Round Top

This is the crew I went to Round Top Texas with and they were so much fun!

This is how it all went down!

I meet my friend Shelly, (the one wearing the hat) at a garage sale...we kept running into each other and she finally asked me to go to coffee.
We had so much in common, it felt like I had known her for years!

She was telling me about her friend Mary, the one on the left, and her sister Carol...that's me on the right..

 I realized her friend Mary was my best friends sister from elementary school. They use to live down the street from me, but had moved away. 

Now can you believe that!
What are the chances of that happening?

Well, they were all going to Texas and asked me to go and
Of course, I said yes...

 It felt like Carol and I had never been apart! After all those years we just picked up our friendship from elementary school and didn't miss a beat!
I'm not going to tell you how long it had been since
 we had seen each other...I think I might of been eighteen years old.

We rented a house on a cattle ranch and this was the view from the back of the house...it was so pretty!
It went on for miles...

I put together some pictures of some of the things I saw in Texas...
These were pillow shams made with antique lace placed over linen..

They were gorgeous!

These drapes were made from the same company...they took parts of antique table clothes and created a pattern out of them.

I bought a rug from this shop, but forgot to take a picture of it..he had some beautiful things.

This was at Marburger

I fell in love with the color on this chest!

There were even shells and coral in Texas

This man was a sweetheart...he held up different purses for me for at least 20 minutes so I could send my daughter  pictures to see which purse she wanted.
He must of thought this ditsy blond has got to be from California!

I also bought one for my daughter in-law.

We ate here and had the best Margaritas I have had in a long time!
I can't wait to go back to Round Top...

I wanted to thank all of you for loving on me and leaving such heartfelt comments and emails during this hard time.
I'm hanging in there, but dang I miss my mom so much!
But, like my mom would of said to me...its a season...remember the blessings and all the fun things and times we shared!
Those margarita were in remembrance of you mom!


  1. OH MY GOSH! What fun......I can tell you had a blast and what a fun story how you all met! It was destiny:) I LOVE all the items you featured but my heart is still beating fast from those chunky marble vessel sinks...WOW! I so hope to make it there myself one day sooner than later.....

  2. so glad you had fun in round top. i love your new friends and how small this big world really is. I hope you can make it back to round top in the fall. i'll be there and i'll keep my eyes open for you :)

  3. What an amazing story and a fantastic time had by all! Love the luxurious linens and pillows and can't wait to see your new rug! I love these kinds of girl trips!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Designer Matthew Patrick Smyth

  4. wasn't that show a blast! next spring i must catch marburger. you are still in my thoughts julie

  5. I can't believe you were here! I was planning on going with a friend, but my brother and his wife unexpectedly came in from NYC. I am definitely going to go in October. I'm already plotting how I can get that marble sink in and out of my car. I showed my husband and he said I'd have to rent a crane. Whatever! He can recruit a couple of neighbors and figure it out. If you go again let me know. I'd love to meet up!

  6. Oh the marble sink - it's amazing!! I know you had such a great time - happy weekend!!

  7. Julie,
    I really must visit Round Top. I've read so many great accounts of what all there is to buy or be inspired by. What a great story of how you ran into the sister of a friend from your childhood. I love things like that.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Julie…this just made my night! I am DYING to go to Texas and shop…and guess what?? I get to…soon…way..too..soon! My daughter moves there in just 6 weeks…hmmm. I know Texas is a big place but I look forward to those adventures! So glad you had such a great time! I wish I could've been there with all of you…I bet we would've had a great time talking, shopping and enjoying those margaritas! Can't wait to try those once Holly is there! Also, I felt like I told you but maybe I didn't'…I am so sorry about your mom and what a hard time this has been! I try to keep this in mind with my mom all the time and enjoy each and every minute but I guess you really aren't ever really ready for it. I pray that you will find peace and comfort and enjoy the memories you have of her and not be too sad. Hope that doesn't sound too simplistic. Have loved getting to know you through blogging!

  9. What fun and what cool stuff. It's a small small world and how fun reconnecting with an old friend. I hope to go to Round Top some day.

  10. I'm so glad you got to go and have a great time!! Looks like a blast.
    Your mom would've loved you to go and escape from your life for a bit. Laughter cures a lot doesn't it? Xo Nancy

  11. I am a born and raised Texan and I'll be the first to say that we have some of the best margaritas (aside from Mexico)! I'm glad you were able to give them a try! Round Top is a great place to visit! I hope you came across a few great finds! Cheers to you AND your mom!


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