Bohemian Vintage

I have been attracted to vintage bohemian style all my life and its a style I never get sick of....

My daughter has a love for it also...
I guess we are hippies at heart...

Black Spiro 

Inlaid anything  makes my heart skip a beat..

Blackband Interiors

I love black chairs and a style that is casual...


Now this shirt and sun glasses....right out of the 70s....
My name is all over this number!

Here are some of my fun things I have found...

This box was a HomeGoods find, but it was perfect for my tray... 

I couldn't decide which image I liked so I put all of them up... 

The belts are so cool...
The buckles are real silver...
The natural belt to the right is a wrap belt and it looks like it could be from the Ralph Lauren collection..

The scarf is drop dead gorgeous... 

I'm not sure what I'm going to wear the necklace with, but I fell in love with it...
Maybe I'll put it in a bowl for display..

This is the other belt... 

A beautiful chain of coral

and my hippie top.... 

I found two of these lamps...

They have to go to the lamp store for harps...

I love finding things that you don't see everyday...

Those are the items that make your home look unique and gives it a collected look... 

A style that represents you... 

Have you run into anything that stopped you in your tracks and you had to buy it?


  1. ahhhhh I love your belts and jewelry! The blue and white beads would be great in a bowl or draped over a shell. I'm ready for summer after seeing all of your beautiful images!

  2. I just found your blog and totally agree about how attractive the vintage Bohemian look is! I'm a huge fan of the black dining room chairs too. I have a set I bought at a yard sale and still need to pain them black for that effect. Great post!!


  3. I'm a bohemian at heart as well! I agree … it's so easy to buy things that are on trend, but finding the unique has more meaning AND staying power! Just found a "new" door for our pantry this way!! xo

  4. Julie,
    I love the look too...maybe there's a little "hippie" in me as well. :-) The tray on your coffee table is fabulous and your decorative finds are really great. Show us where you end up using the pretty lamps.
    Happy Monday.

  5. Love all these pretty, relaxed finds! I definitely agree that it's the little things that give a home it's style. I just brought home some cheerful red and white café au lait bowls form my last trip to Paris - they make me think of my favorite city whenever I see them.
    Have a lovely week! XOXO

  6. a resounding YES to this post! i am also a hippie at heart. a beachy flower child Jesus freak one who loves denim and flowy tops more than beaded gowns. thanks for starting my monday morning out right with all this lovely!


  7. Julie!
    love the turned wood chairs! And that box is amazing.
    Thank you for sharing . You have a the best taste ever.

  8. One of my DIL's is just like you classic with a touch of Bohemian, which adds just the right amount of flair and style to her home and wardrobe. I love the look, but never knew how to carry it off. I am a classic grown-up prepster, LOL
    Happy Monday,

  9. I had always considered my style to be pretty much the opposite of bohemian, but I love absolutely everything you posted here!! I'll take one of each, please!

    The Glam Pad

  10. love it all, but especially that blue dress and sunglasses!
    great score on the pair of lamps and that blue and white box, have to hit that shop more frequently. and those belts........
    isn't it interesting, when you spot that have to have, all careful consideration goes out the window. my last was a perfectly mint leather french mustache chair.......half way across the country!

  11. Love those distressed jeans at the top .. those sandals are perfect! I like this relaxed style and it reminds me of the years I lived in southern CA. I remember lots of bohemian in Topanga and Malibu area back in the 70's .. aging myself!

  12. Beautiful style....love it all! Xx Sharon

  13. Its what I feel most comfortable int, but everyone tells me for business you have to develop a sophisticated style for clients.. I love boho chic and this post is fabulous!

  14. This is a really unique post. ..hard to do! Love it!

  15. Yes, yes, and yes. One of everything please! Especially that HomeGoods box - awesome find!

  16. I always tell my husband I am a hippie at heart for many reasons. I love all of your special pieces and you are so right- it's these that add that personal feel to our homes!

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  18. You have some good finds there. Love the box!

  19. I am loving this style too. Reminiscent of my teens in the 70's and Im all in for it coming back. I love your goodies, and that Blanc de Chine lamp! Have a great week! xo Nancy

  20. You really have one of the best senses of style - I think boho an be so overdone, but all of these examples are just perfect!!

  21. This is the most elegant bohemian I've ever seen! I usually think of unwashed, patchouli wearing hippies lol. I love this look!

  22. This is such a cool style!! Love the "hippie" blouse!

  23. I love a little hippie myself. Adore the box you found at Home Goods!!

  24. What a FAB and classy post :) I hope you had a great week so far.

    Check out my new post....Colorful bedroom inspiration :)

    I wish you a sunny weekend dear :)

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)

  25. This article is so good for interior decoration.Vintage interiors is so good.


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