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Hi there...I was thinking about all of you and  thought I would share what I've been up to.....
I was at HomeGoods today and saw these great pillows...
I'm trying to get into the mood for Fall, but it's 70 degrees here and I'm still in sandals and short skirts...the last thing I'm thinking about is putting on a sweater and lighting a fire...but I'm trying to get into the swing of Fall!

I thought I would share with you one of the projects I've been working on..This is an image of my clients home before we started....notice the two windows...the one on the right has a double window?

We took out this wall and we added another window above to create balance with the larger window on the other side of the room.

Here is the after picture...it opens up the whole room and you can see a glimpse of the window we added to the right.

We added the wainscoting and were going to paint it white...I've been having paint samples made to see which color looks best...I did try White dove, but to creamy...
I have also been choosing a table top paint sample for a custom dining table I am having made for this client...

I will show you that soon.

This is our inspiration photo...
The wood walls should be done within two weeks and than the painting will start. OK..so I'm going to go buy some pumpkins and try to imagine what it feels like to have a Fall!


  1. Love the inspiration photo and what a huge difference you are making!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. So much fun to look at what's going on! I feel the same way about Fall right now. It's still so hot.

  3. You really are making a difference in the room. Wonderful!
    I am a not a "conformer"! I don't decorate my home for the seasons. I do a little Holiday (Christmas), but nothing else. Our home is the same all year long. The decor is black, white, gold, silver with mirrors.....I don't add orange now or yellow in the spring. I guess I am not a good example.....I remember my Grandmother changing out drapes, rugs, and slipcovers for all the upholstered pieces. ! A lot of work, and I believe she did it for reasons other than why everyone does it today. It made her apartment in Brooklyn , NY more comfortable. They didn't have air conditioning or all the comforts we have today. For example....Lighter window treatments in the summer made the room cooler and than the heavy velvets returned in the falll for warmth.. I think that if ones decor is classic there is not need to go crazy changing everything out for the season!

  4. Julie,
    I'm with you on the whole fall thing. I'm trying not to whine too much about the 80+ temps we experienced last week, but seriously, Mother Nature needs to get on board with the calendar.
    I did break down and hang my fall wreath on the front door and bought 2 pumpkins for the front entry.
    I love what you've done for your client. It looks like it will be fabulous.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. LOVE the wainscoting - I will be excited to see the finished room :) Try Super White (Benjamin Moore) and if that is too stark, try Simply White - I have had great success with both. I love Fall so much but it is still so hot, you are right about not being able to think about sweaters and sitting by the fire yet. Have a great week! xo

  6. This is AWESOME!!! I love remodel photos so much, and this just couldn't be better! Good finds at Home Goods, too!

  7. The pillows are so beautiful! Lovely design, can't wait to see this room comes together!


  8. Love the design board and how you opened the room up with the new windows!!

  9. Who can ignore such kind of beauty with handy decor ideas? Surely no one.Yeah, the fall room decor and pillow finish project was so so innovative and inspiring. Especially the photo inserted very last of your post made me amazed. I wish I had like this one. That's look really so shiny and transparent. BY the way, for replacing windows or doors windows and doors Markham might be the first choice to stop by particularly for the home passionate guys living in Markham or in the greater part of Toronto.


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