and would love to use it on a project!

  8. Omgosh I forgot all about pecky cedar! LOL. Yep it was big time in the late 70s. What is that saying," What goes around comes around again!" We see it all the time in this business, don't we? You have shown a beautiful current look for an old product. xo Kathysue

  9. This look is timeless. I like the red, blue, and green pops of color. Gorgeous kitchen and o like the light fixture!

  10. Love that look, wish I could do my bedroom ceiling like that!!

  11. I can't wait to show my friend Linda...she is so on the fence about her ceiling and this will nudge her over it

  12. I absolutely LOVE this look and have been pinning it more and more. My house will never look like this because it would almost require a knockdown :) but I DO love it!

  13. I was just looking at a coffee table in a light wood stain the other day. I never cared for it when it was in style a couple of decades ago, but like everything that comes back in style, it's better than before.

  14. I love the white washed wood so much! It lightens up the space and also adds a warm rustic element! So pretty!

  15. Loved all of your pictures. Lately, I have really been thinking about the look of the 70's returning as my grandfather just passed away last week and now my grandmother is in the hospital. I used to hate their "decor" but have learned to appreciate it. It is quite in style now and I for one would love just one piece from them simply for the memories. This was a wonderful post!

  16. Love the soft, natural glow of this wood and it's so versatile! Pretty post.
    C + C

  17. Gorgeous pictures. Warmth combined with light and spaciousness - a winning combination xx Sharon

  18. I love the look and Alessandra Branca's home is amazing!!

  19. Reading this post for a second time and noticing even more beauty - loving all the chandeliers!

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