The well designed bookcase.

Book cases can be a focal point in a room, but a lot of people have a hard time designing them. Sometimes it is easier if you have a theme. We love this example, because the shells are mixed with books and objects that create a cohesive theme.
Haus design blog
John Jacob
Lynn Monday designed a traditional library . We love how she hung a picture in the middle of the bookcase.

Tricia Foley used the bookcases to show off a collection of white stoneware.
 Atlanta Home Magazine
The mix of white and brown creates a balance in the room. Very creative how the white vases and books mimic the colors in the room.
You  have got to recognize this famous photo from the movie" Something's Gotta Give".
Wndsor's house for Veranda magazine.


  1. Julie and Danni,
    A bookcase is much more appealing when there's a combination of books stacked vertically and horizontally, interspersed with interesting and textural decor items. I like the arrangement in Lynn Monday's library. The silver urn and trophies are in stark contrast to the dark leather books, giving the shelves visual depth, while the artwork hung in front further enhances the sense of dimension.
    Great post!
    ~ Wendi ~

  2. I have such a thing for shells! Beautiful pictures!

  3. Love Windsor's bookcase with all the architectural pieces!

  4. Loving the first image and your advice to have a theme. I'll have to keep that in mind.

  5. These are beautiful! You always have the best images. I LOVE the John Jacob one!

  6. So many gorgeous examples...I love it when all kinds of quirky things are thrown in...thanks for the mention too! Is there a way to follow your blog if I don't do google friends - ie email or RSS feed? I didn't see one here but would love to...:)

  7. gorgeous ideas for arranging shelves..love the top one especially from Haus Design...
    I pinched that image too for my files..

  8. a great collection! I love the first pic, and that one from Atlanta Homes... what a creative display of elements that leave a striped effect!

    You have great pics on your blog! So nice to meet you.
    - {darlene} @ fieldstone hill design

  9. Besides books, I think establishing a theme and selecting interesting objects for a bookcase is a great way to achieve a cohesive look!

    Lovely inspirations!

    Have a wonderful week!


  10. Our bookshelves started off looking great after I first styled them, but now they need to be redone. I'm getting tired of their current arrangement.

  11. Amazing post! Amazing!!!! I love every single picture you've chosen.

    I also want to thank you for what you wrote about my interview on Tina's blog. It was so nice of you! :-)

    Have a fantastic Tuesday!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  12. Great post! I love to look at different ways that people style their shelves. I loved the look of all the white plates on display. And the last image is gorgeous with the herringbone floors. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog- it led me to yours! :)

  13. Love all your bookcase images. My favorite? The Something's Got To Give bookshelf because it actually has books on it, and they're real, not just for show. Still, I love that first image and how it is staged. Lovely.

  14. The shelves in that first image are a masterpiece. I'm working on post about the vocabulary of materials of objects and materials. Most people think I'm crazy when I bring up the subject. "Theme" is a little easier to understand. The room from the House of Windsor is quite lovely too. Very nice post.

  15. Boy, all these bookcases really make me realize how dull mine are!



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