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 I started cleaning out closets and tackled our garage after my mom died ...my husband kept saying to me, maybe you need to just veg a little! I guess its my way of working through the emotional pain. But, I did something stupid and pulled a rib out of place...let me tell you...PAINFUL!

 I asked my husband to go look at new cars, but he's afraid to go with me because sometimes when I turn wrong I let out an uncontrollable scream. It sounds like I'm having a baby!     

I haven't been the same since the car accident...I'm having aches and pains all over my body..

Doesn't it sound like fun?

( Amanda Lindroth)

I put together some things that I'm
 loving, like these chairs that I would love for my living room.

(Appreciate This Tumbler)

Blue and white stripes...classic!

This chair...gorgeous!

(Vogue Living)

(Found here)

Is this the cutest wallpaper?

( Eric Olsen)

I've been attracted to white, natural wood and black accents.

Home Bunch Blog)


What do you think about this wall of succulents?   

This a great idea...

( St. Barts.com)

Loving these glasses....

(Pura Vida blog has a post on Turquoise)

And this..

I meet Leslie when I went to Texas and had a chance to look at her books...they are gorgeous...worth every penny!

This one comes out Sept 2015...cant wait to see it.
Did I mention that she was a doll! Such a sweet lady..I should of gotten a picture with her! Next time...

This Pine buffet was gorgeous..Pine will come back in style and the old pieces are going to be expensive due to the fact its  harder and harder to find.

These chairs were very cool, I saw them at Wertz Brothers  in L.A. If you haven't been there it's a large warehouse with tons of recycled furniture.

I'm getting back to work next week...I'll get you caught up with some projects next month.



  1. Maybe this is your body saying it's time to put your feet up, sip some tea, and read a book for a few days. You've earned some time off.

    Those chairs in your last picture are quite remarkable.

  2. You are so sweet to include me in this oh-so-wonderful post!! Next time lets go to get some margaritas together after the show!!! xo

  3. I screwed up my back working in the yard. Your rib beats my wee injury hands down. And speaking of down, I'm with down with Emm's advice. Sit. Be. Heal. xxoo

  4. I'm into wood, white walls, and black too. Love it.
    The House of Hampton

  5. oh how i love those st harts glasses!
    over the weekend my mom fell and had to have emergency brain surgery to relieve the blood build up. we do not yet know if she will survive and it is torturous. you have been on my mind julie as i think of this devastating loss. wishing you strength

  6. Take it easy you poor thing! I hope you feel better soon and thanks for the lovely inspiration.

  7. Julie, I am so sorry about your Mom, I did not realize. I have been out of touch, I am so sorry. I have had my ribs go out and twist and lock, not fun at all so I feel your pain, it is very painful. Take it easy if you can and dreaming about things you love is a good way to pass the time.
    xo Kathysue

  8. Friend you have had a rough go haven't you? I think one of those cute cushy chairs you have your eye on is just right. Hey thanks for the mention!

  9. I'm so sorry things are so difficult for you right now Julie. Sounds like one thing after another. Hang in there!

  10. Oh you poor thing, sounds so painful. I am sure cleaning out your Moms closet was extremely difficult, so sorry. If this was my own mother talking she would swear the rib pull was your moms way of (from above) saying relax and take it slow:)
    Hope you are able to take it easy and go nice and slow (thank God for the computer)! I love what you are loving, the striped chairs, the bamboo chair, Leslie's beautiful books...its all good. Feel better and sure hope you are on the mend soon:)

  11. Julie I am so sorry that you have been through so much with the loss of your Mother. I hope your rib feels better soon! Great images, all. Love that wicker ice chest. I did not see a link and I haven't seen one like it!

    Take good care!
    The Arts by Karena

  12. Oh No! So sorry to about your recent injury. Sounds very painful and also sending healing light your way regarding your Mom's passing. Lovely "distraction" you shared with us. x

  13. I love these a deep white-blue sofa in a white living room. Where can i get the navy blue chair? Thank you

  14. Julie-
    I am so sorry you ae uncomfortable. I hope you heal soon.
    As always, you share so much gorgeousness!

  15. Oh, Julie, I so hope you your feeling better soon. You've been through a lot and you need to take it easy…loving all of your picks, especially Leslie's books - they are amazing. Can hardly wait for her new one - such a great talent and a sweetheart too!! Dying to meet her in person!

  16. Bless your heart! You have through a lot! Take some time to rest…you sure found some wonderful things to post on here!

  17. Julie,
    I don't know how I missed this post. That is so crummy about your rib. After my mother died I nearly organized and cleaned every nook and cranny in our house. Your husband may be right...give yourself a little break and veg. It's hard but can give you peace.
    Feel better. I love every single image in this post.


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