Great Displays..

Agoura Antique mall has the best displays... 

Every display is interesting and intriguing! 
It's one of my go-to places for inspiration.

You know how I love coral...

I always use coral in my clients homes...A piece of coral laid on a book always looks good.

I went back to buy this chandelier..but it was sold....DARN!

I thought these coral trays would look great hanging on a wall... this would be an easy DIY project...

Find vintage metal trays and paint them...I guess you could also decoupage them...
Do people decoupage anymore?
Don't you love it...
I'll come up with ideas and you all can do the work! 
I know what your thinking...
What's that all about!
I guess I'm a little lazy when it comes to the DIY thing..I use to have more time for arts and crafts and loved doing them, but I've had to find other ways to be creative that fit into this season of life...
I do miss it though! 

I wish I would of have taken a better picture of this table...look at the base...pretty cool...right?

I liked this chandelier..it looks like Aiden Gray, but I'm not sure who manufactures it..

Well I hope you enjoyed the tour of Agoura Antique mall...

Lets talk soon..



  1. What a beautiful shoppe. I could buy it all:)

  2. Lovely! I used to do some decoupaging and I think that a tray is the perfect backdrop for a lovely shell image. Hmm I may have to resurrect this "lost" art!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. Julie,
    I've never been to this antique mall but it might be worth the drive. It looks fantastic. I love it when the mall owners stage each area so that things look their best. I'm with you on DIY, I've stopped buying the supplies for a project because recent record proves I'll not get around to actually doing it! Still, I used to love decoupage.
    So many pretty things, thanks for taking us shopping.

  4. Julie,
    I have been eyeing that chandelier too! Love it. I can't get enough of the Agoura Antique Mart. I often go for inspiration. Not only to see the goods, but the amazing displays that take my breath away.

  5. Thanks for sharing your shopping trip with us. Such a wonderful shop, I see so many beautiful things! Like you, I am a great fan of corals, too. They are sculptural and look great everywhere!


  6. Fun shopping tour! Sorry you missed out on the chandelier.

  7. what a great antique mall! how i wish i lived closer to agoura. straight to a beautiful mess i would march! smiles to you.

  8. Hi Julie, I grew up a couple miles from this Mall .. graduated from Agoura High School;) Great spot and I love the photos you took. Hope you are enjoying your weekend. xxleslie

  9. What a lovely shop. I can see why you go there for inspiration. I also used to do so many crafty things. I definitely had way more energy ten years ago. Maybe one day when I'm retired I'll take some of them up again. I'm not sure if anyone still does decoupage - it was so popular a while back. xx Sharon

  10. This is my kind of shop, Julie. Love corals and great chandeliers!

  11. this sop owner loved this post. always seeking ideas and inspiration, they are very very good!

  12. What a fabulous place! I'd love to spend hours in there -great inspiration! Xo Nancy


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