Living room up date

I thought I would show you my new tables and candelabra...there not really new....but I'm a little late in posting and sharing them with you...the coffee table is from Bliss and I found my side table at an antique store..the top is marble...

Some of these pillows were used to stage our studio...the new owners want to buy the furniture and accessories so I'm going to have new ones made... 
Oh darn! 
Just kidding..
I love it...
I'm always changing things up!

The vintage door has been sold to a client...

I got my Candelabra from Aiden Gray...
I know..this picture isn't the best... Sorry!

I love my dog... but she peed on my rug...don't you love it? 
I wasn't very happy with her! 
I have tried everything to clean it and get rid of the smell..
I even put a bounce sheet under the cowhide to see if it would take the smell away... but I still get a whiff of it every once in awhile...
 I'm going to have to replace the rug...
Its time anyways...
I've had the cowhide for awhile and I would like to add more color... Now, just to find one that I love and to fit my budget...that always makes it a little challenging!
Thanks for stopping by...


  1. i'm still drooling over the john robshaw pillows and the double happiness, heck, all of the blue and white porcelain...i totally understand wanting a change but this room is simply beautiful. i love it.

  2. F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! I adore your style. You make everything coordinate but look like it was effortlessly collected. OMG, I wish I had your talent! It is no surprise that the buyers wanted your stuff. Can you imagine their shock at walking into an empty house and trying to recreate the vision they fell in love with? So pretty!

  3. BEAUTIFUL, love all the blue and white touches and I just might have to borrow the antique door idea for some artwork, love that!!
    Happy Monday,

  4. Julie,
    I love your living room. I'm not sure I remember seeing the entire room before. It all seems perfect and inviting. The vintage door with the paintings on it is fabulous...you'll have to find a replacement so that you can do that again. :-)

  5. Julie, I will never get tired of seeing your living room. It is GORGEOUS!!!

  6. I think I need to hire you for my house. I feel so good just looking at your living room.
    Love all of your pillows.

  7. I've never seen this whole room before - it is stunning!!!

  8. I just love your house - the room is chic and comfortable - hard to accomplish! Adore the botanical…stunning!

  9. Julie, I love this stunning room, the pillows caught my eye right away as well as the pierced lamp. Also the way that you installed the works of art is perfect!

    The Arts by Karena

  10. Very pretty!! Love the feel and color choices!!

  11. It looks amazing! I love the blue and white. I can so relate to your dog woes. My dog immediately marks any rug I bring into the house even though he's normally housebroken. So we're still rugless!

  12. Beautiful. I'm a huge fan of blue and white. I feel like my whole house is in that combo. Really loving the pillows.

  13. That is such a nice, comfortable-looking room, just lovely. As for the dog, Petsmart sells Nature's Miracle, which is meant to take the odor away, rearranges the pheromones or something so the dog won't be drawn back to the same spot.

  14. Your room is so gorgeous and inviting! I love the layered, collected look.


  15. Oh my goodness what a gorgeous space! It's the perfect mix of sophistication and comfort. Love your style!!

  16. Julie!!! It's absolutely beautiful, you've done such a wonderful job in here I don't even know where to start!

  17. So pretty-- love everything about this room! -- love the rug too sorry it has been soiled... bummer!!

  18. What a lovely room! Can you come stage my entire house? I am terrible at furniture placement!! Your room just flows...and how refreshing to hear a talented decorator admit her pet does a dirty deed now and then. I have a tomcat who marks my blue toile curtains. Its maddening. They are all different lengths now from repeated washings. lol. I look forward to reading your future posts.

  19. Hi Julie, we've had power and internet out over here from a storm -- sorry it's taken me so long getting over here!! Your living room is absolutely LOVELY!!! Would you mind adding a link back to this beautiful post? I tell about how Bash linking works on the Bash post. Thank you so much for joining in! I hope to see more blue and white beauty from you next month!


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